November 15th, 2012
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Fashion News: Rob Kardashian Unveils Arthur George Sock Line
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

It’s been a long, long time coming, but it’s finally here! As previously reported, Rob Kardashian has been working diligently for the past two years on a men’s sock line. Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe‘s kid brother decided to forego using his family’s famous last name, opting instead for Arthur George.

Without further ado, feast your eyes on his creations.

Earlier in the year Rob told the Huffington Post, “No one wants to see a boring tube sock. I am very passionate about it and I think guys and girls agree with me. Plus you can give your dress socks to your girlfriend when she sleeps over.” Wasn’t that thoughtful of him, ladies?

The socks are made from 100% Egyptian cotton, and are currently available exclusively at Neiman Marcus. For $30 these beauties can be all yours.

What do you think of Arthur George? Will you be buying?


Source: HuffPost

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64 Responses to “Fashion News: Rob Kardashian Unveils Arthur George Sock Line”

  1. Neesiepoo says:

    Honestly the designs are pretty amatuer.. Nothing I havent seen at the local flea market. I wish he could find something that really represents him. But honey, this here is not it!!

  2. jme says:


    at any rate, he cleans up pretty well! He resembles his dad in that picture.

  3. Anonymous says:

    He’s serving me dollar store chic with these designs. No thank you

  4. Terilili says:

    Is this real? This took 2 years? These are like socks you buy at Target. Oh yeah, and they’re socks. Who “designs” the most insignificant clothing item on our bodies? Why? No.

  5. Kitty B. says:


    I love the name “Arthur George” but I see these same designs with the guy who stops in and sells socks at the salon…I pay $5!

    Good luck to him…he’s been trying…

  6. Pari says:

    None of these socks look very manly. I wouldn’t spend $30 on them.

  7. Kitty B. says:

    ^^^^agreed with the above!

    I love the name “Arthur George” but I see these same designs with the guy who stops in and sells socks at the salon i go to…and i pay $5!!

    Good luck to him…he’s trying…

  8. Mrs Windy City says:

    Lol!!!! The comments are hilarious. I just expected more luxury socks…..not that above

  9. Anonymous says:

    Those designs do not seem to fit the name nor the price of his brand… Definitely wouldn’t buy them.

  10. LawyerChic says:

    Arthur George? Did I miss the story behind the name??

  11. jumelle12 says:

    lol- I agree with everyone on this post- you can get these at flea market and dollar stores- Hell- Walmart has George socks!

    Rob you should’ve jumped on the liquor bandwagon…

  12. Poor Rob, I really like the kid. He is so lost without his father. I don’t understand why he didn’t do something more Regal. I am surprised the buyers at Neiman’s agreed to carry the sock line.

  13. Dion says:

    Ya know what, I kind of like them..but like every one says, nothing I havent see on the streets. I LOVE the name Arthur George, and I am kind of proud of the kid for following through with this project. I wish him luck!

  14. Kiesha says:

    From what I gathered on the show, he’s coming out with both a sophisticated & playful I guess this is the playful side..I like it ! Funky

  15. jeda says:

    Where’s the sophistication?

  16. tia says:

    He cant be serious with these designs

  17. Jesse says:

    I’m just gonna need him to go to law school. All of his avenues are exhausted lol

  18. Crystal says:

    I see what he’s trying to do but it’s not working for me. However, let a celebrity wear these socks and they will sell out in 15 seconds. I applaud him for even wanting to have a business. The Kardashians really don’t have to ‘work’. They were born with silver spoons and I’m impressed that all of them have some type of business venture going.

  19. Honey B says:


  20. Empress says:

    I agree with everyone. They sell these socks 3 for $10 at the flea market. Arthur George is very cute though, I expected more!

  21. Faith says:

    These will do well! They’re a good price point and fun for the luxury male consumer.

  22. Hehe says:

    Da Fuk?

  23. Melissa says:

    Mama Kris must’ve called in a few favors to get these socks in at NM. Hopefully the socks are just a jumping off point and he’ll click with something else in men’s fashion……because socks are NOT it.

