November 14th, 2012
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Hot! or Hmm… Rihanna’s GQ Men of the Year Party Calvin Klein Red Limited Edition ‘Clueless’ Mini Dress
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Last night Rihanna hit the town to celebrate  GQ’s ‘Men of the Year’ issue, and the magazine’s current “obsession” did not disappoint. The pop singer arrived in a $916 Calvin Klein Red Limited Edition ‘Clueless’ Dress, and her favorite pair of red Manolo Blahniks.

Her limited edition dress was reissued by Calvin Klein designer Francisco Costa in 2010 in celebration of the iconic film Clueless. It was also made available in white.

Hot! Rihanna has clearly been looking to the 90s for inspiration as of late. I’m feeling the simplicity of this ensemble, though I’m a bit biased because Clueless is one of my favorite films.

What do you think? Are you feeling this look?


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57 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm… Rihanna’s GQ Men of the Year Party Calvin Klein Red Limited Edition ‘Clueless’ Mini Dress”

  1. Kai says:

    Love. Love. Love. So simple yet it gets the job done!

  2. SLIMB says:

    Loveeeeeee it, she looks gorg from head to toe.

  3. Expected more says:

    Boring! And please someone explain why this small piece of fabric is almost $1000

  4. Empress says:

    Simple…I love it!

  5. TP says:

    Yes! Why in THE world is that dress $900 smh Rihanna looks beautiful though

  6. Faith says:

    Work Rihanna! I would have loved different shoes here though

  7. wayward chic says:

    Shes soo tiny.. Rih gain just a bit more.. But shes the bombshell of the

  8. jeda says:

    this dress has no business being $916

  9. Lauren says:

    what dress? thats a red slip, a nice slip, but still a slip nonetheless. Calvin aint foolin a soul!

  10. Zaki says:


  11. well done… love it and her body is bangin right now

  12. Marthe says:

    What fabric is this dress made of? Unicornhair? This looks like the spandex dresses you can buy for 10 euro here. Nevertheless, I must say Rihanna can pull it off!

  13. bella says:

    she looks cute! I like this look. still stanning for the pixie cut though.

  14. lia says:

    She is bad and she knows it! Loves it

  15. Autumn says:

    I love it, I think she has given us enough over the top looks to pull this off. But imma need her to smile for the camera and not look like she bout to fight a rock, keep it cute boo…

  16. XYZ says:

    I agree with Lauren, that looks like a slip, or a nightie.

  17. Anonymous says:

    No thank you.

  18. Lu says:

    i haven’t seen her look this good in a long time . work it Riri

  19. for real tho says:

    she can’t take the money with her when she goes so hey spend it on a piece of overpriced fabric. she looks gorg tho

  20. Savage says:

    Love! “It looks like underwear” I would totally wear if my boobies were smaller…And ofcouse its overpriced.

  21. Rachel says:

    Love love how simple the outfit is. She looks gorgeous!

  22. Shenika says:

    I’m not a fan at all. This could have been decent but the way it fits makes it look like a night gown. And why do her feet look like they are trying to escape those shoes LOL!

  23. Anonymous says:

    The dress is definitely true to form –> Lol! Love the movie and the tribute dress, but don’t love that price! lol

  24. DomDom says:

    Don’t know why you guys are complaining about the price of the dress. I doubt she even bought it with her own coins plus if she did its her own money she’s spending. Anyway she looks cute, I’m only here for the pixie cut though

  25. Mia says:

    she reeeeaaalllly could have tried finding another ensemble with a bit more fabric and better looking fabric for that matter and not something which looks like an extra long cami.

  26. yusufswifee says:

    I love this. reminds me of Carries “naked dress” from Sex in the city…lmao

  27. AzizMom says:

    Severely disappointed in this. Over $900 for a tank dress you can buy at your local Dots, Citi Trends or other ratchet store? Good grief! Rih is more cutting edge than this. Not feeling it but I do like the color on her.

  28. Jonesy says:

    900 bills for that tank top dress? Yeah ok! LMAO SMDH fools with money is all I can say!

  29. MissRich says:

    I don’t love it.

  30. Talecia says:

    I get it what looks she’s going for but each time I see her I just feel so bad for her.She looks sad and done.No amount of make up or expensive clothes,or “I don’t give ef” statements or antics will hide that there’s something wrong on the inside.But hey that’s my opinion! *waits to be beaten up my rih rih’s navy*

  31. bria says:

    900 for that dress. Child please i dont care if it was on Clueless. SMH

  32. Honey B says:

    She looks good no matter what. You could put her in cow manure and a trash bag and she would slay

  33. She looks like she’s not done getting dressed or walked straight out of Rainbow. Not feelin’ it.

  34. tforre7777 says:

    This dress is doing absolutely nothing for her. I can understand the idea behind it however, this here is a grave miss.

  35. Crystal says:

    Nobody does simple like Calvin Klein. She would’ve been flawless had she worn her short hair. OMG! And yes, the dress is $900 because rich people have money to burn.

  36. love says:

    yeaa you could so get that dress at f21 ne wayy though her face looks damn lovely!

  37. MonaLisa_310 says:

    i hate her hair like that.The crop cut looks way better but whatever.

  38. Jenna says:

    Why do people always point out they can get it cheaper?? Obviously these designers make the clothes way out of our price range and then stores like F21 and even Zara replicate them to make them more affordable for us. If they can afford a $900 dress then good for them. Who cares.

  39. Usually I’m like heyyy designers charge what they want and if people want to buy then that’s on them. But 900 DOLLARS for THAT. No ma’am. It doesn’t look that much better made or designed than what you can get at a cheapie store.

  40. Anonymous says:

    First off, Rihanna looks gorgeous. She looks like a barbie doll! Second, ALL top designers like Calvin Klein has overpriced pieces. Thats just the way the cookie crumbles. Im confused as to why people are still shocked at that.

  41. DarkEmpress says:

    This dress reminds me of a convo with Cher and her dad in the Clueless movie.
    Dad: What are you wearing?
    Cher: A dress!
    Dad: That’s not a dress, who says that is a dress?
    Cher: Calvin Klien!

  42. Suri says:

    With a face like that you don’t need complicated clothes. Her face does the talking. Gorgeous!

  43. bella says:

    @darkempress it’s the same dress. in red.

  44. iCan't says:

    The dress looked better in the movie…I think it is too loose maybe if it was a bit more fitted it wouldn’t look so night “gowny”

  45. Ranger says:

    I never liked her shape. She has no curves/waist. She is made like a ruler, wide and long.

    Dresses like that imo are made for women with actual curves.

  46. Chaboogie says:

    Not feeling the dress but her face looks pretty!

  47. andie says:

    I don’t like this, I know its suppose to be simple but its just boring and her hair is UGH! I still love you rih!
    SN: People are so annoying always commenting on how “skinny” someone is and how they need curves. Her body is perfectly fine!

  48. Danielle says:

    IS SHE SERIOUS? yall are so caught up in being a Rihanna fan that yall agree with this foolery on a red carpet !!!!! This is a tank top dress are you kidding me??

  49. Chris styles says:

    After that cover I was expecting WOW and this is jus ehh…the girl is hot either way but a bit too simple IMO

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