December 13th, 2012
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Men’s Fashion Flash: Kanye West’s 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy Benefit Concert Pyrex Religion Hoodie
By Claire

Kanye West set Twitter ablaze at last night’s 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy Benefit Concert, not for his performance, but rather for the Givenchy leather kilt/skirt he chose to pair with his $275 Pyrex Religion Hoodie:

Kanye has worn skirts before (Watch the Throne, anyone?), so I’m not quite sure why anyone was surprised!

At any rate, the hooded sweatshirt he chose to pair with his leather skirt features a Caravaggio “The Entombment of Christ” graphic on the front.

If you like, get it at

Guys, would you wear it?
See Kanye perform here:

What do you think?

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31 Responses to “Men’s Fashion Flash: Kanye West’s 12-12-12 Hurricane Sandy Benefit Concert Pyrex Religion Hoodie”

  1. Prettigyrl78 says:

    i dig the hoodie…but dude got on a skirt tho…im hollin!

  2. S23 says:

    HELL NO on the skirt…. Men do not and should not wear skirts.

  3. natasha says:

    Kanye is better than what he did last night, i wish he would have put some creative effort in but it was for a good cause.

    I didnt like the kilt on tour and i don’t like it now.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I truly can’t with him…smh. #kanyeantics #thirsty4attention #NO2meninskirts

  5. Crys F&WM says:

    kanye kardashian needs to leave the kilts alone. all the twirling didnt help either.

  6. ChiHou says:

    He’s definitely an artist!

  7. Real Talk says:

    The same people who are saying “no skirt” will wear it in 2 or 3 years. It was the same with leather pant and now everybody got one. but Kanye need to comeback to his freshly dressed days

  8. Crystal says:

    Damn that skirt, his performance was AWFUL. I never thought I’d feel bad for someone that arrogant.

  9. Jenna says:

    umm people been wearing leather pants, but smart people don’t wear it ALL summer long like him and Kim did. Anyways there’s a lot going on with that outfit leather pants and leather skirt, no Ma’am!

  10. Kitty B. says:

    I sure do miss the Kanye from the “Kanye & Amber Rose” era….sighsss

  11. Olwethu says:

    I’m so divorcing Kanye for this outfit. My folks would make me pay lobola for this dude.

  12. RHONYC says:

    leather kilts = gladiator sexy ;-D

  13. i love sweatshirts and skirts :-)

  14. lolodoll1 says:

    He** no! No man (not even metro, borderline suspect Kanye) looks nice in a skirt. I’m not a fan of his fashion sense nor his personality so I guess all I can say is “carry on”….do you

  15. Marthe says:

    LOL @ Olwethu! Divorcing him!

    I think the skirt is a little too much… But I gotta say Kanye is a fiiiine artist. He’s bringing back originality in music.

  16. Brandon says:

    The reality is Kanye is an ENTERTAINER he can wear whatever he wants, of course we don’t expect average Joe’s to walk around in kilts, that would be foolish. I for one love this outfit, I’m all for pushing the envelope.

  17. Jai says:

    Caravaggio is one of my favorite painters. Never thought I’d see his works on clothing though. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not…

  18. Ashley says:

    I actually don’t mind the skirt. But apparently, that’s just me.

  19. Choco aka Hipppie says:

    Kanye is really serving his Master that sweatshirt and him wearing it is blasemphous (sp) to me. No on the skirt!

  20. Jhess says:

    I can’t take these overpriced COTTON items with a graphic print on it. I can make that ish!

  21. Mic says:

    Love Kanye’s style. He can do no wrong fashion wise.

  22. Kimberly says:

    Kanye can do NO wrong in my book !!!!

  23. Marvelous says:

    Kilt was eclectic which just adds to Kanye’s marvelousness. He is bold, daring and willing to enjoy fashion. He is never cliche and always takes it to the next level!!!

  24. Anonymous says:

    this outfit has to be warm especially on stage

  25. Rachel says:

    Let’s be honest, Kanye looks good. He is the only one who could rock this and make cool. I love it!

  26. Monica says:

    NO, NO, and NO!! i agree with Choco

  27. Annoyingly Right says:

    Yes Kanye is in the entertainment business and many artist have to push the envelope with their looks. I get that. But in the Hip Hop industry it should NEVER be acceptable for a grown man to run around in a kilt. Diddy did that a few years back and now this dude. I can’t deal. Just come out the closet already Kanye. It’s so obvious you’re bi.

  28. Annoyingly Right says:

    Oh yeah and his constant display of blasphemous images is beyond unacceptable. It’s more than obvious that this illuminati talk is real.

  29. Indigo says:

    He is the reason men are wearing leggings… HA!

  30. Ms C says:

    Kanye is the man he can make any think look good and even in the kilt he still looks masculine to me.

  31. Alain says:

    If I had money I’d buy the outfit. That’s the second time I’ve seen a look like that and both times were spot on.

    Not every look is for every one. Learn to appreciate the things you wouldn’t personally wear.

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