December 19th, 2012
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Take it or Leave It? Top Trends of 2012
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Let’s take a look at this year’s top trends and decide which ones we’ll keep and which we’ll toss in 2013!


As with each passing year, many trends stood out. Below are a list of the top 5 (as determined by you!)

1. Peplums

Peplums were a budding trend in 2011, but 2012 saw them fully blossom. Armed with versatility, and the ability to make every women look good, it was virtually inescapable.

Whether on tops, skirts, or dresses, it was the go-to look for many ladies.

Let’s keep this for a little while longer.

2. Leather

If, by some chance we thought leather wasn’t poppin’, KimYe definitely let us know to keep our eye on the goods. While we were all catching the breeze in flowing maxi dresses, the pair braved the heat to help forecast the fall 2012 favorite.

While we’re generally used to jackets and boots, this year we saw leather take form in tops, dresses, and flared skirts. Everyday bombshells and famous fashionistas can’t seem to get enough.

I’m still loving leather! Take it!

3. Neon

Neon was back in a big way in 2012. It was once an afterthought of the ’80s, but quickly became one of our 5 trends to try this previous spring.

Some of The Fashion Bomb favorites were bold while pairing neon with neon, while others tempered the vivid hue with neutrals.

Eh.. After the ’80s, and a solid run this year, I think we can leave it right here in 2012.

4. Tomboy Chic

Heels and frilly dresses? Nope, not here! 2012 morphed into a year of comfort and ease. Fashionistas like Rihanna traded in their 6″ stilettos for a fly pair of kicks and fitted caps; fully embracing the tomboy chic aesthetic.

To keep things interesting, male inspired pieces were sometimes paired with heels for the perfect balance of feminine and meets masculine.

Hot! Let’s keep this going.

5. Animal Prints

Animal prints were another big hit in 2012! Solid hues seemed passé when variations on leopard, zebra, and snakeskin were introduced.

Celebrities proved yet again they are just like us, spotted both on the red carpet, and on their down time rocking out in animal print pieces. If you remember, Fashion Bomb readers submitted their ensembles, showcasing their interpretations of the trend.

Animal print is a classic! I’ll definitely be taking the look into 2013. 

By the looks of things, I’m a bit of a fashion hoarder; taking most of this year’s popular trends into the new year.

How about you? What trends do you want to see go? What trends do you want to stay?



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58 Responses to “Take it or Leave It? Top Trends of 2012”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Leather, Tomboy Chic, and Animal Print can stay =)…the rest can go. Leather will probably never truly go ‘out of style’, and that’s fine by me.

  2. TRUTH TELLER says:


  3. TRUTH TELLER says:


  4. TRUTH TELLER says:


  5. Let’s leave tomboy chic, and neon in 2012. ADD:

    -ashy pink lipstick
    -BBW rattle earrings
    -Jeffrey Campbell chunky heel boots
    -skittle nail polish color schemes

    and MAIL BOMBS for wack basic-tight-spandexy body con looks! : )

  6. sheree says:

    I’ll take everything except the tomboy chic look, I hate it. Although I did like the way Beyonce wore hers. But all the knit hats and jordans with dresses must go.

  7. niyah says:

    Leather & Neon asap :)

  8. jeda says:

    I totally agree with Crys F&WM Earrings. Its time for tomboy chic and neon to stay where its at!

  9. Camillia says:

    I love the peplum looks and the neon, the rest can go.

  10. dee says:

    Leather-Take it
    Animal print- I don’t think it’s a trend. Animal print is one of the most timeless versatile fashion pieces along with trench coats.
    Tomboy chic- I think I like it done with heels or flats for a balanced look. Let’s not forget Isabel Marant sneakers are something we can carry into 2013 for a more well played tomboy balance.

    Neon-Never like it and I would like to leave it.
    Color blocking- it was over done this year…Leave it
    Orange lipstick- someone send it back to mac!
    Box braids- please leave them in the summer time
    Natural hairstyling- leave it
    spiked heels-should have been a thing of 2010-11′s past.
    oh, and for the chicks coming into Ny from out of town leave your colored jeans and floral pants…

    You missed some of this years largest trends. Floral Print, Color Blocking, Black and white( classic but it made a come back), Rocking one color from head to toe like it’s the 90′s…

  11. Keep leather and animal print. They are classic! I love peplums so they can stay.

  12. Huh?! says:

    @Dee….you want people to leave “natural hairstyles”? leave the thing we were born with? How about we leave the trend of these tacky, non-blended weaves and crazy looking lace fronts in 2012. smh

  13. anon says:

    Peplums can go. I like the trend, but tired of seeing it. I’ve always been a fan of mixing feminine and masculine pieces, so that trend will alwaya be hot to me. Leather will always be classic, no matter the year or season, something leather always looks luxurious to me.

  14. Savage says:

    I adore the peplum, its so fun and flirty. And animal print is timeless, as well as leather but not wearing it in the summertime.

    Now the Lita Boot can die a painful death. Also these tacky ornate nails. And tomboy chic must have an age max. I mean at some point as an adult are you really able to run around in a fitted and some high-tops? And theses tight ass bodycon can go.

  15. Mel says:

    Love the peplum and leather looks!

