December 20th, 2012
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Best of 2012: Beauty Diva of the Year
By Faith

Today, we’re taking a look back at the woman who shined the most this year in the beauty department.

From flawless makeup and hair coiffed to perfection, here are your nominees:

1. Kerry Washington

This has been a life-changing year for Kerry Washington. The actress has literally become a household name thanks to her hit show Scandal, giving her effortless beauty a chance to reach new parts of the globe.

From sultry red lips to shiny and voluminous hair, she has tried a few different things in the beauty department this year, providing the perfect complements to ultra-feminine looks.

You all loved Kerry’s choices this year, lauding her with responses like “Smoking hot!” and “Kerry has a swagger about her, I like her.”

I like her too! She is an effortless beauty and rarely disappoints. Her skin is almost as perfect as it comes and there’s never a hair out of place on her head. What’s not to love?

Check out everything she has done this year here.

2. Rihanna

Where to start with Rihanna? The Bajan songstress has had so many hairstyles this year, we could have a Beauty Diva of the Year poll just on her looks of 2012!

She started out the year with blonde, and many other celebrities and girls around the way followed suit. She opted for natural makeup with nude lips to complement the hair change.

Then halfway through her Battleship promotion, she went dark and long, with one side of her head shaved. Red lipstick became her best friend.

Though it was short-lived, she went bold and tried out dreadlocks while onstage!

She had a long and wavy moment, but then emerged with a short pixie, giving ethereal realness wherever she went! You all loved the change, responding, “RiRi is absolutely stunning” and “RiRi looks amazing, in my opinion the best she has ever looked. Her hair is everything.”

The pixie was also my favorite hair choice of Rih’s this year: it totally suits her face and really lets her beauty shine. With 2013 just around the corner, who knows what hairstyle she’ll try next! She always keeps us guessing.

Get all the 2012 news on Rihanna here.

3. Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland has had flawless hair and skin since her days in Destiny’s Child, so it really isn’t ever a surprise to me when she is featured in the “Best of Beauty” any year.

The raven-haired beauty has had a bevy of performances this year and she stuck to a voluminous curly ‘do for most of 2012.

Kelly let her out of this world mane play centerstage and kept her beauty choices immaculate, but toned down. She did try out a red lip at the David Jones Spring/Summer 2012/2013 show in Sydney which was one of my favorite looks of the year from her.

It wasn’t all about the coils, as she did opt for straight hair on a handful of occasions.

Kelly definitely kept her hair and makeup on point this year and I only see bigger and better things for her in 2013.

Want more Kelly? See everything she’s been up to here.

4. Beyoncé

This was a big year for Beyoncé! She officially became a mommy to Blue Ivy and didn’t miss one step even through the last moments of her pregnancy.

B shed her baby weight in what seemed like a blink of an eye and was back on the scene with her curves on full display. Blonde shiny hair and glowing skin: clearly motherhood has been kind! I mean, the songstress was named The World’s Most Beautiful Woman of 2012 by People Magazine after all!

We saw the re-launch of House of Dereon this year with Beyoncé as the official face of the brand in its ad campaigns, as well as the release of her newest fragrance Midnight Heat.

It wasn’t all about glamour this year though: B had a slew of casual looks with barely-there makeup that made us all take notice of her effortless beauty. Her makeup artist dished that she has flawless skin; after this year, there’s pretty much no way you can deny that!

One style that has lasted with Beyoncé through the year has been her topknot. Whether with bangs or without, she has embraced the hairstyle and isn’t showing any signs of letting it go.

2012 was momentous for King B and she already has 2013 on lock with the Superbowl, her new Pepsi deal, and new music. I’m ready! Are you?

Get all your Beyoncé-related life here.

5. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was everywhere this year and contributed to more headlines than some celebrities have in their entire careers!

We asked you all if you were over Kim– there were mixed reviews and will continue to be. Regardless, the woman continued to dominate and became the second half of KimYe. With her new union, she took on a new beauty look: no extensions, less makeup, and a visibly curvier body.

She still had some pretty fabulous moments this year when everything came together ever-so-perfectly. Kim is known for serving fierce and she obliged on more than a few occasions.

We also saw the brunette beauty grace more than a few pages and covers of magazines.

Kim’s latest endeavor? Her Khroma beauty line with her sisters. I think film is the only industry she hasn’t touched!

What will 2013 hold for Ms. Kardashian? Marriage? A KimYe clothing line? No one can tell, but we’ll certainly keep you in the know!

Indulge in all the tea on Kim this year here.

That’s all folks! Who was your Beauty Diva of 2012?

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83 Responses to “Best of 2012: Beauty Diva of the Year”

  1. S says:

    They’re all beautiful, but Rih has that little something extra that you cant deny so she gets my vote.

