December 5th, 2012
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Beauty News: Nicki Minaj Lands Solo MAC Viva Glam Campaign
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Love or loathe her, there’s no stopping Nicki Minaj’s hustle. The Young Money rapstress has been steadily building her brand; quickly leveraging her popularity to land big name gigs. As you may remember, Minaj was previously the face of MAC’s Viva Glam campaign alongside Ricky Martin. Now, it seems she’s landed a solo slot with the beauty brand.

Nicki broke the news on Twitter yesterday saying, “Ready for my new VIVA GLAM lipstick? I’m going solo as MAC’s VIVA GLAM girl beginning February 2013!!! #LavenderIsTheNewPink She then asked her legion of Barbz to trend #LavenderIsTheNewPink at 9am this morning to get a first glimpse of the visual. Naturally, they obliged.

The lavender shade looks interesting. I actually want to get my hands on this to see how it looks on the lip.

Will you be purchasing Nicki’s latest lipstick?


Source: Twitter

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38 Responses to “Beauty News: Nicki Minaj Lands Solo MAC Viva Glam Campaign”

  1. Kitty B. says:

    Love the lavender color, definitely looking forward to it,

  2. Madpet says:

    Hell no

  3. Empress says:

    I haven’t bought anything of hers, not a fan.

  4. Faith says:

    I like the lavender color, which would pop with her naturally dark hair and not these blonde Rupaul’s Drag Race wigs!

  5. Cliche says:

    Faith! Not “Rupaul’s Drag Race wigs”. Let me gather myself.

  6. jbrizzy says:

    @Faith you definitely took the words lmao, but the lavender color is very nice

  7. Dana says:

    It looks like ‘Up the Amp’. Also any details on those shoes? Fabulous!

  8. yusufswifee says:

    I dont think it will work for me. Still trying to figure out why I bought the pink one…but the lipglass….YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!

    I’ll have to compare it to Up the Amp and see if there is a need…

  9. LawyerChic says:

    I just want to see her look pretty. Can we get a beauty shoot Ms. Minaj??

  10. Jenna says:

    The concept of the shoot is cute, but her makeup looks horrible in this pic. I don’t like how they did her pink eyeshadow with the lavender lipstick. I loved her Viva glam makeup for the ricky martin one but this is not it!

  11. Savage says:

    Why is the new trend for women to look like drag queens? (No shade to queens) But all this weave, crazy, kooky ass makeup, and tight (holds breath) tight ass clothes. I’m confused and I feel as if I wasn’t made for these times. And I’ll pass on the color that would prob give us girls of color Pookie from New Jack City lips.

  12. Westafricanmutt says:

    I’m tired of seeing Nikki Minaj

  13. DIVA says:

    I concur @ Savage !

  14. bella says:

    @dana it’s nothing like up the amp.

    up the amp is a lot darker.

  15. kay says:

    Hmmm Lavender……idk

  16. Dobe says:

    Looks nice in the tube (from the pic), but probably wouldn’t look fitting on my lips. I’ll stick to Up the Amp.

  17. Angela says:

    it’ll be great for halloween.

  18. lola a. says:

    Looks like lavender whip to me but thats a matte finish

  19. bebe says:

    Execution for the shoot kinda sucks. She looks so washed out …

  20. Loni says:

    Looks pretty I will buy if I can get my hands on it!!!

  21. shai says:

    I wish Lady gaga’s viva glam didn’t discontinue :(

  22. mi manning says:

    her shoes look like Iris Barbee Bonner’s “These Pink Lips” shoes. She better call her attorney ASAP!

  23. Sade says:

    The pink friday shade looked horrible on dark skinned women, or at least on me, so I’m not to sure about how I feel about this lavender. They need to give Azealia Banks a campaign!

  24. Kryss says:

    The lavender looks very pretty. Maybe it will be worth a try.

  25. Frost says:

    I’m surprised I seem to be the only one who thinks this looks like ‘Quite Cute’ from the spring collection from last year.

    I think she could have looked better in this ad, her face looks really odd, and what’s up with the shoe strap?

  26. The make up is a bit heavy, but I like the ad. There’s definitely no stopping her hustle.

  27. natuafia says:

    I agree with u @ savage its such a horrible trend

  28. natuafia says:

    & nicku use to be so gorgeous

  29. J Danielle says:

    Nicki Minaj has such a bad attitude I’m really hesitant to buy anything with her name on it. And generally speaking I don’t care how celebs act but…I don’t know. She’s been rubbing me the wrong way. It’s not like she has the music to justify it.

  30. Alicia says:

    Don’t know if I’ll puschase it, but I def can’t wait to try it out and see how it’ll look on me.

  31. randomness says:

    I want to try it and see. The Nicki bashing is getting old. If you are not going to buy it or if you ‘hate’ her so much, then why comment?

  32. Jonesy says:

    Never purchased anything Nicki Garbage related and never will!

    MAC needs to stop playing! And the Nicki bashing can be old to you, but as long as they keep pushing this clown on consumers I will continue to push back!

    Bish be gone and leave our children alone!

  33. TM says:

    Sure the ad could have been better, but I’ll still buy the lipstick.

  34. browngirl says:

    It would have been nice, if her second shade was one that suited all complexions. I agree Azealia Banks should have gotten more promo and definitely deserves a second color.

  35. Brittney says:

    Loved the pink Lipstick and would love to try the new one

  36. HUH says:

    Attack of the old, bitter birds on this site ! SMH posing as fashion & beauty experts ! U prolly mad it won’t apply smoothly over your chapped lips.. get some blistex . U mad @Jonesy and what the fuck does her attitude have to do w/ her accomplishments and accolades? stop reaching !
    S/o to @randomness These haters know what it is.. their faves aint never had/never will have nothing ! It’s a shame ppl constantly come in posts to talk about what “doesn’t look good” and make broad generalizations & say “on darkskinned girls” smh ! Anyone who’s seen a color wheel knows that makeup is more about undertones than complexion ! Nicki isn’t a yellowbone, herself

  37. Giselle says:

    Her face looks a bit harsh in this & the odd photoshop on her shoe is distracting. I wish she would come out with something clean and simple– something unexpected.

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