December 6th, 2012
Celebrity Style, Hot or Hmm
Hot! or Hmm… Khloe Kardashian’s X-Factor Jennifer Behr Headband and Dolce & Gabbana Trumpet Sleeve Lace Dress
By Faith

Khloe Kardashian channeled all things nymph while on the X-Factor in a Jennifer Behr headband and Dolce & Gabbana Trumpet Sleeve Lace Dress:

Loose waves added to the ethereal nature of her look.

I love it! Another fashion win for Khloe on-screen.
What do you think? Hot! or Hmm…?

** Vickiana writes, “HEY FBD!! Can we get a look for less on Khloes look on this post. I’d love to wear it for my family’s Christmas Eve party (it’s how we celebrate Christmas). Thanks!

Khloe’s look is definitely a splurge, but you can easily recreate it for less with these options.


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47 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm… Khloe Kardashian’s X-Factor Jennifer Behr Headband and Dolce & Gabbana Trumpet Sleeve Lace Dress”

  1. Empress says:

    Khloe looks stunning! I’m loving this dress! Fits her nicely!

  2. kay says:

    this is sooooo off topic but her and Kim without makeup are the palest white powder i have ever seen…….. back to the topic my life is about saving i can easily get that dress $65 and below. girl bye

  3. says:

    very nice, she looks as though she’s slimming down as well.

  4. Bella B says:

    Gorgeous!!! Khloe’s style has been out of the park during this whole taping. Who is her stylist?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Love the look from head to toe….may have to duplicate this look for less. Werk Khloe!

  6. Naynay says:

    Khloe looks stunning!!! Monica Rose usually styles her.

  7. Khloe is looking so chic and fit these days. Loving her new confidence and style.

  8. Kitty B. says:

    Khloe looks GREAT!!! Monica Rose has been styling her during the taping

  9. jme says:

    i love everything about this dress! Especially the color.

  10. Brandon says:

    She looks great and her face is BEATTTT!

    Sidenote: Why do you black girls constantly throw so much shade at the Kardashians? Are they taking money out of your pocket or do you stand a chance with any of the men they encounter? Nope and nope, fall back and quit that hatin ladies.

  11. Jenna says:


  12. Omgeezy!! says:

    @brandon I totally agree!!! Khloe looks great!!

  13. natuafia says:

    She looks fab !

  14. babybluez says:

    I like it but I wish they put some colour on her lips… she fades in to the look a little.

  15. Liz says:

    @Brandon… damn, you got a directory on who the commentators are on this site…. and their race? Sh*t… pass it along. I’m real curious to know the demographics of FBD readers. Since I know you don’t, STFU about black girls.

    You want real shade?

    “So why is it the wookie child is 2 feet taller than her sisters and brothers and looks nothing like them??? I think ‘the pool man’ has the answer…

    “She is such a NASTY SKANK PUBLICITY WHORE that I can’t stand it, and Simon too. I am now committed to avoid that show at any cost.”

    “I swear I see a mustache in that picture. Is Khloe joining the Movember movement?”

    -Courtesy of a non-urban blog, which I guess to you equals non-black women.

  16. Empress says:

    Brandon STFU! I’m black and I like Kim K!

    Go on her FB page and look at the comments on her statuses. Most of the mean comments are from white people, who DON’T like her because of the sex tape of HER with a blk man.

    Also, I wouldn’t want a chance with Kanye or Lamar! I actually like my men, white chocolate! Boy BYE!

  17. jessica says:

    @ Brandon because the Kardashians are constantly used as the standard of beauty, but they have phat azzes, full lips, tan skin ect. But black women have had those traits that wayyyyyyy before Kim and her crew came along, but because they AREN’T BLACK they receive praise.

  18. tasha says:

    Khloe looks amazing. Loving this outfit

  19. Danielle says:

    HIGH FIVES LIZ, *uses other palm to tell “Brandon” to talk to it*

    On a serious note — please stop giving this troll life.


  20. steph says:

    monica rose is styling the hell out of Khloe, she looks fantastic. Legs for days.

  21. Jasmine O. says:

    I love the look, though agreed she does need color on the lips!

  22. Empress says:

    @Brandon I’m black and I like Kim K.

    FYI, even if I had the opportunity I wouldn’t want Kanye or Lamar. Shut up!

    Lmao @ Liz
    Jessica hit the nail on the HEAD!

  23. Empress says:

    I commented twice and can see my post! Urghhh
    Brandon needs to shut up!

  24. Shelly says:

    @ Liz

    *stands up and applauds*.

  25. Izhause says:

    X Factor is trying to make Khloe resemble Kim with all that heavy weave on her head. X Factor is a pretty terrible show, I’ll take The Voice!!!

