December 12th, 2012
Celebrity Style, Kim Kardashian
Splurge: Kim Kardashian’s Miami Alexander McQueen Leather Peplum Skirt
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Kim Kardashian is still living it up in Miami. The reality star was spotted outside of her Dash boutique in an all black ‘fit that included a $1,498 Alexander McQueen Leather Peplum Skirt.

Her ruffled peplum skirt is sharply cut at the knee, and features a concealed hook and zip fastening in the back.

If you’re not up for the splurge, recreate her look for less below.

The outfit has a cute concept, but the waist looks to be a bit too tight for Kim. She looks slightly uncomfortable.

What do you think? Are you feeling Kim’s latest ‘fit?


Images: Zimbio

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71 Responses to “Splurge: Kim Kardashian’s Miami Alexander McQueen Leather Peplum Skirt”

  1. Looks like she is sucking her gut in smh

  2. Kitty B. says:

    The Skirt is cute (seen the exact skirt for way less) but she looks stuffed and uncomfortable, Kim, if your reading….YOUR NOT ABOUT THAT HIGH FASHION LIFE…just stop! immediately.

    Is that belly fat hanging over her skirt o_O

  3. Likkle Miss says:

    this is bad. this is so so bad.

  4. mamareese says:

    You can tell that thang stopped breathing the second the cameras flashed!!! LOL Cute skirt bad pairing it iwth that top….looks like she’s not done gettign dressed….

  5. This look is hot but her body looks strange in it

  6. Olwethu says:

    The skirt is too small, look at the lines around her hips and the muffin top. Most of her outfits need to be altered, it’s as if she doesn’t know her size. Beautiful ensemble though.

  7. bella says:

    she looks SO BAD. omg. her boobs look MASSIVE. Kim, you’re not a 5’11 120 lb model. quit it.

  8. Reeseecup says:

    Umm i like the outfit just not on her, sorry Kim!

  9. Dom says:

    You have got to be kidding me! I usually won’t even click on the posts about any of the Kardashians since they annoy me so. But ya’ll are REALLY reaching posting this outfit.

    She looks horrid. Please put down the KK stan cards!

  10. Steph says:

    she looks really uncomfortable. the skirt is far too tight at the waist and i think she is too chesty for that style of top.

  11. Reezy says:

    Hahaha OMG. That belly is HANGING boy!

  12. Erin D. says:

    She looks foolish and thirsty.

  13. Angela says:

    Oh good heavens.. NO!!!

  14. Kay'Gee says:

    Ew!! Wtf Kim! No!

  15. Angela says:

    I agree with ‘bella’.

    Her boobs look bigger than her head.

    The old saying goes: “Just because they make it in your size, doesn’t always mean you should wear it”.

  16. Crystal says:

    Umm, that skirt is too small. I think Kim is in denial about her size. And as much as we criticize other female celebrities/models for being unrealistically thin, I actually like the fact that Kim is not afraid of her curves. So I’m not going to laugh at her muffin top because I’ll have one too in a ill-fitting bottom.

  17. Empress says:

    I love this skirt. I’m not sure if the skirt is really tight or if it just looks tight since she is wearing that crop top. Poor Kim :(

  18. Omgeezy!! says:

    Biiiisshh NO!!

  19. Dana says:

    Mayne this is so bad. so so bad.

  20. Brandon says:

    Yikesssssssssss Kim!

  21. binks says:

    Someone please give Kim the memo to stop wearing these tops it does nothing for us busty gals. And she looks uncomfortable, can’t believe I am saying this but Kim needs to get back her old swag.

  22. Anonymous says:

    It’s a nice look…just not on Kim. Or perhaps if it were better fitted, she’d do it more justice. As is, it looks too tight and uncomfortable. #fail

  23. cheriemacherie says:

    nice skirt and shoes the top needs help \o/

  24. adubbaby says:

    Kim Kardashian needs to dress according to her body type. she has enough curves, the peplum skirt look unflattering on her body shape. nice try.

  25. Above Par says:

    It’s actually kind of hard to look at.

  26. Cookie says:

    The dreaded uniboob! Plus muffin top equals one ugly ass outfit!

  27. Estania says:

    Hideous blah this looks awful not only is she sucking in gut she looks like she has a terrible figure in this ensemble and its funny how her photoshopped pictures were just up and now the real version of her uncroped and tucked is on display

  28. Lol Kanye is making Kim fat. I think that is the funniest thing. LOL

  29. Jei says:

    Why does she continue to wear these types of skirts. Nobody on your team is saying, ok look girl, this is a no?! Smh..she looks a hot mess && frankly I’m tired of her anyway.

  30. Mo_Sheri10 says:

    This outfit is no different than anything else she wears. She really needs to switch up her style.

  31. Jesus Christ.

    She’s def gained her love weight. Is there a baby in there or no? My divorce isn’t final so I understand whole dating someone bit but this chick best not be pregnant!! lol

  32. tasha says:

    It would be a cute look if it was tailor to her body. This is not a good look for her at all.

  33. Tifani says:

    The skirt is cute but not on Kim!!! The girl needs to lose weight, she looks like she’s struggling to breath!!!!!!!!!

  34. Taneica says:

    …..I really wish she wouldn’t do this :-(

  35. Meeeeshelle says:

    I like the way Kim dresses most the time…she is committed to her style…even when it changes, once she finds something she “likes” she stays committed to the trends…for that I respect her…my only pet peeves are:

    1. make sure you have on the proper undergarments Kim
    2. make sure your clothes fit Kim
    3. make sure you can breathe Kim

    I think #3 is affecting her the most here…le sigh

  36. Cyndy says:

    I love this skirt however I do not like it on Kim. Not flattering at all!!!

  37. Brittany says:

    The fit is def off. The waist of the skirt is too tight for her causing that bulge. then it looks like she trying to pull it up. Try that one again honey

  38. coco says:

    Poor Kim. She is a beautiful girl but the clothes she’s getting from her new stylist do NOT work well on her frame at all. This is an amazing outfit for someone tall and slim with no breasts like Rihanna. Right clothes, wrong body.

  39. Anonymous says:


  40. Mimi says:

    I can’t even tell if this is cute because the fit is so bad

  41. Izhause says:

    She looks like a stuffed jalapeño .

  42. Kim says:

    Totally agree w/Domain and I wish the peplum trend would die already.

  43. Anonymous says:

    She HAS to do better. Really. :/

  44. JParris says:

    We want the old Kim back, we want those heroine tracks *Jay Z*

  45. mak says:

    Way too tight! Ugh!

  46. DomDom says:

    She’s making me hate peplum

  47. Not feeling this look at all. It doesnt suit her, too tight.

  48. Prettigyrl78 says:

    *sigh* kim, i love you…but this one is hard to defend

  49. jeda says:

    the skirt is too tight and the pairing with the top is horrid

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