November 27th, 2012
Beyonce, Celebrity Style
Splurge: Beyoncé’s Instagram Marni Floral-Jacquard Tee and Alexander Wang Cat Eye Sunglasses
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

I’m not quite over @BaddieBey’s presence on Instagram just yet, are you? Beyoncé took to her page a few moments ago to share another stylish snap. This time the star wore a $570 Marni Floral-Jacquard Tee and $355 Alexander Wang Cat Eye Sunglasses.

Her tee features floral jacquard with contrast piping on the neckline and center front.

Her acetate framed cat eye sunglasses come complete with silver detail at the outer tips.

They might look familiar, as her little sis Solange wore a similar pair to Coachella in 2010.

At any rate, get Beyonce’s look below:

What do you think?

Hot! or Hmm…


Image: @BaddieBey



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65 Responses to “Splurge: Beyoncé’s Instagram Marni Floral-Jacquard Tee and Alexander Wang Cat Eye Sunglasses”

  1. AH says:

    I liked the glasses better on Solange… and these instagram photo shoots are super random.

  2. Kitty B. says:

    I just need her to take a seat and relax with this forced new image shes trying to put out.

    Nonetheless, those shades are bad!

  3. COCO says:

    *AHEM* to people who say her style renovation ISN’T inspired by Solo, well here you have it!…havign said that, I actually like this look. Still not liking the obvious try-hard ness of these BaddieB instagram pics though…IMO instagram pics are supposed to have a feel of unrehearsedness and rugedness about them. I think Bey should just stick to being mysterious in person and giving us life on stage and in videos. As I said, this pic IS cute though…and I love those vintage sunnies

  4. Above Par says:

    Her lips and her hair look very odd to me for some reason, and she’s bringing the fashion’s so I can’t be mad at her. But it is a bit random and rehearsed, I wish her instagram pics were actual looks into her life.

  5. Hi says:

    Baby sis is dressing her. I think it’s cute. Because is older now with more responsibilities and maybe not as much into fashion as she used to be. Solo probably keeps her current and trendy.

  6. Empress says:

    Go ahead Bey! I’m loving the floral print! Cute shades!

  7. Hi says:


  8. mi manning says:

    sit down Bey and be a mother and chillax!

  9. ugh, these photos are amazing. LOVE IT.

  10. whatevs says:


  11. lola says:

    Bey, you know I love you gurl. You know I’m your biggest stan but imma need you to find a corner in the back and have several seats. This instagram f*ckery is mess. Just STOP IT right now. STOP!!! Log off Instagram and log on some studio time because we need new music. High fashion is not your lane sweetheart, stick to entertaining the hell out of us.

  12. Is she were a Smurf her name would be Dopette ;)

  13. Jenna says:

    I like the top and glasses, very chic. Although, I do have to agree with everyone these random fashion shoots seem very contrived and forced almost like she’s advertising to be America’s Next Top Model. Bey you don’t need to do all this, give us a little glimpse of a more laid back humble queen that we know you to be.

  14. lololol says:

    some of you are so pressed and overweight. How sad. Who cares what she wearsbecause she is still living the way you wish you were. Leave her alone she is beautiful!

  15. Dee says:

    Heck I want the headband. Lol!

  16. natuafia says:

    I love that shirt !

  17. Chris styles says:

    Over it…I would like to see Solange come back to IG tho…

  18. ok says:

    love it!!!!

    it’s none of you guy’s place to tell someone to have a seat or stop doing something. stop trying to put people in boxes.

  19. shay says:

    this whole instagram thing is supposed to show her ‘style’ but its really just showing her lack of style. she needs t o stop, just be chill B.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Tell me, did Bey hurt you guys? The way some of you come on here and try to come at her is crazy. You look sad and bitter always spewing negativity. Keep it cute for once.

  21. KM says:

    Claire can we find out who made the Head Band????

