November 25th, 2012
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Wardrobe Query: Draya Michele’s New York Instagram Zara Army Green Leather Sleeve Jacket
By Claire

Chanelle says, “Can you please tell me where Draya got this jacket?”

“… She posted it on her twitter page a few days ago while in NY. I love it!!! Thanks.”
Draya hit the streets of NYC with her son rocking a Céline bag and what appears to be a leather sleeve army green jacket from Zara:

The color looks slightly different, most likely due to those snazzy Instagram filters! But the pockets, zips, and drawstring are pretty much identical.
A quick glance at Zara shows the jacket is unfortunately sold out. But ya never know, maybe there are a few more left on the selling floor at your local Zara. Find locations here. Get a similar look with these:

It’s easy to forget Draya has a son, huh? At any rate, thoughts on her jacket?


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44 Responses to “Wardrobe Query: Draya Michele’s New York Instagram Zara Army Green Leather Sleeve Jacket”

  1. AH says:

    That’s a cute jacket, looks like something I’d wear.

    I think I recognize the street in downtown LA where this picture was taken.

  2. AH says:

    Nevermind, that’s NYC. Just went back and double checked.

  3. tasha says:

    Its a cute jacket. I like it.

  4. LOL! It sure is easy to forget she has a son…

  5. Empress says:

    Cute jacket

  6. Anonymous says:

    the comment about her son was a little unnecessary… if your gonna talk about her clothes that’s fine, but that should be all

  7. natuafia says:

    I love love this jacket but she looms so different..

  8. addikted2fashion says:

    Where’d that remark about her son come from? A bit uncalled for honestly. Especially on this fashion focused post.

    Anyway, love the jacket. Saw sonething similar with the same sleeves but the rest was camo. Im dying to get my hands on either one.

  9. porsche says:

    I have that same jacket!!! Try eBay…they may have it…

  10. Lmao says:

    I don’t get the uproar over the son comment. You guys are pressed! I forget she has a son cuz you barely see him, just like you rarely see baby Blue.

  11. I seen this jacket when I went there! it’s so gorge!!!

  12. ElleWills says:

    I just wish people wouldn’t waste the staff’s time on such trendy items that can be found at every mall in America. Rainbow through Saks has a version of this jacket. Let’s use their expertise appropriately.

  13. Est87 says:

    It’s seems like everyone and their dog is wearing this coat. I actually like it, but I’ll pass.

  14. ann says:

    its not the same jacket. there is no pocket on her can see that clearly in the pic shes standing at mtv also theres no zipper on her sleeve .. :/

  15. Truth teller says:

    Get over the Son comment I even forgot she had a son myself

  16. Shelly says:

    I’m surprised people forgot she DID have a son. The first I heard of him, it was about her leaving him by himself in a trashy apartment, and the police got involved. But I digress….

  17. Kai says:

    I had to scroll back up to see who did this post. I’m surprised it was Claire. I just knew it was Cliche. Lol. They see it as an unnecessary comment because this isn’t a gossip site; it’s a fashion site.

  18. randomness says:

    You women are so petty! smh. Do you feel better now that you have spoken about her son?

  19. Jihan says:

    I also forgot she had a son, why is anyone butthurt over a valid observation? Loling as usual.

  20. itsjustme says:

    i, too, felt the comment was unnecessary. this is a fashion site, and the content should focus on fashion, not how “easy” it is to forget someone has a son. no one is “butthurt” over the observation, we are simply supporters of the site who are commenting on what we’d like to see/not see on the site.

  21. Junteta says:

    People…..If a comment left by an ignorant reader is post….don’t let the comment live by keep repeating the same comment let it starve and whither:) Either way the jacket is alright I guess nothing to querying about the hair is my concern looks thirsty…although I live for the bag…. but together (shrug shoulders) Idk

  22. Hehe says:

    Love the jacket and the bag.

  23. Shayla says:

    I read and reread this ‘comment’ trying to figure out why everyone thinks it’s so gossipy.
    She didn’t say, “I forget she has a son because she’s always posting up somewhere with her a$$ cheeks hanging out.”
    Or “I forgot she has a son because she left him for dead and barely mentions him.”
    The picture has her son in it. It’s not like Draya is wearing some t-shirt for World’s Best Mom 90% of the time, so I forgot she had a son, too!
    You guys are reading too much into a small comment and projecting your negative, gossipy tidbits onto a phrase that probably didn’t mean anything. Get a life!

