November 16th, 2012
Beyonce, Celebrity Style, Shopping
Splurge: Beyonce’s Instagram Rag & Bone Ikat Print Skinny Pants
By Claire

Ready for another Outfit of the Day from @BaddieBey?
The Instagram newbie blessed the stans today with yet another stylish ‘fit, rocking an oversized black sweater, pumps, bunny ears, $425 Maison Martin Margiela Knuckle Duster Rings, and $188 Ikat Print Skinny Cords from Rag & Bone:

The skinnies have a psychadelic print, cast on curdoroy:

I hesitated to post this, because I wasn’t 100% sure they were the same pants! The pattern is spot on, but the colors look different. To make sure, I went ahead and added a filter to the above pic on Instagram:

They appear more blue with the ‘Rise’ filter!
At any rate, the print might look familiar because Lala has a Ra & bone jacket with a similar pattern:

If you’re into it, recreate Beyonce’s look with these separates:

Thoughts on the latest from Instagram’s newest Queen Bee?

*Rag & Bone just got in touch to confirm saying, “Yes, they are ours!”
Images: BaddieBey/Revolve Clothing

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52 Responses to “Splurge: Beyonce’s Instagram Rag & Bone Ikat Print Skinny Pants”

  1. natu says:

    I am lovin this new bey !

  2. Gigi Young says:

    I wonder when we’ll see her rocking some House of Dereon…

  3. jess from london says:

    beyonce is definitely trying to make more of an effort with her style. I personally think solange is to thank. This outfit is cute/casual without being too much.

  4. B.rocka says:

    Hmmm…regular, nothing special!

    *Beyonce reminds me of that young OLDER girl….by age she is younger, but her clothes are sooo muture…yea know like when OLDER women wear hi-heels w/a sweatsuit,lol”

  5. mary says:

    no likey, pass

  6. caprice says:

    Lmao Only in ads gigi

  7. Lolodoll11 says:

    I se FB is stalking Bey’s Instagram now. “She just posted a new pic, lets get it on the site. Oh, she looks a HAM you say? Chile, we don’t care, as long as we get the hits”. There’s nothing special about this look. Not feeling the pant / shoe combo. I’ve never been a fan of Bey’s style though. She just always look tacky. I complain sometimes about Solange overload on this site but give me Solange anyway over Bey – as this is a fashion site and Mrs BaddiBey lacks style.

  8. hotmama says:

    In no way Is Beyonce a Fashionista, she just has access. Mostly she looks contrived and plainly silly. Her casual style rarely flatters her body type and she wears these ABSOLUTELY STUPID accessories that makes her look like a clown.

    The reason why she doesnt wear The House of Deadwrong is because it’s garbage and she knows it.

    That headband looks like horns…I see you and what you’re trying to do

  9. mi manning says:

    i like the pants…cute.

  10. Ali says:

    Are these So…I mean, um, Mrs. Carter’s PJs?

    Me not impressed.

  11. Cherrell says:

    I’m loving the new looks that Beyonce is trying. It’s refreshing to see her have more fun with her style rather than doing the same glitzy looks as before.

  12. Faith says:

    So cute! Gives me an idea on how to wear my lace bunny ears next!

  13. Chrissy says:

    Its ok, but Geez Bey really put y’all ladies in your feelings on this site. Kim k too…..

  14. EatStylePlay says:

    You know what…Bey is making up for all that lost time, and I think while Solange is the little sister, Bey is taking a few tips from her on enjoying her life, and motherhood. I like that she is much more open.

  15. Dionne says:

    I like the bunny ears, cute

  16. Jenna says:

    She looks blah, plain, simple nothing wow or amazing about this. I don’t think Bey is a fashionista either. I think Solange has an edge and uniqueness about her that gets her on the best dressed list (Vogue). Beyonce is like some of these other celebs who just throws expensive pieces together because they can afford it. Solange seems like she really puts thought into her sense of style.

  17. Lmao says:

    You guys are so brainwashed, Solange has no style, she has stylists. You act like she wasn’t on all the WTF lists 3 years ago. She has a better team now, nothing about that family is organic.

  18. yusufswifee says:

    okay…first – I do not think King Besus is competing with or stealing Solange’s style. Second, no one is checking for this style – booo, blah and meh and ditto to whoever said she looks like a mammy or whatever. The pants dont even look like skinny pants on her.

    I can not with these pix and where is she going? This is B so pap would snap and sell these pix anyway. Is she just playing dress up cuz she’s bored. Where is the baby and Jay z? So many questions.

  19. Noirre says:

    Bunny ears huh?

  20. Roses says:

    effortless Style.

  21. COCO says:

    Beyonce is actually looking like she’s trying too hard recently, which is not like her…stay in your lane B! Solange is quirky, offbeat, retro, kinky afros, mismatched prints and all- you’re an old school RnB chick, stick to that look….don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t look bad at all, but for some reason I get the vibe she’s trying to ‘keep up’ with the kids with her recent looks, when she should just stick to her bodycon dresses, bug hair and designer bags, because that’s more ‘her’

  22. manny says:

    Love this outfit!!! Go head Bey!