  22. Crystal says:

    @coco, there it is. sunglasses and headband from almost 3 years ago. the thing is while Solange gets a little shine in the fashion world, as soon as Beyonce does it, nobody else matters. If this were anybody else style jacking like this people would be ripping them a new one. Moreso, if this was anyone else posting this look on Instagram at all, we would glance right over it and shrug and I guarantee you it wouldn’t end up here. The girl has some weird star power hypnotized hold over her fans so I will give her credit for that.

  23. Guru says:

    Beyonce is getting too matronly for these random shoots…I’m getting the mid-life crisis vibe.

  24. Sofia says:

    She looks much better than that model in the golden top, but I don’t like her second look at all.

  25. Teea says:

    U stans get pressed over any comment that doesn’t praise this chick, I swear. “Who hurt you”? No, the question is: Are u hurt by others’ comments on a chick who doesn’t know u and why? Ppl can say whatever they want about ur “queen”. Nobody got nasty/called her out of her name, but they could do that, too. She isn’t Christ. U don’t even know how she lives to say anybody’s jealous of her life & money isn’t everything…Tina Turner had money, fame, and made better music, all the while going through it with Ike, so excuse those who don’t worship “celebrity” and the lives of strangers. Get a grip.

  26. Teea says:

    It was obvious she was jacking Solange. Beyonce jacks everybody. Heck, she became “queen” to the obsessed, jacking Tina Turner’s stage style. LOL

  27. Ali says:

    “Beyonce on instagram” is just so unintentionally hilarious to me. I’m looking at these pics, giggling away. This chick is just…..funny. Kind of like a clown. I always knew she was though. I’m not some easily fooled minion. LOL. SMH.

  28. Ali says:

    @Crystal Exactly and she knows this. I’m not mad at her for trying to improve her style but she should improve HER style, not jack Solo for hers, especially when she knows that the girl gets unfairly compared to her all the time. Finally, she starts getting a little fashion world/Vogue shine and Ms. “I want to be the queen of the universe and center of everybody’s attention” has to come along & steal it (as she’s been known to do with others as well)? Shame. I’d be more than happy to my sis shine.

  29. MissRich says:

    You guys are so safe with your Instagram rules! SHUT UP! Instagram is used for wateva you want to use it for! If Beyonce wants to post her fashion let her. Everyone does it! This isn’t a new persona this is Beyonce! Luv her and all her facets or stfu!

  30. Cass says:

    IDK what it is I am not buying into her new style although i am loving her hair and makeup these days I just think she really hasn’t found her look yet. For the life of my I don’t know how I would like to see her dressed….but this isn’t it (for starters fire Ty Hunter if that is still her stylist). For those who don’t like this what would yall like to see her in?

  31. MissRich says:

    OMG you guys are so pressed. Posting your rules on Instagram pix! Please shut up and sit down. Instagram is for wateva u wanna use it for. Beyonce can post wateva she wants! Unless you are apart of her management team. Stfu and sit down. She’s clearly taking a few mins out her day to snap her clothes and you guys are crying. But you’ll still be bumping her music the next minute. People are always complaining about something. Tsk!

  32. MissRich says:

    PS. I didn’t Alexander Wang made those shades for Solange only and nobody else can wear them with that headband Beyonce wore in the “party” video. Oh okay cool!

  33. Jonesy says:

    Soooooooooooo is Beyonce using Instagram to model now? Chileeeeeee this bish comes up with more gimmicks to prep for an album than any fading starlet I can think of!

    Her PR team better be getting paid TOPNOTCH! No wonder she works every minute of her life, she has to pay all these image makers around her!

    SMH…….anyway, her style is still boring! NEXT

  34. Soul Touch says:

    Why are people telling her to sit down? She is doing what she does best, business. These instagrams are not just for fun, Beyonce is a walking billboard for any designer. With this new mode of media, she advertise as these designers wish, all the while making money and receiving goods. That’s why I love this woman, she knows how to handle her business!

    Don’t like it, keep moving cause I enjoy it!

