November 18th, 2012
Celebrity Style, Shopping
Wardrobe Query: Evelyn Lozada’s Instagram Geebin Flores White Color Block Skirt and Backless Leather Strap Top
By Claire

Simone writes, “Evelyn Lozada recently posted this picture of herself on twitter.”

“… I’m dying to know more about this outfit (i.e., the designer, cost, etc.) and possibly see how the front looks…?”

After doing a bit of research, I found Evelyn was wearing a color block skirt and leather strap top by Texas born designer Geebin Flores.
A quick look on finds that the backless shirt, modeled by video vixen Rosa Acosta, is $145:

And the skirt is $179:

The full outfit is $324. Would you splurge?

Even if you wanted to, you couldn’t, as both seem to be sold out:( See the skirt here and the top here. See when they’ll be getting back in stock by getting in touch with Geebin Flores here.

Would you wear it?

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75 Responses to “Wardrobe Query: Evelyn Lozada’s Instagram Geebin Flores White Color Block Skirt and Backless Leather Strap Top”

  1. yusufswifee says:

    wow…really. The only think that bothers me is that extra red piece at the bottom – IT HAS TO GO. Would love to see Evelyn with dark hair.

    Otherwise, I’m fine with it. #Icouldnever #teambackfat

  2. SLIMB says:

    Evelyn looks hott.

  3. Andrea says:

    Where are folks going in these tacky garms?

  4. Suri says:

    “age gracefully” come on now, Evelyn is in her late 30s not late 40s. She’s still considered young. It is true she should leave it to her daughter. She is looks beautiful with dark hair.
    The design is not that bad, just very clubbish.Tacky yes but club outfits are not churchy.

  5. jasmine says:

    I actually like the fit and think it would look very fashion forward on a really tall thin frame ( high fashion tall and thin). It wouldn’t look as skanky if the women modeling weren’t as curvy

  6. Briana says:

    I’m confused to how this is trashy…I only see back and mid-thigh. I do agree someone her age shouldn’t be wearing it but I do not think because she is wearing it she automatically is a “ho”. Perhaps the band should have been black. This skirt combo reminds me of EKINEYO. I bet if Rihanna or somebody were rocking it, this would be hot for a lot of you. Let’s keep it focused on fashion ladies. :-)

  7. peplum lover says:

    necole bitchie was in a dress like this
    i like the way she rocked it :/

  8. iQgraphics says:

    that skirt disturbs me down to the very core of my soul

  9. Angela says:

    HELL NO!!! Kinda looks like panties hanging down before you go to the bathroom.

  10. no.... says:

    The dress looked ok on Evelyn from behind…but I didn’t expect it to look that way from the front…I wouldn’t buy it

  11. TheMrs says:

    N O! Ev is gorg & has a fab body, surely there’s something she can find to accentuate her body and be classy & sexy while doing it.

  12. Meme says:

    the dress only looks good from the back lol

  13. Liz says:


  14. Estania says:


  15. DIVA says:

    Perfect for the club— this is the ideal FREAK EM DRESS, showing that dude what he’s missing out on ! Both ladies are working it because their bodies are on point, they do look very sexy.

  16. AshleyL says:


  17. Bronze says:

    @ LOL you wouldn’t know how old this chick was until she told you. Maybe when you become 30+ you’ll be hot too and not walking around with a moo-moo feeling all bitter cause you were a jr. hater.

  18. Dria says:

    First of all this is a club outfit not a church dress.Some of yall sound like prudes. Maybe because I’m 21 but I hope I don’t get bitter like that as I get older smh lol. I agree that the red band looks out of place…had she attatched it to the skirt with black mesh or left it out all together it would have been better. Ev looks good and if she can work this at 30+ more power to her!

  19. Ms. EtiQ says:

    things understood, don’t need to be explained…you guys all summed it up…fashion faux pas.

  20. Yemzi says:

    I love innovative design but the skirt is just wrong!

  21. seriously says:

    Since this is about fashion there’s no need to talk about feelings towards her…just the clothes. Hence the words “FASHION” bomb.

    Now…the red band should not be like this. Clearly the designer was going for the “color block” look. So, the hem of the dress should have been blocked in that red band. BUT attached to the dress, not separated like it is shown.

  22. keena says:

    I love this outfit and im intrested in buying it i wanna know when your restocking forget the people who are hating on you look its five thumbs high

  23. onetraeh says:

    tht’s a killer outfit

  24. Dina says:

    OMG!!!! Love, Love, Love!!!
    obviously fashion does’nt always make sense, i mean have you seen the so called “High Fashion” world??? And yes I have to admit it does look like she pulled down her underwear (sexy red ones at that) but with a body like Evelyn’s who the *BLEEP* cares!!! I say if you got it, even after 30+, flaunt it girl!!!!!

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