November 30th, 2012
Angela Simmons, Celebrity Style
Angie’s World: My 5 Wardrobe Must Haves
By Angela Simmons

Hi Fashion Bombers and Bombshells!
It’s been a blast sharing a bit of my world with you this week. You can look forward to that and much more on my website, Be sure to check it out!

For my last post, I’d love to tell you about my 5 fashion must haves and why I love them. My favorite wardrobe items are always the basics. They go a long way.

1. Leather Biker Jacket

I believe a biker jacket can go a long way. Dress it up…

…and dress it down!

2. Corset

A corset is a timeless piece that stays with me forever. My La Perla corset is my favorite!

3. Basic Nude Patent Christian Louboutin Pumps

These are an essential for any business woman or fashionista.
4. Black Leather Pants

How could I ever go wrong with black leather pants? I love all black. This is a rotating piece in my wardrobe.

5.Black skinny jeans

Last but not least my black skinnies complete my top favorite pieces. J brand has the best fit.

There you go!
Tell me about some of your wardrobe must haves!
And be sure to log on to for fashion, beauty, and more!


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38 Responses to “Angie’s World: My 5 Wardrobe Must Haves”

  1. Keesh says:

    Love all of your staples!
    My top 5 are
    Blazer, black pumps, scarf, dark denim skinnys, lbd. I feel like all these items can be worn in many different ways and used in conjunction with other items.

    I can’t wait to check out your blog

  2. heyyall says:

    Thanks for the awesome post….

  3. My top 5 are….
    My jewelry as my accessory, my black JS pumps, my black skirt and my blazer.

    headed over to check in on the blog. Keep up the good work and keep being an inspiration for the young folk!

  4. left out a cute coat/jacket…

  5. hi says:

    1. good fit jeans
    2. black sknnies
    3. a cute hat
    4. cardigan
    5. flats

  6. cheriemacherie says:

    1. black skinny pants/ tights
    2. blazers
    3. printed shirts for work n casual
    4. zara heels, nice loafers and js heels
    5. nice quality good fitting dresses for events/church

    more than 5:)

  7. Faith says:

    Love these!

    Mine are:

    1. Black Leather Jacket

    2. Infinity Scarves

    3. Printed Converse Chuck Taylors and Jack Purcells

    4. Red Skinny Jeans

    5. Balenciaga Giant City Tote

  8. mamareese says:

    1. banging shoes
    2. well fitted jeans
    3. Unique jewelry
    4. A classy dress
    5. Big hair……this is a must or die hontey!

  9. reesha says:

    smoking flats (when i want to dress up without wearing heels)
    tuxedo jacket/blazer
    black ponte pant
    classic white shirt
    pencil skirt (i love that jcrew has so many colors)

  10. LawyerChic says:

    MIne are pretty simple:

    1. Diamond studs
    2. a black skinny pant
    3. crisp white blouse
    4. riding boots
    5. a watch (ALWAAAAYS)

  11. JParris says:

    J Brand and Joe’s Jeans fit the best!

    1. Car Mar skinny jeans, preferably black
    2. Sunglasses, cat eye or aviators
    3. Jeffrey Campbell’s, most comfortable heels for all day wear and great conversation starters
    4. Link chain belt
    5. Clutch

  12. Mrs Windy City says:

    This is so fun!

    1-Denim shirt

    2- Black motorcycle boots

    3- Printed blanket sweater

    4- Army green Cargo pants

    5-Nude peep-toe pump

  13. lola says:

    I really hate when “celebrities” (and I use the word loosely here. No shade but shade) pretend to talk about their “favourite” items but it is so obvious that they are merely fulfilling the obligations of endorsement deals. Child please!! Goodbye!

  14. Bre Bre says:

    Omg Angie I love you so much please don’t tell me you lost touch…

    All of us cant afford to have a pair of red bottoms (and I consider myself a business woman/fashionista)… and half the non-celebs like me that actually have red bottoms wear $1000 shoes with $40 outfits from H&M which is stupid as sh*t. Come back down to earth boo… a nice pump is a must have. It don’t have to have a red bottom!

  15. these are all great but very now. they wont be your staples next year or next season. Wardrobe must-haves would include a great Italian boot and a timeless and classic dress….

  16. Above Par says:

    My must haves woudl go like

    1. Michael K watch

    2. Jordans

    3. Skinny Jean

    4. Patterned button up

    5. Wayfarer/Aviator Ray B’s.

  17. I’m in agreeance with everything but the corset, who really needs that? My staples are dark demin skinnies, a trench/wool coat depending on the season, black pumps, black leggings and a great hand bag. You can’t go wrong with them.

    SN: A little constructive criticism after reading your entries all week…As an avid blog reader I find your writing style kind of stale. I am interested in what you have to say, but when I read the post you aren’t drawing me in. Writing requires a bit of finesse and wit. Show us more of your personality.