    And those that say she has a child and should be at home, shame on you. The average working woman must go to work after 6-12mths of mat leave. She is no different. She is a working woman. Play time over, time to keep making the money that allows your family to enjoy the finer things…no different then you or me.

  35. Soul Touch says:

    Love the shades on Solange by the way!

  36. yusufswifee says:

    shades are HAWT -

  37. Soul Touch says:

    By the way…nothing is new, everyone jacks from everyone…or, as I perfer, inspired.

    Why do I come here, to be inspired…to think outside the box when it comes to my own wardrobe. To think outside of my little box and try something new.

    Isn’t that fashion? Art? Inspiration. Planting of a seed and new idea. I have no doubt she is inspired by Solange’s fashion sense, many people are…just as Solange was inspired by others to develop the woman you see today. Life is about evolution…we al evolve.

    Okay…I am done. Don’t want to be deemed a…what was it…stan? lol oh little worlds.

  38. likane says:

    ho I’m confused is it creates the whole world to solange printed lol
    if you have nothing to say, shut up!
    it evolves simply what do you which continues to dress as she did in 2003, fashion has to evolve and tries to adapt also to this mode and it goes very well what we continue as we love her
    when she was young you say good what it takes to pose for a child jay’z
    and when she is accusing you of all the names
    this woman is strong you just try to mentally destroy
    but it is all day
    which fortunately do not listen beyoncé continues to make you love these the most important each life
    I think when you like and you rejoice here to see rihanna naked with another girl and for a simple photo beyoncé you allow the treaty to name all girl bye

  39. likane says:

    and added that I would beyoncé succeeded in his career and his life as a couple and make extra efforts to maintain family and private life works have children to be a significant housewife doing nothing is a fan of case and the fans who asked him a long time to be on social networks is therefore now know were not going to complain one who did not like cases go his way

  40. CaribbeanQueen says:

    ^^^^ translator websites never translate quite right, do they? Lol

  41. McKenzie says:

    I love these Beyoncé instagram pics for the sole reason that everybody loses their minds over them, love ‘em or hate ‘em. I find it tooooo funny

  42. Tallulah says:

    What a beauty. That face is GORGEOUS!

  43. Enigma says:

    I guess I’m in the minority but I love her Instagram pics. I find them to be poses you’ll find in a fashion magazine and if she wants to play fashion model…it’s her world.

  44. Trish says:

    Beyonce is beautiful, but she don’t have it in the style department.
    Goes to show you can’t be everything. Sorry B.

  45. Ear E says:

    No, A. Wang & those glasses weren’t just made for Solange, but this sudden change in Beyonce’s style is a bit funny and confusing, admit it. I remember when those ’10 pics hit the net and people were talking trash about Solange’s ‘stupid’ bunny ears and ‘weird’ glasses now it’s all good cause Beyonce wore them? Like lol ok.

    Beyonce doesn’t have to this whole cool star on social media thing. She can just get on stage and sing. I don’t understand. I do think she’s trying to keep up with something or somebody and I really hope this doesn’t become the look and thing for she’s going for with the new album.

    Furthermore, Beyonce has way more money that the average woman, so I don’t get the whole average women with kids defense thing. THEY do it because THEY have to, to make ends meet. Beyonce has MILLIONS more and can afford to sit down, unless of course she’s afraid the industry will move on without her, so I totally understand why people question why she won’t take real time off, not just an in between albums ‘break’ where you still see her everywhere and it doesn’t feel like a break at all, but real time away.

    But why defend this grown woman against others opinions, anyway? Does it do something to your soul to see her criticized? Is she not going to be “BEYONCE” because somebody on the internet doesn’t like her music or style choices? Some of you go off about “hater comments” like she’s your daughter or client. That’s scary.

  46. Ear E says:

    All that being said, I don’t think the outfits themselves are hideous. It’s quite the opposite, but I can see why some people aren’t feeling them on her and that doesn’t make them pressed and bitter about the life of some chick who couldn’t care about any of the people commenting on this page, “biggest stan” included.

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