  26. danielle says:

    @brandon Hmmm. I love khloe so how do I fit in this hater equation. What I don’t like is black men (assumption) that are constantly comparing us to other races and then talking some nonsense about jealousy. I’m good, thanks. any guy that exclusively dates every race, except black women wasn’t the guy for me anyways, so just keep it moving.

  27. shaka says:

    Why when she’s on this website she looks alot thinner than on T.V. that’s funny.

  28. ify says:

    Oh she looks damn good!yall accept it and stfu already!women just don’t know how to appreciate other women especially when they are doing better than yall..khloe has been looking fab with each xfactor episode so just admit it instead of spreading hate..and yh I’m black so say whatever..pffft!

  29. Annoyingly Right says:

    Khloe looks good!!! Really loving her style lately

  30. bella says:

    she looks sooo cute. like an angelic hippie princess lmao.

    @brandon are you not reading the comments? most girls on FBD actually love the kardashians. there are a few haters but that’s expected. actually most black girls even in real life and other social networks love the kardashians as well so i don’t get where this is coming from…

  31. Olwethu says:

    Ditto at Bella. She looks really great, Monica Rose is doing a great job but you can see Khloe’s confidence has improved. Keep it up Khloe.

  32. kory conover says:

    Cute, but nothing really special about it.

  33. Crystal says:

    I agree @Brandon. It seems to be mostly Kim that black women hate on. If men like her fat a$$ and not yours, how is that her problem? Be mad at the black men that trampled over your black features to go after hers. I’m a black woman and I always make comments about how black women hate on Kim. Khloe looks amazing. She has really been working it lately!

  34. Kadijah K. says:

    I absolutely ADORE this look on Khloe. The shoes is great the hair is great just FAB!!!!

  35. heyyall says:

    @Brandon, first: shouldn’t you be looking at a mens website for gym shoes or something..second : don’t nobody hate on them..most of the comments on here are talking about how beautiful they are..So good bye!

  36. t-fal says:

    She looks gorgeous, i love everything about it, including the lip color. I think if it was a wee bit glossier it would have uplifted it, but not necessarily a different color.

    The K-Klique is intriguing for their style, it’s aspirational but at the same time mostly achievable by everyday women. But I understand the people who feel more like eff all of ‘em and everything that stand for. @ Jessica hit that nail on the head as to why.

  37. Oh really says:

    Now that’s what I’m talking about, Khloe! She’s been looking very well put-together lately.. I hope she keeps it up!

  38. Brandon says:

    Predictable women

  39. Nina says:

    Alright ALRight ALRIGHT!! I’m a black woman and I can’t stand Kim. If it’s hate like Mr. Brandon said…well then, I cast my ballot! For one I don’t give a d*amn about black MEN who chase after this tan, pseudo black look. Let’s name drop!! Chris Brown, JayZ, Kanye…! Why don’t I care? Cause last time I checked the most powerful man in the world has a black woman, with beautiful black skin and all as his wife. Yes people. Our first lady is a ebony queen. And guess what there ARE men like Barack everywhere choosing this a execellent standard of beauty. Whats a sex tape whore to a Harvard educated lawyer? Whats a dopey fashion whore with big jaws with a lust for strippers to a PRESIDENT. So ummmmm… No one cares about these useless men after european features!

    The reason I do not like Kim is actuality intangible. There is something about her spirit… Real talk.

    But, on the other hand, no bs… I absolutely adore Khloe. Not because of what she has, or even the clothes, makeup or hair. She represents a real woman. With natural flaws. Something is humbling and genuine about her presence. She has a natural beauty.

    I think Kim is just too shallow… Trying to be so perfect and should just chill out!!!!!!!!!

  40. Hot! Khloe has been looking great!

  41. KayGee says:

    It looked better on television… wish it was an inch or two longer.
    And i hate the fact that it’s a turtleneck.

  42. Brandi says:

    I think the dress is pretty, howver unlike a previous poster, I think it looks better in the photos than it did on TV. I do wish it were a skosh larger & not rippling around the toros & hip. I think that would have made it more flattering. Khloe has been looking really good lately.

  43. Brandon says:

    Thank you @Nina for being a statistic!

  44. BlackOrchid says:

    @Brandon go away. Who are you to make crass generalisation about black womanhood? Just because some black women do not like Kim K or Khole don’t mean that the whole of black womanhood dislike them. We black women are individuals and our actions are representations of us and not the sisterhood. Get it?

  45. Nina says:

    @Brandon they say numbers don’t lie. Next!

  46. Tessa B says:

    She looks Gorchess!

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