  18. Tifani says:

    Must-have top 5:

    1. Trench coat
    2. Leather jacket
    3. Skinny jeans
    4. Comfortable shoes
    5. LBD

  19. Claire says:

    Hey Angie, girl!
    Thanks so much for these posts. They were super fun!
    My must haves at the moment:
    1. Leather skirt
    2. Gray Rag & Bone jeans
    3. Black Tote
    4. Big gold hoops
    5. Fur trimmed wool coat

  20. natuafia says:

    1. Loafers
    3.awsome bag
    4.fitted jeans

  21. Kaci says:

    Hey Angela!! My must haves are: 1. Nice Trench Coat 2. High Waisted Flare Jeans (I’m very Curvy behind below the waist So the fit is Very flattering on me) 3. Pearl Studs 4. Long Whimsical Sun dress and lastly 5. Blazer LOVING your post I’m proud of your success

  22. Aaliyah says:

    1. Gold Hoop Earrings
    2. Black Skinny Leg Jeans
    3. Black Leather Jacket (Biker)
    4. Pearls
    5. Nude Pumps

  23. Omgeezy!! says:

    @ bre bre you can wear Loubis with just about anything!! They are just that fab!! My staples are 1) nude/blk Louboutin décolleté 2)bcbg oversized clutch 3) Zara blk skinnes or jeggings 4)Jackie o vintage sunnies 5) blazer always pulls the look together!

  24. Marthe says:

    1) leather jacket
    2) a loosely fitting top in white, black, khaki
    3) my studded boots
    4) a statement piece of jewellery
    5) the little golden watch I got as a present from my loverman

  25. Marthe says:

    I don’t know why my post didn’t show up? anyway:
    1) leather jacket
    2) loose fitting top (in khaki, white or black)
    3) my studded boots
    4) a statement piece of jewellery (mostly nice necklaces, I’m loving the necklace you have with that white tuxedo! where is it from?)
    5) my small golden watch I’ve got as a present from my love, and wear EVERYDAY.

  26. Marthe says:

    Why is my post not showing up? I’ve tried twice…

  27. Marthe says:

    1) leather jacket
    2) loose fitting top (I love khaki, black and white)
    3) my studded black boots
    4) a statement piece of jewellery (mostly a necklace, I’m going to see for a nice bodychain as well in the near future)
    5) a small golden watch I’ve got from my lover, which I wear EVERYDAY.

  28. idylle says:

    Mine are:
    -a good white t-shirt/ blouse
    -smashing pair of heels
    -perfect-fit jeans
    -the all going leather bag
    -plus a can’t-miss blazer

    check out my OOTD on my blog guys:))

  29. dee says:

    @bre bre, obviously you were reaching for something to be offended by. CL(s) are classic and quality shoes. H&M is fine if you are searching for trendy pieces that are for one time usage. You don’t have to dress in Balmain, Balenciaga, Angela Dean dresses to wear a pair of quality shoes, and you don’t have to be a labels whore to wear a designer.

    another side note: A leather jacket is timeless casual fashion!

    1. Christian Louboutins Pigalle 120 ( black) or Nicholas Kirkwood pumps
    2. Hermes Birkin 35
    3. Zara leather jacket
    4. Ivanka Trump collection studs
    5. White Oxford shirt (any designer ,but I love J.crews fit)

  30. I’m a simple-chic type of chick. I have to have my: stand out sneaks, wedge heels, skinny denims, a romantic blouse, and a classic blazer. These must be in my closet at ALL times and in different detailed styles.

  31. luvs everyone’s wardrobe staples;)
    mine are-
    black blazer
    silk button down
    statement necklace
    dark denim trousers

  32. TAMMY M. says:


    Is definitely reaching from a place we all know as
    “Haterville”. Anywho mixing high and low end pieces is smart and chic. Especially, when your planning on rocking something trendy.

    Also, these are her top fav pieces, it was not the job of this post to find cheaper versions of her favorites. It was relative to her budget not yours. It is up to the shopper to find like versions that fit her fiscal budget.

    @Clarie thanks for this series, it was a great new feature, definitely look forward to more celeb guest posts.

  33. peplum lover says:

    love that third photo – you look like your on your way to glastonbury – u got great legs tooo:)

  34. TRUTH TELLER says:

    damn some of ya’ll really harsh on angie, dont get me wrong i can’t afford cl but it her list to each its own. where there rich there is poor, its just how life is in capitalistic America…. but on my list

    1. a black blazer

    2. a pair of skinny jeans

    3. a statement piece

    4 built in bra cami

    5. red heels

  35. 1. Cardigan (any color will do)
    2. Wide belt
    3. Black pencil skirt
    4. Oversized scarf
    5. Knee-high black leather boot

    If there were to be a 6, it would be my Spanx ;-)

    Thanks for sharing with us :-)

  36. Jazz says:

    1. Sexy black/ nude pumps
    2. Chiffon blouses ( my wardrobe staple)
    2. A nice blazer ( I have a collection!)
    3. Black Skinny Jeans
    4. My Gold Betsey Johnson Watch ( I cant leave the house without it)

    I would add black biker jacket as well. Im addicted to black too, i try to buy brighter colors but I always find myself at the check out counter all black everything.

  37. Jazz says:

    1. Black Skinny Jeans

    2. A sexy black/nude pump

    3. Chiffon Blouses (my new wardrobe staple)

    4. My gold Betsey Johnson Watch ( I cant leave home with out itm, paired with oversized gold hoops)

    5. A nice tailored blazer ( Im a collector)

    I would add black biker jacket as well, esp in the fall/winter months. I try to buy brighter colors but I just cant stay away from my black, specifically paired with gold. Black & Gold is EVERYTHING.

  38. Jazz says:

    1. Sexy black/nude pump

    2. A Nice tailored blazer ( Im a collector)

    3. Chiffon blouse (my new wardrobe staple)

    4. Black skinny jeans

    5. My gold Betsey Johnson watch ( cant leave home without, paired with oversized gold hoops)

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