  16. Crystal says:

    Ok, the pictures confused me because people were wearing multiple trends at the same time. LOL. Take Leather. Keep everything else. I’m on the fence about animal print. Snake print shoes and hand bags are chic. Leopard is tricky to get right and not look cheap. When I see a woman in Leopard print, I think of Peg Bundy. Neon does not look good on anybody. Sorry. And there is a difference between bright and neon in my book.

  17. Keesh says:

    I agree with Sheree, lets leave the tomboy chic!

  18. browngirl says:

    peplums are timeless … so come with us to 2013!

    Tomboy chic will never go out of style, when done right…

    I am a HUGE fan off neon so keep! Animal print keep too … but Leather stay in 2012! People have played this trend so hard, it no longer has a tune. Leather and many times faux leather EVERYWHERE … it’s annoying and isn’t flattering for most figures. It can stay and maybe make a mid 2013 come back.

    Can we also leave Givenchy tshirts in 2012 …

  19. I’ll stick with neon, leather, and animal prints!

  20. Pinky says:

    I love a lil neon but i think its time to give it a rest.

    also, im SICK of the tomboy look. every chick on IG is wearing leggings, jordans, a streetwear brand hoodie or tee and a snapback. enough is enough.

    animal print && peplum..classics in my opinion

  21. JParris says:

    Tomboy Chic stay

  22. Suri says:

    @Dee:leaving natural hairstyles? Smh….were you born with relaxed hair?
    Animal print is a classic, not a trend.

  23. Soul Touch says:

    I like all these looks…even tomboy chic which is not my style at all.

    Peplum, adore.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I’ll take leather and tomboy chic. Thanks

  25. Mellie-Rae says:

    Keep peplum, tomboy chic, and animal print. Toss leather and neon.

  26. liz says:

    Im not sure why people are attacking Dee for saying leave the natural hair trend behind. Yes, it was a TREND. A lot of people did it not because they cared about their natural hair, but because they wanted to appear cooler for doing so. If you notice most newly natural folks put up tons of pictures and videos talking about.” oh my twist out, my bantu knot” blah blah blah…It came off slightly attention seeking. So yes, natural hairstyles to seem cool is a trend that should totally be left behind!!!

  27. MiMi says:

    I can’t decide between peplum and leateher

  28. MiMi says:


  29. Jaslene says:

    Let’s get rid of Tomboy Chic it look like they are homeless.

  30. binks says:

    Keep leather, animal print and peplums! Everything else…meh they can go!

  31. SHAQ NICHOLE says:

    This is a tough one…it’s definitely between peplums and leather

  32. LadyC says:

    I say keep tomboy chic and animal print. Considering I just got a custom leopard print snap back lol

  33. Danielle says:

    please leave tomboy and neon in 2012 !!! NEXT!!

  34. Angela says:

    Hmm.. Leave neon.. Everything else we can hold on to for now.

  35. kory conover says:

    I can deal with everything but animal print in the new year. It’s so tacky and played out.

  36. Fab. says:

    How is the hair you were born with a trend 0_o

    There may be some that talk about it excessively but there are females that talk about weave excessively. The End. @liz

  37. Love says:

    Idk if its because its winter time so vibe is towards dark and rich colors but neon is just annoying at this point. And I feel that’s the only thing that really gets on my nerves and peplum.. Not that if I saw a badd peplum dress I wouldn’t pick it up lol it’s just a tad over done at this point

  38. Nikkibellaray says:

    Animal print is here to stay, at least in my world :-)

  39. Tifani says:

    Peplum, leather, animal print and tom boy-chic can stay!

  40. Tilly says:


  41. Anon2 says:

    How can leather go out of style? My grand-father has on a leather jacket in his high school picture and he’s 90. :\

  42. Shanina says:

    Leather!!! and Peplums were my favourite of 2012

  43. Bribri says:

    Natural Hair is not a trend. Neither is box braids…. girl stop!.
    People have been rocking these, but now that notable celebs are doing it too, that’s when ppl start to believe its a trend.

    I think that the reason why naturals talk about it so much in a way that may seem attention seeking is that dealing with natural hair is not easy. So if you can conquer a banging twist out, wash-go, or bantu knot, of course your gonna document it, or youtube about it. It’s an accomplishment.

  44. Empress says:

    Natural hair is a trend. Leave those nappy fros behind and invest in a relaxer or Brazilian/Peruvian hair.

    I like all the trends except the tomboy chic crap!

  45. Ja'me London says:

    neon has got to go. it looks cheap… I’m all about the tomboy chic but it’s too easy and so everyone is wearing it. I’m tired of seeing it. I feel the same way about peplum. I love it, but it’s too safe. as for animal print and leather, they are classics.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Bye neon!

  47. Yasmin says:

    If “natural styling”is a “trend”, I’ll take it. It’s more important to me that more black women are discovering and appreciating their natural selves, whether to be cool or not. That’s the bigger picture.

  48. Sherrie says:

    The exaggerated platform should have been gone years ago. I’m hoping it will soon be a thing of the past.

  49. Jaz says:

    Peplums: yes , when done right. Still havent gotten to try it on me
    Leather: Classic
    Animal print: classic – not leaving my closet
    Neon: nope. I like brights, but I dont like pepto bismol pink
    Tomboy Chic: no.
    Heel less shoes: no
    Pale pink stripper/ barbie lips: nope . Please let this die

  50. Peplum and leather all the way.

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