  2. Tallulah says:

    Oh, and Beyoncé was crowned People’s MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD ♥

  3. heyyall says:

    Kim @ RIRI hands down the best…

  4. StopTheMaddness says:

    Kerry, she’s beautiful, classy, sexy, intelligent, and most importantly,she’s versatile! Kerry has something that none of her counterparts on this list,with the exception of kelly have, CLASS. Some of you sound real ignorant and Eurocentric talking about Beyonce being the only one w/natural beauty. Chill. B can wear any designer, but she’s still a hoodrat who sings “Im so good with this,
    I remind you I’m so hood with this”. Kerry Washington has an innocence about her, so when you see her in very sexy shoots like the one she did in Details magazine, it’s something different . Her taking her clothing off isn’t just another day in the life. It’s easy to tell she’s beautiful inside/out and comfortable in her own skin. I wasn’t going to go on this rant but it’s really disappointing to see fellow women of color equating her classiness with being boring. Sorry, but being need to be oversexed and over-styled doesn’t constitute as beauty. Lastly, why is Kim K on this list?…Anybody who has a team of makeup artists that practically live and travel with her 24/7 is bound to look flawless every second.

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s between Kerry and Rihanna in the pixie cut. Both have had a flawless face throughout the year.

  6. Izhause says:

    Kim k’s make up is supposed to represent that she has the Natural look but it’s Put on So heavy ( it looks like heavy stage make up or heavy Derma blend) that when she is not wearing it she Looks like 2 different people. Kim’ face is too artificial looking.

  7. bella says:

    beyonce then rihanna.

  8. Debz says:


  9. loverly says:

    @Andrea, lol okay Kerry stan. She *is* beautiful. You can have hyperpigmentation or other skin issues and still be beautiful. And yes, I do feel bad for her. If my minor skin problems bother me and I’m not famous, then I’m sure she couldn’t possibly be pleased with the condition of her skin. She gets her picture taken all the time. It’s probably nerve-wracking.

  10. dee says:

    You will always have that immature dingbat who comes into the comment section to debate other individual’s opinions. State your piece and move on @stopthemadness. If you are so egocentric to believe everyone has to oblige to your definition of beauty, obviously you have far more problems that a simple voting on Fashionbombdaily. Also, please be intelligent enough to distinguish between a person’s stage persona/lyrics and the person themselves.

  11. s says:

    Beyonce, Kerry a close second. That’s it.

  12. Pari says:

    All of these women are beautiful! I have to give it to Kelly though.

  13. Pari says:

    And like dee said, you can’t equate a person with their lyrics as a singer, OR the roles they play as an actress. Kerry is someone’s mistress on Scandal and was one on I Think I Love My Wife… does that mean she sleeps with married men in real life? No! And if that were the case would you still be calling her classy and innocent?

  14. aries says:

    I can’t go against the only lady w/short hair cut, Rihanna, then Kerry next.

  15. Noirre says:

    Rihanna and her bold, red lip!

  16. SHAQ NICHOLE says:


  17. libby17 says:

    RIHANNA, then KERRY, then KELLY. Kim pulls off a lot of great looks here, buts she’s just overcooked/done to me.

  18. GrrGrr says:

    Kim…too much makeup.
    Beyonce…meh not a fan so pass.
    kelly rowland – stunning!
    kerry is winning!

  19. tigrlily52 says:

    Going with Kelly…. Although Kerry is a tight 2nd

  20. andrea says:

    osky @loverly I understand

  21. Snaiz says:

    I agree wit stats..
    Kim looks old in her first pic and oily n the rest.. I like B but she’s no goddess.. These other women are very pretty as well.. Rih, Kerry, Kelly, thn b.. And if I gotta include her- Kim last

  22. Frieda K says:

    Kim K cannot be on that list. Yes she is a pretty woman but all that plastic and botox is making her face look so plastic. She looked so much better before all that, now she looks older. Thats the thing with too much surgery.

  23. Jazzy says:

    I vote for Beyonce. She looks amazing. Kim Kardashian is in that new Tyler Perry movie right??

  24. DomDom says:

    Sorry but that first picture of Kim is why I don’t think she should be included in this…giving me jocelyn wildenstein in progress teas. Rihanna gets my vote.

  25. CanV says:

    I’m torn between Kelly Rowland and Kerry Washington, but I am going with Kerry because she is killing it this year! I hope to see her blow up the A-list next year. Also, I think she is very lady-like and represents Black women well.

  26. Joi says:

    I think it should go Rihanna! I skipped Beyonce and Kim K. They’re two women and this blog is an urban blog so, I dont understand why they’re on here. Anyway, I picked Rihanna because she switched it up alot and everyone else were pretty plain and boring in my opinion!

  27. Joi says:

    Two White Women*

  28. misspetite82 says:

    Kelly Rowland all day

  29. mia says:

    Rihanna for me. Always on point and not afraid to step outside the safe zone. Even without makeup, Rihanna is still beautiful to me. Her skin just glows. Kerry is my second choice. She pulls herself together beautifully.

  30. Olivia says:

    Rihanna can’t win because of that Oprah interview!! Her hair looked like she picked up all the hair off the beauty shop floor and just arranged it on her head. That one moment disgraced all the other fab moments she had, in my opinion!

  31. Indigo says:

    Kerry Washington..

  32. TMB says:

    Rhianna hands down !

  33. Julia says:

    Out of all these celebrities, I think Rihanna should take the title of diva 2012. There are very few people, who can adapt their hair and style like she can. It’s like no matter what she wears she looks great and is totally rocking it. Way to go Rihanna, keep it up.

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