November 27th, 2012
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The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Beyoncé’s To Unveil HBO Documentary, Comme des Garcons Collaborates With Hermès, and Tyra Banks to Star in Life Size Sequel
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Beyoncé and HBO have joined forces for a documentary set to debut February 16th. The film, directed by Bey herself, will give the stans an intimate look at the charmed life of their beloved creole chieftain. HBO describes what sounds like the most fascinating film ever in a press release: “Directed by the superstar, the film is a fusion of video that provides raw, unprecedented access to the private entertainment icon and high-voltage performances,” –it gets better: “‘…in which she reflects on the realities of celebrity, the refuge she finds onstage and the transcendent joy of becoming a mother last year.” Inspired musings of a quehn? I smell an Emmy… (Daily Mail, Beyoncé)

• OG of collabs, Comme des Garçons designer Rei Kawakubo, is teaming up with Hermès on two limited edition silk scarf collections, together named ‘Comme des Carrés.’ The first, called ‘Noir et Blanc,’ is a range of five scarves featuring monochrome black-and-white designs, while the second, aptly named couleur, will offer six scarves boasting more colorful prints. The collaboration is limited edition in almost every aspect: the price points are predictably lofty, and each collection will be available in only a handful of cities. You can get ‘Noir et Blanc’ (priced around $493) in New York City, Tokyo, and Paris, while ‘Couleur’ (about $2,076 apiece) will be sold in Tokyo and London. Oh, if only I had the coins…! (WWD)

Carla Bruni‘s face is motionless on the cover of December’s Paris Vogue. (

Tyra Banks is bringing her 2000 made-for-TV blockbuster Life Size to a new generation of tweens, in a sequel pegged for the Disney Channel. The model mogul is once again flexing her acting muscle, starring in one of her most celebrated roles as Eve, the fashion doll that comes to life. Banks will also sit as executive producer of the project, naturally. (Variety)

Kendall Jenner‘s scored the cover of Vogue Australia’s Miss Vogue, thus opening the twelfth dimension of Kardashian-Jenner overxposure. Shade aside, Miss Kendall is giving sleek teenage Christine Centera, and I kinda love it. Get into that Zimmerman backless dress! (Styleite)



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24 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Beyoncé’s To Unveil HBO Documentary, Comme des Garcons Collaborates With Hermès, and Tyra Banks to Star in Life Size Sequel”

  1. S. says:

    Kendall is gorgeous

  2. Crystal says:

    Why the shade at Kendall? Geesh, this is getting to be a very biased FASHION blog. Anywho, Kendall is gorgeous. There will be nothing intimate or private about this documentary 15 something years after she hit the scene. Beyonce is just padding her resume and trying to keep up with the Biebers and Katy Perry’s of the world.

  3. I’m interested in seeing Bey’s documentary. I hope it offers something different than her usual self-produced musings. Tyra needs to have a seat, she can’t act! Do what you do best and model. Ugh. Kendall is serving, isn’t she?

  4. kay says:

    kendall is pretty with the righ tmake-up…. i wanna watch the documentary…..everything Beyonce touch turn into gold

  5. Nia says:

    Well all we can look forward to from Beyonce’ is her usual I work hard, I’m perfect, blah blah blah portrayal of herself. I love her music but I just can’t get into her as a person.

  6. She Simply Is says:

    Beyonce’ has directed her tour DVDS since the I AM… Tour. It will be very interesting to see the vantage point of this documentary. Super excited!!!

  7. Savage says:

    I will only watch Life Size if LL is in it…Boom lol

  8. Jihan says:


    Reading is fundamental. If you actually read past the first sentence you would see I thereafter showered Ms. Jenner with praise for an admittedly feahce pic: Miss Kendall is giving sleek teenage Christine Centera, and ****************************I kinda love it.*******************************

    Before you take the speck out of my eye………………… unu know d rest.

  9. Caribbelle says:

    I take it Bey’s documentary is the making of revel footage that she was shopping around to hollywood producers a couple months ago. Since I have hbo I’ll probably catch it.

    Kendall Jenner is absolutely gorgeous, she looks like a younger version of her mother for sure! Give Kris Jenner that, she birthed some beautiful daughters.

  10. Kendall looks amazing! She is the only one in that family that has a talent. Hope she has a long, sucessful career! And lil Blue has so much hair!

  11. COCO says:

    It sucks that there is real modelling talent out there that will never get the kind of exposure and backing they could…and meanwhile Kenall or Kylie or whoever is on the cover of an international VOGUE. All off the back of the publicity generated by her sister’s sex tape *UGH*

  12. giftofgabs says:

    @Jihan I thought there was no need for the shade as well regardless if you praised her afterward..and to point out a reader of your blog was kinda rude and unprofessional but hey I guess ur doing the writing so whateva..

  13. Dion says:

    I really hope this Doc is a REAL close up of the Bey. I only say that because I am over her “I sing and dance” I mean we know that Bey but who are you as a PERSON, a WIFE and now a MOM. I enjoy her music as much as the next gal but as a person I am still in the dark -___-

    Tyra. Why?

  14. Empress says:

    I live for Bey! Can’t wait to see the documentary!

    People nitpick at Jihan’s comments all the time. I actually love her sarcasm! Get over it!!

  15. bebe says:

    Lol @ the Life Size sequel. I think I have the VHS somewhere in the basement …

  16. Faith says:

    “beloved creole chieftain” ROFLMAO I think Bey needs that on a shirt Jihan!

  17. Kay'Gee says:

    @Nia… i thought the same. I can envision what the doco will look like too.

  18. Lolodoll11 says:

    Jihan is just immature and unprofessional, which if anything sucks for Claire as it’s her site. I’m optimistic she’ll mature…ONE DAY. A Beyonce documentary…eh, I’ll pass. Kendall looks amazing. Although I’m not a Jenner / Kardashian fan, I will admit that she does have model-esque features / stature and thus makes a great model.

  19. Liz says:

    Jihan.. I for one think you are amusing, not in the condescending way.
    I also think a lot of FBD readers need to get laid.

    This is a blog… lighten the hell up!

  20. Kisha says:

    It does come off unprofessional when bloggers snap back at readers but I do see how it gets irritating constantly having readers take shots at you. If you read FBD on the regular, you should know that if you call out Claire, Jihan, or Faith they will respond back.

  21. ok says:

    that’s the beauty of a blog and the internet, you get real time feed back and interaction when you post or comment on something, so that means don’t be writing slick sh1t to the editors/writers of a blog and not expect to get replied to. the days of attacking people/writers anonymously on the internet without any retribution are gone!!!!

  22. Jonesy says:

    Kendall is not interesting to look at! Chileeeeeeeee please!

    And get ready to watch Beyonce, run down a field of grass, cry backstage because Jay called or popped up, the back of Blu’s head and her socks, her p-popping all around the stage, that star search footage and all the other contrived shenanigans she has been giving for the last 100 years!

    I am sick of this chick!

  23. Anonymous says:

    “I’m so sick of this chick, but I will continue to follow and comment on her every move just so I can say something negative.” Haters weep…Beyonce isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Deal with it. #Superbowl2013

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