November 27th, 2012
Celebrity Style, Hot or Hmm, Kim Kardashian
Hot! or Hmm… Kim Kardashian’s Miami City Furniture Store Valentino Sleeveless Jumpsuit
By Faith

Kim Kardashian hit City Furniture Store in Miami in a $1,960 Valentino Sleeveless Jumpsuit:

She slicked her hair back and kept her makeup pared-down.

Her silk jumpsuit is quite simple, featuring a sleeveless silhouette, v-neckline, and tailored trousers.

Though the jumpsuit is quite chic and looks amazing on Kim in the above shots, the below shows that the piece definitely needs more tailoring.

At any rate, I like when her ensembles are effortless: she’s a beautiful woman and doesn’t need much!

What do you think? Hot! or Hmm…?

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42 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm… Kim Kardashian’s Miami City Furniture Store Valentino Sleeveless Jumpsuit”

  1. lola a. says:

    I must say this remember when weave was bad when I was known for being a “black thing” I am black and have natural hair and my hair is longer than kims real hair and its funny because alot of white celebs wear extentions and pounds of makeup but when it is gone there so ….below adverage in the looks department. If I passed her in the street looking like this I wouldnt say WOW SHE IS GORG I would say she better put a support bro on them jugs! #randomrant #sorry:-/

  2. Kitty B. says:

    I’m on the fence with this look, needs more tailoring, but her face BEAT for days!

    And I’m sorry I can’t label this chick as *GORG* when shes had soooo much work done to herself…

  3. jen says:

    Its nice, but she could use a smaller size.

  4. fash says:

    That jump suit is amazing, so chic

    lola and your four page letter…….. stop

  5. lisa says:

    I like it but the outfit could use a pop of color or some big jewlery.

  6. twix says:

    Her face looks fine to me, just looks like she’s squinting because of the sun. The jumpsuit is cute but it needs to be a bit more fitted.

  7. iHeartKeya says:

    I like the jumpsuit. It does need a little more tailoring. And I wish her hair was in a ponytail or straight w/ a part in the middle instead of slicked back. She still looks good

  8. Brenda says:

    With all the $$$$$$$ Kim and Kanye have I don’t understand why they doesn’t have her clothes tailored for her body.

  9. DIVA says:

    not impressed

  10. tt says:

    the jumpsuit is cute & like everyone else said, it does need a bit of tailoring. kim’s hair is just meh, but yes, we know she wears weave. kim is ok. her body is on point because she paid for it to be that way. she knows what black men find attractive so she had her body surgically altered. her face can take no more ps, but it’s always beat. she seems so fake to be honest. oh well.

  11. Hmmm. Fit is everything, and this jumpsuit doesn’t fit.

  12. Kitana says:

    @Lola a. I agree! Weave/extension was bad, big butts were gross, baseball caps and kicks were uncouth. Yes we started all those trends, blacks do influence fashion…..ALOT But get no credit for it, I feel you lol. I love the jumpsuit and hair though….

  13. TheMrs says:

    The jumpsuit needs a lot of tailoring. She could pull it off if she were taller. Her looks are always contrived. And I couldn’t agree more TT!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Idk about you guys but that first pic is fierce as hell

  15. Natasha says:

    Was surprised at the price since it looks like a jumper you can pick up at Sears. Wouldn’t pay that much but it suits her frame better than what is typically posted here regarding her style…even with the lack of tailoring.

  16. tasha says:

    I think the jumper is hot but it needs to be tailored to kim body. I wouldve love to see a pony tail or something

  17. nike says:

    Just to go furniture shopping….really?

  18. s says:

    Does this chick even wear jeans and sneakers?

  19. Simone says:

    Don’t think it works for her. I’m not a fan of this look.

  20. kay says:

    damn i was hoping she tripped and fall. damnnnn damnnn damnnnnn

  21. *SoRude* says:

    She looks very simple and chic but a good tailoring is in order here….her pants are waaaay to long

  22. Kai says:

    First pic she serving with her posing ass! Lol. Good thing beauty is subjective because I do find Kim absolutely beautiful!

  23. Empress says:

    Nothing I haven’t seen before! Just wondering. Did Jihan erase the post with the pic of Kendall Jenner? So every time someone makes a comment about a dislike in her “jokes” you guys are gonna erase it? What happened to “freedom of speech”? I like her sarcasm. If you don’t like it then dont read her posts. #JustSaying (

  24. KitKat says:

    Are these clothes on loan to her, is that why she isn’t having them tailored?

  25. Claire says:

    @Empress the post isn’t deleted it’s here, right on page 2.
    We do have very extensive archives, guys, and much more going on past the homepage.

  26. neli says:

    i love this
    yes needs more tailoring
    yes shes had work done
    but she still looks good

  27. Indigo says:

    A blazer and some accessories??

  28. Esta Fiesta says:

    I’m not a fan of this look. She looks extra big or like she’s trying to hide a pregnancy.

  29. Tessa B says:

    Im a little iffy on this. I do like the jumpsuit and I do agree that it is a little “ill-fitted”. But that pose she is giving makes it look absolutely amazing on her. She looks very elegant in this.

  30. Empress says:

    My bad! Lol I thought I searched the first few pages thoroughly! O_o

  31. kory conover says:

    It’s a beautiful piece but the fit is all wrong. A+ for effort though because she looks a lot better in this picture than she has in other recent photos.

  32. Marie Young says:

    Looks ill-fitted to me!

  33. natuafia says:

    That first pic is everything !!

  34. Danielle says:

    She looks beautiful as always

  35. Crystal says:

    I don’t think it’s ill fitting, I’ve seen this on a model and that’s just how it was made. Sometimes a person doesn’t want to change the designers vision. My only complaint is she is too short for this jumpsuit but she looks very elegant in these photo’s. And why do we constantly bring up Kim’s had work, so has Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and many others. You can see from Kim’s early teenage photo’s that she’s always been pretty, stop frontin’.

  36. mm weerrrrrk!! Although I must say she is just too much for posing in each shot. I honestly, can’t with her. haha.

  37. yusufswifee says:

    I am fine with this look – very fine. I love kimmie – always want to see the tata’s raised a bit – this is no exception. But I like it.

  38. JBZ says:

    Hmmm I seen one from BeBe that looked way better than this. Her style is too predictable I would love to see color on her eyes pop of color on her lips or maybe some cute sneakers and jeans she’s too dressy 24/7 I’m a Libra I understand but she’s too blahh at times!

  39. Soul Touch says:

    Love it!!!

  40. Katherine says:

    love this simple look on her! It’s very old-school chic, which I adore. Some tailoring would go a long way, but what can ya do?

  41. Love this!! She looks FAB!! I like how the trouser falls over her shoes. Maybe a tiny bit of tailoring is needed.

  42. Deb says:

    I thought the Kardashian Kollection included bras? Doesn’t she get them free? Love the jumpsuit.
    P.S. I live is South Florida…no one goes furniture shopping dressed like that…..LOL

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