  23. Talecia says:

    If it was Rihanna wearing it you guys would go APE. Or better yet if she was half naked like Rih you would probably LOVE it. Lol I like it, you can tell she’s experimenting and doesn’t care. And how can she be taking tips from solange when solanges clothes are selected for her by a stylist? Honestly it’s a casual look not a Grammy dress :s Do your thing Bey!

  24. Prettigyrl78 says:


  25. COCO says:

    Stay in your lane B- leave the quirky offbeatness to Solange. I like them both but Beyonce is a diva with a very polished look and men’s magazine sex appeal, and Solange is a hipster with a retro, funky, earthy vibe (that I don’t think has been manufactured by stylists BTW @lmao, I really think thats who she ‘is’)…I feel like B is tryng to get on that same lane, but its not her, her style is more polished and put together and she should just stick to doing her

  26. COCO says:

    …also, I disagree that Solange’s style is manufactured.She’s been giving me life since like 4 years ago before she got on this retro steez because o her inventiveness with colour and pattern

  27. Love her pants. Wicked.

  28. Crystal says:

    I’ll take Sasha Fierce over baddiebey any day. Beyonce is losing her mind. WTF is up with the staged instagram shots everyday? Oh, and this looks like something Miss Tina would wear, minus the bunny ears. Those look like something Blue should have on.

  29. TheAntifash says:

    Love this!

    It’s so funny how folks try and tell someone to “stay in your lane” and “that’s not your style” Uuuumm what? WTF does that really mean? Is the woman supposed to be in a dress and heels and full on hair and makeup when she’s just chilling?? I mean…

  30. Empress says:

    Cute pants. I like the print on the jacket too!

  31. Bribri says:

    Sorry but she look contrived.

  32. DIVA says:

    I’m so over her…. she is REALLY tryin so hard to change her fashion image….but then she’ll be on stage in some awful glitter onesie twerkin in like her life depended on it… make up your mind King Bey.

  33. Not feeling the outfit or the bunny ears. I would love to get the info on her blue rings though! Any word on those? I love them.

  34. Erin says:

    She’s posting casual everyday looks on HER instagram, yet she is trying too hard?

    LOL these urban sites….

  35. AH says:

    Yes, trying too hard as usual. Bey, you’re 31. Let the kids have their bunny ears. SMH

  36. LMAO says:

    LOL so many of you are PRESSED about this pic/post. What you need to be doing is bowing down to your queen who is so gracious to take time out of her already-busy day to dish out effortless grace and class?

    Wow while you hate, Queen Bey continues to delicately sip hot holy water steeped with Ambrosia from her diamond-encrusted teacup… WITH HER PINKY UP.


  37. Aw man says:

    I don’t know where I stand on this I just enjoy the comments
    Buuuut….LMAO’s comment is one of THE funniest things I’ve EVER read!!

    The whimsy! The shade! Lol LMAO you’re hilarious. Love it.

  38. jonesy says:

    Can we say Rihanna Reloaded…yawwwwn at Badgirlriri oops I mean BaddieBey at her attempt to show style and personality!

    Social without being Social! girl bye!

  39. s says:

    LOL!! I agree with Aw Man. LMAO… your comment…Ha!! People go Real DEEP when it comes to Beyonce, but it’s SO not. It’s just a cool chick taking fun photos…posed or not.

    Heck, everybody “poses” for photos on some level. People act like they’ve never posed by themselves or taken photos “posing” with family and friends. It’s not that deep, really it’s not.

    Still laughing with LMAO! Love it!

  40. addikted2fashion says:

    Arent all celebs “styled” and “posed” in every pic they post on IG?
    What causes the strongest of chuckles from me is that a “Bombshell” recently wore spandex and bodycon dresses in every shot and was praised to the high heavens and fashion gods. Bey puts on a stylish and high end look and she gets trashed. Im confused. Yall want high fashion but only from the celebs you love and admire and will let spandex and cheap threads slide if the body and age are to your standards? Is that the case?

  41. Cass says:

    Hotmama, I totally concur. She’s a mess, she has no style flair she just has access…not impressed at all. Next!

  42. Kimberly says:

    OMG ! I bought these pants 2 months ago

  43. KayGee says:

    @COCO… remember, she can do whatever she wants good or bad whatevz, her life, her way.

  44. lolodoll1 says:

    Jihan…excuse me LMAO, folk are just expressing their thoughts (this is a comments section you know) and the majority seem not to like this outfit. You seem to be the one pressed! Hypocrite maybe?

  45. Dria says:

    lmao at LMAO! yess! who doesn’t pose for instagram pics??? Yall sound silly. just too busy riding the solange bandwagon I guess sighh. Who is to say what someone else’s style and that you can’t reinvent it? Just my opinion. But anywho, I love me some BaddieBey :)

  46. Danielle says:

    Simple. Love it!!

  47. Manny says:

    What’s quirky about this? She’s wearng patterned pants. People are ridiculous

  48. TAMMY M. says:

    I wonder when “true believers” and “STANS” will learn to separate their love for the artist from the fashion. This outfit underwhelms, as much of Beyonce’s personal style does to me.

    Her financial or musically success is irrelevant here, the outfit, IMO, is simply not that great. This is a fashion blog, not a artist fan forum.

    IMO, this area (fashion forward) is just not Bey’s bag.

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