November 27th, 2012
Beyonce, Celebrity Style
Splurge: Beyoncé’s Instagram Marni Floral-Jacquard Tee and Alexander Wang Cat Eye Sunglasses
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

I’m not quite over @BaddieBey’s presence on Instagram just yet, are you? Beyoncé took to her page a few moments ago to share another stylish snap. This time the star wore a $570 Marni Floral-Jacquard Tee and $355 Alexander Wang Cat Eye Sunglasses.

Her tee features floral jacquard with contrast piping on the neckline and center front.

Her acetate framed cat eye sunglasses come complete with silver detail at the outer tips.

They might look familiar, as her little sis Solange wore a similar pair to Coachella in 2010.

At any rate, get Beyonce’s look below:

What do you think?

Hot! or Hmm…


Image: @BaddieBey



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65 Responses to “Splurge: Beyoncé’s Instagram Marni Floral-Jacquard Tee and Alexander Wang Cat Eye Sunglasses”

  1. TM says:

    @Ear E What’s sad and a bit scary is you writing a full blown dissertation waxing poetic about your apparent distaste for a woman who has zero knowledge of your existence. Did you give your college professors the same effort?

  2. Soul Touch says:

    @Ear E

    Money doesn’t last forever…if you don’t maintain it you lose it (through you every day expenses). So average woman or not, you wish to maintain your lifestyle, you keep working.

    And I would think any entertainer, athlete, etc is part of a competitive game…we all have to fight our way to the title we wish to keep or obtain.

    But that said, stan…hater…what ever, we are all certainly entitled to our opinion.

    Wait, didn’t I say I was done…sorry…I talk to much. :p

  3. Mic says:

    Beyonce’s problem is obvious if you look at her in the movie “Obsessed”. She is just doesn’t have a personal style and is rather dull. She doesn’t have a wit and is not intellectual. Her supposed beauty hangs most on the fact that she comes close to the European ideal of classical beauty: light skinned, etc. Solange is a different story. The girl is solid in a way that her sister isn’t. Beyonce has to shake what the good God gave her because she doesn’t have much else.

  4. LawyerChic says:

    I’d take being a uber-talented songstress and dancer over fashionable any day *shrugs*. You can pay people to dress you, but you can’t buy talent.

  5. Choco aka Hipppie says:

    What exactly is she doing? Like what I’m confused so everyday we get a pic of OOTD?

  6. endESQ says:

    LOL @ all the people telling Bey to “sit down!” I love how the children can’t take her! She’s well dressed and everyone else is too pressed.

  7. PEACEMAKER says:


    TOO MUCH NOISE UP IN HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE DOESN’T KNOW YOU!

    While you jobless people are bickering, she’s getting hundreds of thousands of instagram likes. For all you ignorants who think she’s just doing it for fun, why would a grown ass woman play dress up to take snaps with a grown ass photographer and upload it almost daily??? I for one think she’s doing business.

    For all you pro-solange anti-beyonces, I don’t hear Solange complaining. So STFU!! Their bodies, not yours.

    So maybe it’s you all who should take multiple seats??

  8. Nikkibellaray says:

    Knowing Bey this is all about business… that lady is a walking money-maker, I’m sure she doesn’t care much or have time to be frolicking on instagram in vain and if she is so what concerned feisty ones! She can do whatever she wants. I love every minute of it and those sunglasses are rather fetch.

  9. Vick says:

    All these pics beyonce posting do seem a little off because she’s posting pic of herself doing nothing in nice clothes posing by the same damn wall but when other celebs post pics there out shopping or out and about, u know what normal people do…I don’t care if your beyonce u look stupid!

  10. Bribri says:

    Contrived as always.

  11. StopTheMaddness says:

    I am not here for Beyonce and these instagram pics…Go raise your kid or something. Beyonce needs to grow up and stop trying to appeal to her ever dwindling demographic. She’s just like JayZ, they both don’t realize they’re old, and no one cares about what they have to say. WTT was a kanye album ft. hova…DON’T ARGUE THAT. They no longer have that ‘it’ factor, they should just enjoy being parents and GROW UP. Bey can keep holding on, but Rihanna has taken that spot…she should look to Rih’s instagram for some inspiration, since she wants to be ‘cool’ so bad. To her stans…stfu you’re the same ones who stan for her on every social media network, yet none of you stan for her albums. Do you need to be reminded of the epic failure that was ’4′? 2.5 million…her worst selling album EVER. How is she doing this for business…oh that’s right because she’s 6 foot and needs to be on instagram in clothing her STYLIST chose,in order to garner a Chanel endorsement? lmfao goodbye bey stans, have all the seats in the nets stadium that hov owns .0000001% of.

  12. J Danielle says:

    I try not to comment on Beyonce posts cause I just find her to be PAINFULLY FAKE. But this instagram stuff puts it over the top. She uses her istagram and tumblr in the most patronizing way. Also, I don’t like her personal style. Maybe I’d be more open to her strategy if I found her fashionable. Only thing I like about Beyonce are her red carpet looks and makeup…sometimes her shoes.

  13. Jonesy says:

    I agree J Danielle! And so what if she is on instagram to MAKE MONEY for Designers! We are consumers and we can have an opinion about her fukery whether its good or bad! If she or her stans don’t like it how about she market the bullshat in private to you gullible mofos!

    As long as she is making her presence known to the public, I will have an opinion about her fake behind!

  14. Kim says:

    Wow @these comments. The hate for Beyonce is mind boggling and why are u writing essays about some IG pics.

  15. Bev says:

    I really don’t see Solange in any of these looks. I’m not gonna call anyone a hater (lord knows i hate that word) but it’s just amazing to me how damn near everyone on earth can do ootd posts on instagram (looking like everybody else may i add) but when she does it it’s this big travesty. I personally like seeing it. I don’t spend my day waiting for it or anything, but it’s cute. The outfits are cute to me…it seems like she’s having fun with it which is all that matters. People always want to compare her to Solange. I really don’t see it with these pics..meanwhile there are about 50/11 versions of Solange out here roaming the streets that nobody really cares about. If you don’t like it then don’t look, but out of all of the people posting pics i don’t get why Beyonce would need to take a seat. It makes total sense for her to do this both from a fashion and business standpoint

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