December 18th, 2012
Beyonce, Celebrity Style
Get the Look: Beyoncé’s Instagram Criminal Damage Leopard Print White 91 Sweater and “In My Mind” SnapCap By Ron Bass
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

She’s back! Beyoncé took to her favorite social network to show off some more of her BaddieBey style. This time around she rocked a $65 Criminal Damage Leopard Print White 91 Sweater, and a “In My Mind” SnapCap by IamRonBass (Jay-Z also wore a cap from the brand recently).

Her boyfriend style sweater boasts a ribbed neckline with top stitched v detail.

Her cap doesn’t seem to be on sale, though you can test your luck and inquire here.

Get her sweater here, and shop similar items below.

Okay, Bey! Looking fly! Gimme your hat!

Are you feeling her latest look?


Image: @BaddieBey

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59 Responses to “Get the Look: Beyoncé’s Instagram Criminal Damage Leopard Print White 91 Sweater and “In My Mind” SnapCap By Ron Bass”

  1. COCO says:

    I wonder which event she wore this outfit to?! Oh wait, theres no event, she’s just taking more staged photos of herself. -___- I’ll reiterate this: its not the clothes that bother me, ist the desperate attention seeking aspect that bothers me. Theres nothing personal about these photos, like how girls like Teyana Taylor take pics befor they go out, or take spontaneous photos with their friends when they’re out and about- this is strictly for show and totally orchestrated. She’s not going anywhere, she’s not chiling with anyone, its just her in an elevator. -_- She just doesn’t get it. Show us somethign that says somethign about your personality or gives an insight into your life, thats what instagram and social media is for. This gives me nothing and says nothign about your personality, its just another staged photo Bey.

  2. COCO says:

    * I do like the pants on her though, she makes them work somehow. I’m not being a hater BTW I like Beyonce, she is the queen of what she does as a performer, she KILLS it onstage and she is stunning. But theres an aspect of her when it comes to her public persona that turns me off a little- she likes to orchestrate everything, its like she’s afraid of just letting go and being spontaneous because she wants to seem ‘perfect’ and I feel like is is an attempt to show us ‘more’ of herself, but its still so fake and staged.

  3. Siyam says:

    I like the look. I absolutely love the sweater and was just about to send in an inquiry. I guess I’m not as bent out of shape about “posed” photos All done other folks may be . I mean isn’t that what everyone ( famous or not) does on Instagram?

  4. vain319 says:

    man,I love that hat!..

  5. T1K says:

    I love it.

  6. Rebecca says:

    I’m so jealous of her thigh gap lmao

  7. Carmen says:


  8. iCant says:

    I like her pictures on IG she is showing off her style and she has found a way to do it comfortably. I see nothing wrong with being private and filtering what you upload on social networks because let’s be honest a lot of people only follow you to hate on you. If you want to see more intimate pics of her go to her tumblr. That is the problem now days though, a lot if these famous people are showing us to much of there personal lives taking away from their celebrity and making themselves look foolish. You have to stick to what you know, it has gotten her far over the years.

  9. ok says:

    @coco how do you know she’s not going somehwere. she’s in an elevator for goodness sake. you’re telling me she got dressed up and went in an elevator to pose for a picture????!?!?!?! to post on IG??!?!

    she may not be going to an “event” like an award show or reception but i’m sure she’s going to somewhere like a meeting or to the studio, you know i’m sure she does have to do things in order to prepare for her new album and SB performance, it doesn’t just happen like “voila” here’s an album or a performance.

    anyway, you can say you’re not a hater or whatever all you want but your post begs to differ, the lady doth protest too much.

    i will say that she might have IG and TUMBLR confused (i just went on there this morning), b/c her tumblr has more “natural” like pictures (if you want to call them that) and post, kind of some of the things that you would normally see on IG, so she might want to start posting those same posts on here IG as well.

    back to the post at hand, i like this outfit a lot!!! the colors, she looks comfy and chic. nice to see her wearing something that we could easily wear and duplicate.

  10. inamah says:

    I loooove this look. Comfy, trendy and chic…and I personally love Bey’s instagram pics she’s showing us a side that we’ve never seen. Posed or not posed!

  11. ok says:

    @ICant i agree and what you says makes sense so she’s probably smart to not even post the “natural” like pics/posts on IG because i’m sure that would give @coco and her ilk even more things to criticize.

  12. @coco EVERYBODY does that on instagram lol…come on now

    For what its worth I always assume she’s at the studio or something. Either way I don’t care instagram is for showing pics period. You don’t have to be going anywhere special

    Anywho I like the outfit a lot

  13. jeda says:

    I understand what @CoCo is saying. I do think she has a specific agenda for her IG posts. I think she is using it to expose her sense of style as opposed to her family life, but I don’t really see anything wrong with that though.

  14. Also I think she just likes her privacy. I do get how people may think everything with her is orchestrated (and I’m sure it is to a certain extent) but I don’t blame her at all. Look how crazy people are when she keeps to herself. Imagine how it would be if she were all over the place. I’m not mad at her at all

    I appreciate her being an “old school celeb” I think people forget that at one point damn near all celebs were like this. Twitter and reality shows have ruined so many people for me lol

  15. Deb says:

    LOVE IT! But also very jealous of the thigh gap….lol

  16. Faith says:

    cute! B is getting skinny: i hope this means she’ll be as naked as is publicly acceptable for the superbowl!

