November 26th, 2012
How Do You Wear It, Real Style, Trend
How Do You Wear It? Fall 2012′s Athletic, Sporty Chic Trend
By Claire

We’re continuing our How Do You Wear It? installment with Athletic Inspiration, showcasing how Fashion Bombshells rock Fall 2012′s Sporty Chic trend as spied on the runways of Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler, Balenciaga, and more.

Shelly from writes, “I always tend to keep a simple but yet comfortable look when it comes to being sporty. I threw on H&M’s leather skirt, a simple pullover sweater, Jeffrey Campbell lace ups, and a long over-sized coat.”

Amina submitted two looks, including a grey shoulder cut-out sweater over a black shirt, beanie, leggings, booties, and accessories from her EShop

And a jersey with camo combo, saying, “My style inspiration is definitely Rihanna. She is killing the game in her jerseys (Adore the Jeremy Scott one she wore for a performance) and camo green this year. I styled this look with a black and white jersey top.”

Jaki from Brooklyn writes, “It’s rare that I’m ever in flats, but I’m loving the sporty chic trend this season!”

Stanticka aka Ticka of the blog Spoonful of Sugar said, ” Head BLMGirl Leslie Young, posted in the BLMGirls FB page to submit pics to be included in your fun, new section. This is my submission. Thanks for your consideration!”

Efie of says, “ I am a BLM Girl and it was suggested that I submit my photo(s) to you for the Sporty/Athletic chic installment. I hope that my pic will be considered… I’m based in Atlanta, GA & I’m a lifestye blogger.”

Miss Rockwell of the blog Thrifty and Shameless (love that name!) submitted her friend Leslie. She said, “I was also told to mention that I was a BLM girl as well!” What’s that?

And lastly, Azaria from Milwaukee, Wisconsin says, “[Here's how I rock] sneaker wedges.”

Ok! Lots of interpretations of the trend here. Which submission is more your speed?
Next week, we’ll be rocking with a classic: animal instinct. Send your photos to

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42 Responses to “How Do You Wear It? Fall 2012′s Athletic, Sporty Chic Trend”

  1. Taj says:

    I really like the 1st and 3rd looks.

  2. Enigma says:

    I’m with you Claire waiting for someone to explain what a BLM Girl is. Look 1 is my favorite followed by 2 & 3.

  3. loving the 1st look…heading to her blog right now!

  4. Empress says:

    I like the 1st look. The 6th look is kinda cute as well. I’m just confused. It says “girl” O_O

  5. Faith says:

    Loving Shelly’s look!

  6. kay says:

    WTF!!!! lmfao!!! Lawd lawd lawd LMFAO!!!

  7. bella says:

    1 & 2..everyone else needs to have SEVERAL.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Lmaoooo @ have Several. Bella you speak the truth

  9. Kiesha says:

    BLM = bloggers like me ! Google is your bff guys just use your search engine xo

  10. Brielle says:

    Shelly (1st look) kills it every time!

  11. I love the first look minus the shoes. The second look is cute as well

  12. Natasha says:

    Feeling Amina’s first look. It’s spot on.

  13. Asia Monet says:

    1 is always my fav.

  14. tt says:

    look 1 is really the only one rocking in this post.

  15. bryan flyin says:

    Amina, Shelly[first look], and Azaria did the damn thing! Thanks guys!

  16. Omgeezy!! says:

    Ummm is this a joke?! I’m literally crying and laughing so hard! What in the DAMN! Chile chile chiiiillllllllleeeeee! Some of these ladies need to go back to the drawing board! The first look is cute!! I also have that skirt! 2 and 3 is campus chic!! But errrrbody else! Ummm hell no!! The last pic was ok until I got to the workout tights and gut! NOPE!! They all look like they are going down to the welfare honey!

  17. Kiesha says:

    BLM=Bloggers Like Me, Im Assuming Based On My Google Search ! Great Effort By All The Ladies, Everybody Has Their Own* Interpretation Of “Athletic, Sporty, Chic”

  18. V says:

    Is the B for budget?