  24. jbrizzy says:

    Rob I really want you too win but what are doing man? What exactly did you go to college for? I like the zebra print ones but im pretty sure on the right day I could find those at Hot topic. Rob just……… Get it together and stop being lazy,

  25. Loni says:

    Bwahahahahaha horrible!

  26. Mesa says:

    *face palm* smh smh smh

  27. Anonymous says:

    LOL I’ll bet Kris is Soooo happy he decided not to put the Kardashian name on this. Best wishes to him and the sock line anyway!

  28. nicky says:

    Noooow I get it. He didn’t use the Kardashian name because mama Kris probably forbid him.
    All the seasons we watched with him crying and whining about being taken serious…therapy sessions and all… and he comes out with a dollar tree sock line? Smfh

  29. Christine says:

    Yeah..whoa I was expecting something different. The socks at Target are better then this…I’m wearing some right now. Def look like the wild socks you can get from the dollar store

  30. kay says:

    wow this is lame and boring. since baroque pattern are in why didnt he have that design at least. Contact Scott Disick…..and for that price these sock are going for i want it to feel like silk

  31. I have to agree with other commenters…not really worth the price (most likely high because of the fabrication) nor are the designs really different. I respect him for wanting his own business but he needs to try again.

  32. mi manning says:

    Oh my Me! I can get those same socks for a dolla a pair at the local bodega! Who da hell cares about socks anyway? He couldn’t come up with anything better than this? I guess he’s in a hurry to make money, cuz it doesn’t look like his mom’s gonna help him one bit. She make ALL her kids work for theirs! lol

  33. bebe says:

    Not what I expected in the least. I kind of root for Rob because he seems to get a lot of negative attention from his sisters and Kris, but this looks a mess …

  34. Goldeelocks says:

    Seriously? I like it, but not for Neimans! and $30 at that? Come now! 3 for $10 in JC penney, Dillards, and Macys should do the trick.

  35. Jenna says:

    bwahahaha these comments! Oh Robbie, poor dat

  36. Tiara says:

    I was hoping for so much more. But this is a start. Don’t be discouraged, Rob!

  37. Angela says:

    I agree with “Terilili”..
    They’re SOCKS for cryin out loud. WHO CARES??!!
    Try again Rob..

  38. DIVA says:

    Sock man has those same socks— 3 for $10 !

  39. Meme says:

    for $30 and a name like Arthur George I expected something more sophisticated…@LawyerChic Arthur George has to do with his middle name and I think also his father’s middle name…anywho its supposed to be a big deal that he didnt use the Kardashian name for the sock line but the Kardashian name is what enabled him to have a sock line in the 1st place lol

  40. Nope says:

    My momma said, “If you can’t say something nice…”, so I will attempt to. I think the business plan and the name left a lot of people eager to see the collection. That was a plus. My only qualm is that the designs don’t live up to the hype of the name. I think that if Rob went back to the drawing board and came back with more ‘mature’ designs, they’d sell like hot cakes! My boo LOVES crazy socks but the designs have to warrant the cost.

  41. CocoPenny says:

    “Turrible, just turrible”, as Sir Charles Barkley would say.

  42. AH says:

    This is an example of a kid who would have ben better off NOT famous. Robert should have gone to school, earned his degree and chose a respectable career path instead of trying to be like his sisters. That celebrity life is not for everyone and it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. Rob seems awkward and out of place :(

  43. binks says:

    ……honestly you can buy socks like that from the dollar store…boy stop and get a real job

  44. jessica says:

    he tries wayyyyyyy to hard.

  45. Rebecca says:

    @AH Rob went and graduated from USC… @faith…. Hush

  46. Above Par says:

    I honestly thought it was going to be a more sophisticated line of socks with a quirky twist, like for the “adventurous” businessman. But These are all the way children’s socks, I couldn’t see a grown man wearing them. Way to childish. I feel like even if they were rimless (without the black toe box and borders) it would look a bit more chic and manly.

  47. karma says:

    three words hot arse mess.

  48. Chris styles says:

    No thanks.

  49. Kisha says:

    This is silly. Poor Rob. A sock line? Really?

  50. Izhause says:

    Absolute Psycho/ can you imagine your Man picking you up in these socks?! Lol/ my 2 female cousins would look great in the socks and they are in the 1st and 2nd grade.

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