  17. Kitana says:

    Wow. I always pose and show off my outfits on my* insta, isn’t that one of the many purposes for it. Coco is one of the reasons I wish Bey would’ve maintained her exclusivity by not joining a social networking site. She takes pics in her garage and elevator because she probably wishes to keep the world out of her home and thats her prerogative. I love that hat Bey is wearing by the way….

  18. Sade says:

    Thanks for this post! I love her pants and I’m really thinking about getting that sweater or something similar, it’s so inexpensive!

    @Deb girl yes that thigh gap had me wanting to go running lol

    and @Coco you make no sense. How do you know Beyoncé wasn’t going anywhere? Were you there with her? Do you think that she just sits in her house all the time when she doesn’t have to attend events or something? I’m confused.

  19. Anonymous says:

    How unfortunate it is that Bey gets all this undue hatred. The woman is talented, beautiful and gracious. I guess it’s too much to comprehend.

  20. Cute look! The pants look great on her. LOL @ the thigh gap comments. I guess we all want one!

  21. mi manning says:

    i’m going to the arts & craft store to get supplies to design a hat like that. although i do think she is fake, too COCO!

  22. Keesh says:

    i love the look! go Bey!

  23. Indigo says:

    Going shopping sounds like an event to me! LOL
    I like the outfit…

  24. Mellie-Rae says:

    I get it Coco. Not everyone gets it. Me personally in this day and age I like to connect to artist I like . Thats why I can appreciate Rihanna because you get an insight in her life and its intriguing. I dont get that connection with Bey. People want to say she wants her private life private and thats ok. Let her remain private it just seems at times when she do reveil anything to the public it comes off a little fake and she seems very robotic to me. Now this is my opinion and I have the right to state how I feel (to all Beys stans out there).

  25. Caribbelle says:

    I LOVE the sweater. This is a cute look.

  26. Sava says:

    You know you’re broke when someone’s outfit by itself can pay all of your bills for the month… -__-’

  27. EntertainmentsFuture says:

    Ron Bass strikes again! He’s so talented. Soon the world will be wearing his hats..

  28. KBS says:

    She looks comfy and cute, but what’s the big deal with the thigh gap? Especially with guys, I never got that.

  29. Addikted2Fashion says:

    Doesnt everybody put on outfits and pose for IG/FB pix? Including Rihanna (and if you think she doesnt then you need to be schooled on life and posing) and other celebs. Yall need to get every bit of your “I Hate Beyonce for no reason and feel the need the need to say so on every Bey post” lives and stroll right along to the next post.

    Anyway, Im gonna need that sweater ASAP. But since its been dancing around the 75 degree mark here in the South this “winter” I might have to pass.

  30. cecil says:

    perfect comfy look

  31. Tia says:

    The outfit is wack! If Ashanti or someone had it on these brainwashed stans would be dogging her! Nothing Beyonce puts on 99% of the time moves me. If she does not want to be social gtfo social media! She has all of these airheads following her souding quite pitiful talking to themselves after all of the money they give to her..chileeee couldn’t and won’t be me! Yall can continue to feed this PERFECT PATTIE’s pockets all you want!

  32. Anonymous says:

    YES COCO!!!!! Preach!

  33. Mellie-Rae says:


  34. Empress says:

    You must have a lot of hatred for Bey if you decide to write a whole “book” on her fake posing for photos on IG. Smh.

    Cute sweater Bey.

  35. kay says:

    @coco you a common hater….you probably one of those people who report ppl on instagram.

  36. Brandon says:

    ” How unfortunate it is that Bey gets all this undue hatred. The woman is talented, beautiful and gracious. I guess it’s too much to comprehend.”

    Exactly! I love the Queen B! but a major NO! to this outfit.

  37. Kisha says:

    There are lots of women on Instagram who only post Outfits of the Day, why is it a problem that Bey does it?

  38. Mellie-Rae says:

    People quick to say your a hater or you hating on Bey. Please…. u cant even express how u feel without the backlash of being a hater. Everyobody is a hater now a days

  39. Suri says:

    @Mellie: I totally agree.

  40. Jenna says:

    I understand what coco is trying to say, I maybe would have worded it a little different and a little shorter lol. I think what she is saying people do pose with their outfits on instagram,true, but Beyonce always looks a bit contrived like she is on a photo shoot, it’s not coming off natural.

  41. S says:

    I love it all

  42. Anonymous says:

    She’s killin’ ‘em!!

  43. Dobe says:

    I read on Ron Bass’ Facebook page last night that this is a “1 of 1″ piece, which I’m assuming means only one was made. I could be wrong, but either way, I’m sure there will be plenty more in production after Beyonce wore it.

    Digging the pants on her, as well as the shoes, from what I can see.

  44. Prettigyrl78 says:

    tired of her…and that is outfit is a no ma’am…she could post herself in tar & feathers on instagram and stans would still be trying to “get the look.” sit down gal…more posts on solange, please!

  45. Hehe says:

    Her legs are apart shouldn’t her thighs be apart as well? Anyway I like this outfit it’s cute. I like Beyonce but I understand what COCO is saying. Something about her Instagram just doesn’t seem natural that’s why I haven’t followed her yet.

  46. ladyluo says:

    I agree with Coco. There is something missing with her IG pics. I think being open is so unnatural for her so her pics just look bland with no personality. Maybe she is more open with people she knows well and many people are like that and IG is just not the platform for her type of personality. I prefer her tumblr.

  47. Elle says:

    It doesn’t matter what she wears. She’s just… “it.”

  48. Goldeelocks says:

    love her. just love her.

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