  19. Shayla says:

    BLM must stand for:
    Broke Lady Mashup

  20. Martinique_Fr says:

    @ bella… LOL… so true!

  21. Toya says:

    My fav’s are looks 1,2, and 3!

  22. Shelly says:

    Some of these submissions have to be for laughs, right?

    Photos 1 and 3 were cute. And I kinda like the 2nd one and the last one. But everything else….sigh….

  23. so cheap except looks 1 and 2. i get the whole “not spend a fortune on fashion” but wow.

  24. iQgraphics says:



    I died. I really died.

  25. Sheena says:

    Ummmm Claire. What’s going on here??? Manage your blog please and Thanks.

  26. HAH says:

    Miss Rockwell is serving us some face yaaas bish you are slaying like Samson with those cheek and jawbones YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS.

    I see you grl!

  27. HAH says:

    lol saying the PHILISTINES GURL YAS

  28. HAH says:

    *slaying. my bad

  29. hotnot says:

    Sheena manage your own blog and your own Goddam bidness!!

  30. I absoultely cannot witht the dress, denim jacket and air force ones! This is not high school or 1999.

  31. Camilla says:

    Them air force ones slayed me…..and the girl in the last pic….shouldn’t be wearing leggings as pants.

  32. Ticka says:

    I want to shout out ALL of my #BLMGirls for submitting their pics. For those of you who don’t know, BLM stands for Bloggers Like Me and WE are a group of very supportive women bloggers. If you’re a blogger, and a woman who would like to join a powerful networking group of bloggers like YOU, then you can find us here… .

  33. Karen says:

    This trend isn’t really my thing. However, number 1 would prob be my preference. All of the ladies get an A for effort. I believe style is personal to each person.

  34. Fashion du Jour aka Leslie Young says:

    Hey Claire! As I’ve told you before, I love what you do! BLM is Bloggers Like Me which is an online community of women across the US who blog about all sorts of topics (fashion, faith, relationships, food, education, gossip). Our goal is collaboration not competition and we encourage and uplift each other which is rare in the African American female community. God bless and keep on!

  35. You girls look great!!! All of you!!! Those wedge sneakers are still such a hot look. I’m inspired. Thanks again Claire!

  36. TDashfield says:

    Looks 1-3 are my faves. I’m not into the wedge sneaker look but those who can rock it, rock it!

  37. I like Jaki & Lynn’s styles. It’s def something I would wear. I sure would like to see what some of the negative commentors are wearing right now. Pretty sure you don’t look like u just stepped off the runway or out of Rachel Zoe’s closet. Why tear someone else down? Is ur self esteem really that low? There’s a way to state your opinion without trying to showboat or be cruel. Obviously some people still have a lot of growing up to do. BLM- Big girls now, Ladies with Manners. Shouts out to everyone brave & confident enough to send in your looks. You all look just fine. Shake the hater dust off and continue to Shine. -Naturally Stellar. P.S. yes I am a BLM girl and feel free to check out my blog :D

  38. EatStylePlay says:

    Enigma BLM Girls are (Blogger Like Me) it’s a network of Fashion Bloggers. I have a pin on my blog, if you click it will take you to the FB page we have as a meeting ground.

  39. Lynn says:

    All of the ladies… Express the way that they would rock this look! Individuality is KEY! I love the fact that all the looks are different; BLM Girls are a positive community that encourages & uplift one another!

  40. Rochelle says:

    I like everyone’s style! Everyone does THEM so well. It’s always a breath of fresh air to see ladies doing their own thing and not dressing like everyone else just because! Great job ladies!

  41. yusufswifee says:

    wow – okay! Lots to choose from. Going with #1

  42. Kitana says:

    #1 took it, must have been a lonely post for her because we were being punked by the remaining submissions. SMH!

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