December 3rd, 2012
Fashion Bombshell of the Day
Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Shayla from Oakland
By Claire

Today we’re featuring Headbanger Accessories creative director Shayla from Oakland, California as our Bombshell of the Day:

She says, “ I would say [my style is] Modern Vintage Chic.”

“… I never go with the trends I just BANG in what I want.”

” Fashion for me is a feeling .”

” Sometimes I wanna wear my stilettos, sometimes I wanna rock my sneakers, sometimes I wanna lay back in my beenie slightly hanging off the back of my head, it’s just how I’m feeling. And whatever I wear, I feel sexy.”

” I lovvvvee thrift shopping just because you never see the same thing twice and it’s a rush for me. I have a storage full of clothes that I’m going to eventually turn into a store, but I must say I’m pretty attached to my vintage jackets.”

” I admire Grace Jones for her edge, Alexander McQueen for his risk, Chanel for her class and sophistication. But I just like to create my own and be an influencer.”

“I like to ” Rock to my own beat , but never off beat.””

” I’m the one on the outside of the box not creating my own space. My expression through my fashion, hair, tattoos is what makes me happy, what’s makes it easy for me to breathe.”

” As Creative Director for Headbanger Accessories my fashion sense allows me to always bring new and innovative ideas to the table. I always say ” I go in with a BANG , Come out with a BANG , Stand still with a BANG …. I’m just that….BANG “”

I love it all! Just wish some of the pix were a little clearer. If you like, follow Shayla @ShaylaBang1 on Instagram, and check out her accessories at

Fashion Bombshell of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 6-8 picture(s) to Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!

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102 Responses to “Fashion Bombshell of the Day: Shayla from Oakland”

  1. Omgeezy!! says:

    Her style is EVERYTHING!!

  2. Loni says:

    Yes Shayla has style and she seems super cool! Bang Bang!!

  3. RashidaGurl says:

    Yassssssssss!!!!!!! Shayla’s looks are always Bangin’ !!!!

  4. mi manning says:

    in the words of Ciara, “When the spotlight is on you…you better WORK!” She’s definitely a bombshell…honing in the Rihanna/Rita Ora concepts. I can dig it.

  5. cheriemacherie says:

    love the hair!!

  6. Roni says:

    Yes! Love her style and I thik she descirbed her stlye to a T! Modern Vintage Chic…love it! She putys me in mind of Rihanna. Pretty girl.

  7. CaribbeanQueen says:

    Hmm idk it’s a bit much for my taste but I love her confidence

  8. Lilmsknowitall says:

    Fashion bomb! Bang!

  9. J. Nicole says:

    I like her style but I wish some of the photos were clearer. It’s great to see the variety & that she doesn’t rely on her body & looks just as sexy covered up opposed to short & tight.

  10. JanaejaQuel' says:



  11. Indigo says:

    This chick is a terrorist! She done blew up this page… Bombshell all day. I love every look.

  12. Anonymous says:

    hmm..something appears off about this. definitely different but hmmm

  13. LMO says:

    Great job. Unique, classy, different and yet, still on trend. Well done!

  14. Sennie says:

    LOVES, LOVES, LOVES! Is Shayla in Bring it On musical? Because she just BROUGHT IT!!!! lol Looking good lady!

  15. NicoleS says:

    I guess im blind cuz um….O_O yea.. Those parachute pants are not cute!

  16. Mimi says:

    2 words: Werk Hun-Tee!!

  17. yusufswifee says:

    niiiice and i love the sleeve. I’m definitely getting Rhianna and I can dig it.

  18. iamher says:

    Nothing super amazing…she screams Rhianna

    before yall get on me theres ZERO hate just my opinion…I know how yall do lol

  19. Dom says:

    That maxi dress with the exagerated necklace and booties…BANG!

    Def feeling the style Bombshell fo sho!

  20. Ha @Indigo I loved your comment! She is dope indeed

  21. Tasha says:

    I told Shayla to submit for this, I knew she would kill it and this is just a small glimpse of her fashion sense, talent and personality! She’s a fashion force! Go Shay I knew it! xoxo’s!!!

  22. love it love it love it!!! that hair is noteworthy as well chile!!!!!!

