November 16th, 2012
Fashion Bombshell of the Day
Fashion Bomber of the Day: Alain from Paris
By Claire

We’re ending this week on a sweet Parisian note, with a Bomber and Bombshell from the City of Lights!
First up is the super sophisticated Alain:

He types, “I live between London and Paris so please don’t pay attention if the spelling is not exact.”

“I really appreciate your webzine…”

“… and I wanna be on it so this is my photos.”

“I cannot define my style…”

“… but you could say that my influences come from neo dandyism…”

“… with a touch of preppy and many other nuances that I add each day.”

“I work in fashion so I try to maximize every inspiration that I find.”

“You can find me with my associates on this page”

Ok! Your English is amazing–better than some native speakers! And your looks are fabulous. I’m loving every bit of this. Every bit!
Qu’est-ce que tu en penses (what do you think)?

Fashion Bomber of the Day is a feature showcasing the singular style of male Fashion Bomb Readers. Send your name, location, a description of your style, and 5-8 picture(s) to Images submitted may be featured on Facebook or Twitter. Comments can be harsh, so bring your A game!
*I checked out Alain’s Facebook page. His friends are just as fresh as he is!

Behold, a video:


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95 Responses to “Fashion Bomber of the Day: Alain from Paris”

  1. KayGee says:

    Minus the cigarette, very nice !!!

  2. Danielle says:

    YESSS!!!!!!! Not only is he handsome but he has impeccable style. We need more men to dress like this in the U.S. cause he is definitely styling and profiling lol Seriously though I love it when men dress this way!!! :)

  3. Alain says:

    Hey thank u guys for the coments i really apreciate ;) and for those who got instagram u can follow me this way

    (website’s coming very soon i promise ;)

  4. DarkEmpress says:

    J’apprécie un homme qui a son propre style. les chaussettes jaunes, les chaussures en violet -franchement tous tes accessoires de couleurs vives sont les détails que j’aime voir. svp me suivre @gildagray.

  5. Bribri says:

    So when I go to Pairs where can i find more gentlemen like him?

  6. C says:

    Love the pops of color!

  7. Chris styles says:

    Yaaaassss! loves it! Very European …and he submitted a Video! This dude is serious about his fashion, lol. His co-stars were well dress also. I like the fact that the looks are fashionable but still masculine! Good job…he gets my vote :)

  8. lola says:

    MY VAGINA IS READY *opens legs*

  9. Nicki says:

    Me gusta!

  10. endESQ says:

    All I can say is “Yeeeeeeessssssssss! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss! Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooohhhhhh!!!!”

  11. chic therapy says:

    Love it all esp the lilac pants!!

  12. Madbrooke says:

    Paris chic! He is fly.

  13. karma says:

    not a fan of men in skinny pants, but I like his look. He is also easy on the eyes as well. Not getting a gay vibe either, hopefully im

  14. Omgeezy!! says:

    He killed it!!! He is FIONE!!

  15. Marthe says:

    I love it, this Bomber is COMPLETE. That’s what I miss in most bombers/bombshells, the image they’re giving us is always missing a piece. This boy IS fashion. J’adore ton style, tout est parfaitement mixte, bravo!

  16. Ashley says:

    I love his style. I love the mix of colors and patterns. I love everything minus the pants being a bit short. That is just a personal thing for me but overall, I really love his style. Very handsome.

  17. tt says:

    oui! oui! oui!!! there is nothing sexier than a well dressed black man! he is fine. i don’t care for high waters, but he is fly nonetheless. i swear the bombers are doing it way better than the bombshells. i really appreciate the video presentation & his boys are equally as fly. job well done.

  18. MissD says:

    ok so… I love him k bye!

  19. Jei says:

    Dapper. Loved the video. *Books flight to Paris*

  20. Ivy says:

    Excellent style. I am loving all of it! Even the pieces that aren’t common to a man’s typical look (like some of his pants) are working for me.

  21. Tiffany says:

    I need to travel….. Kmsl. But I LOVE his sense of fashion. Wish I could dress my guy like this.

  22. Ml says:

    I am from Paris and I never get the chance to see classy guys like you !! Where the hell are you hiding?? Lol

  23. Laurinda says:

    Finally!!!!! A truly amazing bombshell! Well done Claire!

  24. Edwina says:

    I am in love!!!!!! fashion forward, effortless, and sexy as hell. what’s his name on Facebook?! I am a fan!!!!!!!

  25. Modish says:

    Sharp. Fresh. Clean I like it!

  26. Alain says:

    Lo, one more time thank u all and my name is the same everywhere , instagram, facebook … alain gauthier

    and if you want to see more videos u can type elite boisée on youtube ;)

  27. aynai Sy says:

    Him and all his friends need to come to America, for a stay !!! lol the swagger is hot ‘fresh to def” all the way! some of the styling reminds me of a Harlem guy .

  28. jillibooboo says:


    lol. his fine self.

  29. Ronnie says:


  30. Love his style!! He knows how to dress!! Clean, Classic, Dapper and Fresh. Love the video too and the fact that his FRENCH says a lot!!

  31. cottoncande says:

    Sexy… and his accent puts the icing on the cake!

  32. nino says:

    OK THE COMMENTS ARE HILARIOUS….but seriously alain, you are the BOMB….laptop screen practically blew up…keep slaying it…

  33. Florent says:

    yeah, Alain is a great man with a great style.

    He s the real thing.

  34. EatStylePlay says:

    LOLA i was thinking the same thing hahahahaha, look if france is churning out fine black men like this then I need to move my butt over there!

  35. MAC says:

    LOVED the video!

  36. brickhousemobilecloset says:

    Love his style and I am crushing like crazy he is so handsome..yummy I need to make a trip to Paris!!

  37. randomnome says:

    Oui oui Alain! Vous etes magnifique! Africans stay bringing it. Yes they are Francophones lol

  38. Noirre says:

    Call me?

  39. Chichi O says:

    luved everything except the shorts the red sweater pic “priceless”

  40. DIVA says:

    I’m diggin the vibe & style

  41. Westafricanmutt says:

    Bon chic bon genre! S’il te plait, donne-moi ton nombre! LOL.
    They look great, great video.
    Alain… *nods and winks*

  42. Alexis says:

    I had to turn it off… it was making me horny! lol Love what they did with the video and their style is impeccable!

  43. Mel says:

    Is it strange if I keep some pictures of him in my computer ? aha

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