  24. Jihan says:


    Didn’t realize that 99.999% of the post was about Draya’s son and not where to get her jacket?

    Hey, we’re writers, let us do our thing! Why does everyone always feel the need to tell us how/what to write and what is appropriate in a post for a site they don’t own/work for/edit?

    You’re entitled to say what you want, but so are we. LET US BE GREAT! enjoy the ride! I beg you!

  25. Bhud says:

    there really is no justification for feeling so pressed about the now infamous son comment. first off, everyone clicked on this post because they saw her with her son and did a double take. you’re here for fashion and draya michele is your inspiration?! don’t front… we are all here for a serving of fashion with a side of TEA.

  26. Tessa B says:

    well in other news, the jacket not even that hot…lol

  27. Nakia P says:

    I co-sign with Shayla. Surprised everyone is so sensitive about a simple comment. She’s more known for being naked then being a mom and seeing her with him makes me feel sorry for him. No one wants a mom who carries herself that way

  28. hayilabc says:

    Bhud said it.

  29. binks says:

    Right Bhud! But lol at people mad at Claire and others for stating the obvious? I forgot she was a mother too(especially to a son that age)…shrugs that comment is nothing to be upset or catty about…geez personally she looks better dressed like this than her normal club wear

  30. tik says:

    i purchased a jacket extremely similar to this from american eagle on black friday for $50…normally 89 bucks…then they had an additional 40% this weekend.

  31. HAH says:

    BHUD… couldn’t have said it better myself!

    LMAO @ these folks getting on their high horse to defend the honor of a known groupie/waste of space who contributes so little to society.

    Meanwhile, these poor Fashion Bombshells of the day who look like perfectly nice girls get torn down because you don’t like their jeans.


  32. Kapri_H says:

    @HAH @Bhud

    I come here for fashion entertainment. Lets not act as if we don’t get our daily dose of tea when a fashion bombshell of the day has 50+ snarky comments about ill fitting clothes…

  33. Pleeeaase says:

    Wtf gets to decide if someone is waste of space @huh? Got play in traffic at 4! To the rest of ya’ll, stop with the childish comments. Quick question does anyone work? SMDH!

  34. SHAQ NICHOLE says:

    The jacket is cute! I’m just mad that I should have snatched that jacket up when it was at Zara..but I didn’t… *sigh*

  35. Keisha says:

    Women are so angry these days….. I like the jacket though :)

  36. Nellyv85 says:

    Oh boy!! Lol this is Claires fashion website. She can post what the heck she wants :-)

  37. Thoughts says:

    Don’t save her…she don’t want to be saved!

  38. soon2Bmrs says:

    BHUD said it best!!! This is a blog people, some of yall are too pressed.

    I was shocked to see her with her son too. You rarely see her w/ him & more importantly, she rarely conducts herself as a mom.

  39. Di Ness says:

    Luv her beanie, where is it from?

  40. Olwethu says:

    The beanie is by Draya,she has a beanie and tees ” clothingline” – Fine ass girls. (I use clothing line loosely because everyone can have one these days). Hit her up on twitter. The girl is getting hers.

  41. Indigo says:

    I find it funny a comment was made about her and none on Solo…I forgot she had a son too… And she is on the scene way more than Draya… I thought Jihan wrote this up…I was shocked it was Claire…HA!! LoL Anyways the jacket is ugly! And after watching Mondays episode of BBW,Draya needs a reality check up!

  42. loren says:

    so shes pretending she actually takes care of her son now…. smh

  43. essjaye says:

    Maybe the comments section should be removed….only because it now seems like a place where people cant wait to come and have their insignificant negative commentary for the day. Just pure hating. smh. Celebrities are people too..just a lil more money but just as hood, attention grabbing, gold-digging etc etc as your neighborhood chick that you love to chat about. Jealous?

  44. Michelle says:

    got this jacket at for only $49!! i love mines!!! think its the exact one she is wearing

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