December 12th, 2012
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Get the Look: Nicki Minaj’s American Idol Auditions Alexander Wang Yellow Rubberized Dress and Versace Gold Platform Booties
By Claire

Nicki Minaj made her way to American Idol Auditions in LA in a form fitting $585 Alexander Wang Yellow Rubberized Dress and Versace Gold Platform Booties:

Her short dress, which also comes in gray/black, features a round ribbed neckline, long sleeves with solid yellow underarm panels, and a grey and yellow knit at the front.

I wasn’t able to find an image of Nicki’s exact boot, though the platform and exaggerated stiletto heel is a Versace signature.

If you like her dress, get it at
Hot! or Hmm…?

Images: Pacific Coast News

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48 Responses to “Get the Look: Nicki Minaj’s American Idol Auditions Alexander Wang Yellow Rubberized Dress and Versace Gold Platform Booties”

  1. ShopHushHair says:

    Love this look…Her hair looks great!

  2. Eb says:

    I actually like the dress but I’m not a fan of the booties with it.

  3. Kitana says:

    So over these extreme platforms. Dress is just ok. Nikki, we were just discussing you in a different post smh…

  4. bella says:

    she looks nice for once. i guess she likes her low budget wigs *shrugs*

  5. Empress says:


  6. Marsha D says:

    Her fake a$$ in that dress is a fail all by itself…..

  7. Neesiepoo says:

    hmm to the tights & booties.. try again girl

  8. Indigo says:

    What’s appealing about this female? It’s sad black females are reduced to nothing but an ass… and they are alright with it. SMDH As long as it’s not “Kim K” Smh

  9. iCant says:

    LOL, I cannot take this serious.

  10. "You Left My Comments for Dead" says:

    lol she looks like a clown. The sheeple will love it though.

  11. Prettigyrl78 says:

    the fake butt totally ruins it…the dress looks better in the picture by itself

  12. kay says:

    damnnnn look at that aaaahhhhh- wig!

  13. Lola A says:

    She is a clown looks acts talks like a clown.(I am not going to even speak on the fake booty)

  14. binks says:


  15. Kitty B. says:

    The fake butt totally takes away from the whole look! and FYI ladies Topshop has a similar dress just like Nicki’s for $79!

    I LOOOOOOOOOVES me some Alexander Wang, but no!

  16. Elle says:

    She looks like a bee with that Bumble-Butt!

  17. mamareese says:

    If her tail was a bit smaller…..and those tights were gone she’d look hot. Oh and maybe some grey platform pumps woulda set this offer better…..

  18. Anonymous says:

    Amen Marsha

  19. Olwethu says:

    I agree with mamareese about the grey shoes. She doesn’t need the stockings and those boots.

  20. Kay'Gee says:

    I can see myself in that dress. Hawt!

  21. bebe says:

    She’s a walking cartoon character

  22. Sha says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, she is a mess as always. What I want to know is that guy holding something over her head to provide shade?!!! That is really all I want to know. This lil girl will stop playing dress up one day – hopefully she will not be too old!!!

  23. Alyssa says:

    Whoa. So without looking at the headline and just glancing, I initially thought this was Lady Gaga. My first thought was when did her butt get so big?

  24. cheriemacherie says:

    disaster.. those boots would look better with nice skinny pants nice shirt n blazer. that dress looks like a top or maybe she needed better tights

  25. Cookie says:

    This b*tch is too skinny for her a$$ to be that big and be natural! Ridic!

  26. kory conover says:

    Nicki actually looks half decent here….good for her.

  27. tasha says:

    Loving the dress.

  28. TERRAH KING says:

    I love the dress and the booties match perfectly with the yellow dress

  29. Brittany says:

    The dress is cute, but I swore after I read rubberized in the title that it was gonna refer to her butt lol. So sad, natural beauty is better than fake beauty

  30. Anonymous says:

    looks hatin a$$ hefas this child right here gettin money…she may be a puppet but that is the exchange…Im sure she has a clause in her contract with FOX for wardrobe….designers send her (for free) what they want people to buy becasuse they know AI is going to garnish at least 10 million views per episode…so please have a seat she just putting on a show for yall…sit back and watch the episode it will go off sooner or later :)

  31. Jean says:

    the wig is cute

  32. makeeasweet says:

    i never realize how skinny her legs were.i think she look great,not feeling the stockings though.

  33. JParris says:

    Love the dress, but skinny legs and big ass not a good look

  34. Kai says:

    Well I personally like this look on her. Go Nicholas!

  35. Marthe says:

    I love this look, we need more this than that rainbowstringmessthing.

  36. Lex says:

    dress is cute, everything else….nope

  37. Fenise says:

    almost had it but killed it with the stockings and shoes

  38. KBS says:

    10 lb sausage in a 5 lb bag

  39. the truth says:

    so so tired of her, she’s had her moment, send her back to the HOOD already! disrespectful little cunt!!!

  40. the truth says:

    seen better legs on a kitchen table…. YUCK!!!!

  41. Tessa B says:

    cute pieces..just not together.

  42. lala says:

    OH NO.. I think not..!!!

  43. Anonymous says:


  44. Looking at Nicki just makes me feel sad. Seriously, She has on a sleeveless dress but stockings? Why hide the legs? It’s obviously not cold. Then all that plastic surgery just tops it off, she really must hate herself on the inside, thats probably why she can’t make ONE song without comparing herself to jesus or talking down other (better) female rappers. smh

  45. oh okay so the dress isn’t sleeveless I just noticed…but she still looks insecure as fu*k.

  46. Jonesy says:

    This clown stay looking annoyed! GO AWAY THEN! She looks stupid as usual to me! I like the dress though!

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