November 20th, 2012
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Cool Online Find: BagladieInk Clothing
By Claire

There seems to be a lot of spandex on the homepage, no?
Well, I’ll go on ahead and add to the mix with new designer K’Lee Jones from BagladieInk Clothing:

Blast from the Past Dress, $110

The Jamaican-American former nursing student launched her line of skin clinging dresses, skirts, and leggings after she, “…found the Lord… [and discovered] her God given talent.”

Cleopatra Dress, $130

Gladiator Skirt, $55

Speaking in third person, she added, “K’lee Jones loves to make people look and feel beautiful. K’lee Jones’s vision is beyond just clothing design.”

Pink Panther Dress, $85

“…She feels that her role also is to encourage everyone to follow their dreams no matter what. God has given us all a talent, a gift for us to use to the best of our abilities.”

Double Standard Leggings, $50

Star Bangled Banner Leggings, $50

Black Widow Top, $50

Not sure how the Lord would feel about those camel toe inducing pants, but I know I’m feeling the newspaper dress and a few separates!

Casino Royal Skirt, $50

See more and purchase at
Hot! or Hmm…?

Bold and Beautiful Two Piece, $40

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41 Responses to “Cool Online Find: BagladieInk Clothing”

  1. heyyall says:


  2. sherri says:


  3. jme says:

    i think the Cleopatra dress is nice…..for the boudoir.

    but hey, to each his own.

  4. Neisha says:

    Im just tired of the bodycon/ mesh movement altogether! please don’t stamp the good name of Jesus onto the inspiration for your work. He gave me those talents too but i find it favorable to his will to promote fashion that is sexy, but discrete!

  5. Frost says:

    I like the newspaper print dress as well.

    I do wish it was a little cheaper though. I feel that when you’re a designer, you should start off with cheaper prices to influence people to buy your work, and then once you’ve gotten more credibility, raise the prices.

  6. Kitty B. says:

    Congrats to Kimberly!!!! A fellow LIU alumni, I must post this on FB lol

  7. mi manning says:

    a lil hoochie-ish…but not too bad!

  8. Jaslene says:

    Loves it gonna have to add to my Freakum collection.

  9. Empress says:

    I’m loving these pieces. The newspaper dress is hot! My girl big up yuh self! *heads to site*

  10. TheAntifash says:

    Aren’t you all tired of these tired dresses?

  11. Natasha says:

    That ‘patra dress is definitely on a Freakum list as with a number of outfits on her site :lol: Still, I liked the “Graffiti Spaceship” ‘fit and “Anna Maye” leggings. Thanks for the introduction, FBD.

  12. Hater says:

    Claire ur article sounded real haterish

  13. lola says:


    Yup! Definitely hood couture. Goodbye!!!

  14. Christine says:

    Neisha and TheAntifash… preach! God has told Christine that she needed to write that.

    Why the third person?

  15. Katherine says:

    Some of these looks are definitely HMMM… Why wear clothes at all?

  16. Audrey says:

    I’m over this stretchy material! :-/ but the line looks good!!

  17. Lainea says:

    Is that the way the lawd want you to dress? Lol jk Love the newspaper dress.

  18. Christina says:

    I’m sorry but this is very DANCEHALL QUEEN. The first dress is a go, everything else not so much…

  19. Hehe says:

    Ugh So unimaginative. Same old bodycon crap .

  20. Tee says:

    Same same

  21. rachel says:


  22. Taj says:

    On a positive note, the models have beautiful shapes.

  23. Alexis says:

    LMFAOOOO at Claire’s article on this designer… Some stuff is cool, some is cheap looking.

  24. jillibooboo says:

    Never say the Lord’s name…in vain.

  25. LaTasha says:

    I love these designs. I love the gladiator skirt and leopard dress

  26. DIVA says:

    cute— if you have the body , why not ?

  27. iQgraphics says:

    i’m old

  28. peplum lover says:

    I like the gladiator skirt … Yahhh :) I would def rock that

  29. Anonymous says:

    I’m so over all this “Basketball Wives/ I’m in Miami B*tch” fashion. The newspaper dress is the only design with some promise if it was styled correctly. Otherwise the materials, colors and cuts are all cheap & tacky. I just can’t.

  30. Tid bits says:

    This collection is very much for a particular kind of girl. But this very much what they call, “throw away fashion”. It dates right before my eyes. These loose will expire quickly.

  31. dee says:

    tacky jersey slinky body clinging clothing is not fashion design!! its such a disgrace when these so called “designers” launch their tacky jersey dresses and leggings! its not real fashion, PLEASE fashionbombdaily stop shining a light on trash like this, YOUR BETTER THAN THAT.

  32. COCO says:

    Whore uniform. I can see the cast of Basketball Wives in all of these disasters.

  33. Coco says:

    The whole article was filled with shade…and i loved it lol. I also love almost everyone of the pieces. Everyone doesnt have to have the same fashion sense…some like body con some dont, some wear it well some dont.

  34. Angel says:

    I’m dying at the “third person” self description…(tears)

  35. Tessa B says:

    Ok pieces, love the huge gold necklace with the chains (which probably isnt one of theirs)…I am really surprised how inexpensive the items are..that leopard 2 piece is $40??? I guess…

  36. Kim says:

    I know this designer for a long time and she is just creating what her masses want.I am not to keen for the body con dresses but lots of people buy it so if it makes her money why not.I would rather her make something that the masses would buy than something over priced that no one buys.Keep working hard Klee and you will be granted continued success

  37. Giz says:

    Do not waste your time ordering from her. Very unprofessional, rude and unkempt. Has no problems responding to emails prior to purchase but once purchase is done all responses stop. Emailed over 4x with no response Had to beg for a tracking number. Finally made my way over to the pop up shop and she said “oh I have the tracking number right here” go to post office which is clearly in her neighborhood not mines and find out she gave them the wrong shipping address. Emailed her again no response. So I wrote on her business ig pg, which of course peaks her interest and then she decides to respond to my email telling me she is not into long messages. Smh. Very rude and unprofessional when I spoke to her and was not willing to take accountability for any of her actions smh. I have alerted all of my 500 friends on ig and friends bridal party who were interesting from purchasing from her not to along with my fb friends who have all reported my review. I have no problem supporting black business owners but never the ones who do not know how to carry on and them fake claim the name of Jesus. As a Christian myself I know this is not the way and until she humbles herself she will never see good. Don’t waste ur time and order, u will only be bothering her

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