  23. Destination Everywhere says:

    She is interesting.

  24. :) thank you says:

    Thank you so my FashionBomb and my sister Tashs for telling me I better submit .. And for everyone who likes it and loves it … You definitley BANG in my book

  25. tiffers says:

    Very nice….Rihanna should have stayed on this level of styling. Great job! Not too over the top!

  26. YAY my Shay! I was gonna submit for you eventually. lol! #bombshell #duh

  27. destini says:

    shayla is hands down one the most fashion-forward individuals i’ve ever come across. her ability to put patterns and textures together is unmatched. there aren’t very many people with the natural talent to do so. not only has she been this fashionable, she can help to bring it out of you too. go shayla go!

  28. Passion Clark says:

    SHAYLA IS THE TRUE MEANING OF A TRENDSETTER “someone who popularizes a new fashion and takes it to another level—-> Thats Shayla Jamerson!!!” She not only sets trends she can also bring the inner BANG out of anyone. I TAKE MY HAT OFF TO THIS BEAUTIFUL WOMAN KEEP BANGING ON ‘EM :)

  29. Anonymous says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Love the hair & style, I dig.

  30. Ari says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Love the hair & style, I dig.

  31. Soul Touch says:

    Though not my style, this woman definetly has STYLE!! I adore the red pendulum top and blue pants!

  32. natuafia says:

    I wish her pictures were better quality but she definitely has style and is drop dead gorgeous

  33. Natasha says:

    I’m throwing all kinds of flagrant shade because I sensed she was doing the mostest even before she started in on the whole BANG monologue. Then again maybe I’m jealous because I’m old and she favors Rihanna? I’ll ask my shrink. In the meantime, the only ‘fit I liked was the bowtie/jeans.

  34. Empress says:

    I like her! She’s the bomb!

  35. jeda says:

    Everybody already said what i wanted to say, but this would represent the best of Rihanna.

  36. GlamNgorgeous says:

    She’s serving CHOLA-realness in the pic with the beanie, however I dig it, lol. Her vibe is pretty fab.

  37. Choco aka Hipppie says:

    Okay sooo is there something wrong with me cuz all this bang bang bang references are giving me the tranny vibe in addition to other features Tranny or not tho I do like her/his looks most of them!

  38. Camillia says:

    Love her style!!

  39. Choco aka Hipppie says:

    hmm..something appears off about this. definitely different but hmmm
    Okay I seriously had to re-read the comments to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing!

  40. JParris says:

    Love the look on the couch/chair!

  41. Jessica says:

    I consider her a bombshell because she’s a super thrifter and I love to thrift. I would absolutely rock some of her pieces!

  42. Great pieces, but I’m distracted by all of the mirror pictures with that stupid bear phone case! Ugh! Please ask a friend to snap some shots before submitting.

  43. Gee says:

    Shayla is amazing!! Love her!

  44. Sigh says:

    I love her hair. And I love that all of her looks are body-con boring.

    But my head hurts, I feel like this girl has clobbered me over the head with how unique she is. She is definitely trying hard to make us realize that she is innovative and in case we didn’t pick up on it from the photos, she shoves it down our throats in her description.

    Yep, call me a hater but that is my 2 cents

  45. @ Indigo RIIIIGHT! LOVE IT.. She is doing Rhiana betta than Rhiana!!!

    Bombshell you are working your look, keep it up….

  46. La says:

    this is what you call…..BE YOUR OWN PERSON..Stop reading these blogs walking round here looking like clones. #Werk

  47. Miss Meika says:

    This is definitely one of my favorite BOMBSHELLS!!!!

  48. Jamie says:

    She’s fresh…I like that she’s in her own lane. I would live for better quality photos. I think everyone who is serious in fashion whether blogging, vlogging, owning a boutique or simply showcasing their style needs to INVEST in a quality camera or a quality photographer. She gave me my life with the herringbone chain and hoops!! Checking out the site now.:)

  49. Erica says:

    Loving her style but I’d have to strongly disagree with her ” I never follow trends” statement. I clearly see some trends in her pix. One of my pet peeves is when ppl claim to not follow trends but in all actuality they do!!!

    But we’ll done miss thang. Bang! Bomb! Boom!!!

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