November 14th, 2012
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Over Half A Million Protesters Urge Macy’s To Dump Donald Trump; Should They Listen?
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Donald Trump is currently feeling the heat from angry protesters who have had it with his senseless antics. In a petition spearheaded by Long Island native Angelo Carusone (which can be found at, he and supporters urge retail giant Macy’s to “sever ties” with Trump, citing his inability to embody the “magic of Macy’s”.

Addressed to CEO Terry J. Lundgren, the document goes on to reference the company’s “strong obligation to be ‘socially responsible’,” and believes “it’s time to act”. What brought about the sudden call to action, you ask? Macy’s Lundgren recently sent Donald Trump a letter expressing excitement in helping the mogul further expand his brand. Needless to say, the protesters were less than pleased.

They couldn’t seem to grasp this move when Trump has continuously displayed “unpleasant, nasty and despicable behavior.” After countless sexist remarks, some geared at his own daughter, hypocritically complaining about jobs being sent to China, yet producing his own products in China and neighboring Asian countries, and making racially charged allegations towards President Obama, they believe enough is enough.

Moralities and business are like oil and water; they don’t always mix.  But where do you draw the line? When does a client’s behavior become so deplorable that you have no choice but to drop and disassociate yourself with them?

What do you think? Should Macy’s heed the protesters concerns, or should business be business?


Source: Styleite

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32 Responses to “Over Half A Million Protesters Urge Macy’s To Dump Donald Trump; Should They Listen?”

  1. Loni says:

    Yes lose him. He’s nutty!

  2. Faith says:

    Get him all the way out of here!!!!

  3. Juice love says:

    Yes I have already signed that petition

  4. says:

    Donald Trump needs to get his angry asss outta here! I’m signing that petition. Hopefully it works. I’ve had enough of that fool. I just wish the media would stop giving him attention. And press would stop asking our president about him byes not important.

  5. MissRich says:

    Donald trump is one of those people that shouldn’t be allowed on social media. He’s just going to dig himself into a hole. He’s a fool. I just wish the media would stop giving him life on his stupid allegations about our president.

  6. Above Par says:

    Lawd ah Mercy, I read this fool’s twitter and you wouldn’t believe some of the things he post, I went as far as to think someone had hacked his account, but sadly that wasn’t the case, that crazy was all his. He needs to go.

  7. Empress says:

    Get him out of here, him and that hair piece!

  8. Honey B says:

    Just like his hair, he’s beyond help.

  9. Yeah I think Donald Trump might be loosing it.

  10. Crystal says:

    I don’t care how crazy he is, him being in a Macy’s commercial is the least of my worries. People put passion into the most insignificant things.

  11. Anonymous says:

    His actions and words have been so disgusting as of late, there needs to be some sort of justice. His comments about our President were inexcusable. Dump him NOW!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Get rid of his now. Disgusting man.

  13. Goldeelocks says:

    In a perfect world, it would be simple to sever ties with him due to his repeated unacceptable behavior, however, we all know, money is money, and he and Macy’s will remain completely intact, unfortuantely.

  14. MonaLisa_310 says:

    Absolutely agree. How do I get involved in the protest???

  15. Frost says:

    I signed it, but honestly, there’s a better way:


    It’s that simple. Don’t buy this products, don’t stay at his hotels.

    People constantly complain about someone, yet they continue to support them by buying their products. What sense does that make?

  16. DarkEmpress says:

    The petition is a good start but I agree with Frost. Boycott his products! #DumpTrump needs to start trending on twitter!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Frost made perfect sense! Regardless of the petition, people should stop supporting him by buying his products. I never bought his products but now, I sure as hell never will. His actions are deplorable! Business may be business but remember he’s business only survives because of us – the consumers. If you’re have absolutely no respect for us as Americans, why should we support you?! A better petition would be to tell people not to buy his product. Trust me, with the holiday shopping season coming up, that would teach him a big lesson.

  18. binks says:

    Actions and words have a consequences so yeah Mr. Trump needs to go.

  19. Suri says:

    Trump is too big of a business mogul. They won’t drop him unfortunately. Behind his media persona he’s someone you don’t want to mess with.

  20. itsjustme says:

    i signed it and will continue to do anything to hit him where it hurts– them pockets.

  21. randomness says:

    Signed the petition

  22. Jei says:

    Don’t support him. Don’t support Macy’s. Simple as that.

  23. jbrizzy says:

    @Jei thats hard because I love me some Macy’s lol, but yea trump needs to do exactly what Solange told him \_ \_ \_

  24. istalkfashion says:

    I say boycott Macy’s and anything with Trump’s name involved.

  25. Just Wondering says:

    Thanks Fashion Bomb, I signed it.

  26. COOCOO says:

    I disagree with Donald Trump, but he’s entitled to his own opinions, however stupid and ignorant they may be….

  27. antiSOCIAL says:

    I signed, and I urge everyone else that has signed to NOT support the Miss America pageant or anything else with his name and brand associated to it!

  28. GBaby says:

    Yup I signed it. Definitely agree

  29. D Camille says:

    Well, if we can dump someone for drug use or alchoholism because they don’t embody the spirit of a brand… I think he qualifies for omission. LOL.

  30. BG says:

    I just signed it and sent it to my family.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I signed the petition. I’m no longer shopping at Macy’s. The Trump hotel here in Chicago was a possible location for my company holiday party & the sales team was courting us hard. I sent them an email saying we are going with another property. I will never step foot inside that hotel or any other Trump property. I know that I’m only one person but I have to take a stand.

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