November 13th, 2012
Rihanna, Snapshot
Snapshot: Rihanna by Sebastian Kim for GQ’s Man of the Year Issue 2012 [Full Spread]
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Rihanna by Sebastian Kim for GQ’s Man of the Year Issue 2012.


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65 Responses to “Snapshot: Rihanna by Sebastian Kim for GQ’s Man of the Year Issue 2012 [Full Spread]”

  1. lia says:

    She is gorgeous!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Gorgeous girl. Gorgeous body.

  3. Aldwin says:

    she has a really nice body but is showing her ‘bazoongas’ really necessary???

  4. ChooseyLover says:

    S*x, s*x, s*x s*x that’s all I c when I c Rihanna.
    Love her!

  5. lesha says:

    Gorgeous….ri a bad b*tch

  6. Savage says:

    Its amazing that her tattoos look so damn good.

  7. lesha says:

    Rihanna is f*ckin badddd….gorgeous

  8. The SavSter says:

    Is that her nipple in the first picture?

  9. Shay says:

    not a classy shoot that’s for sure

  10. Empress says:


  11. S. says:

    That darn Rih is too much. Her skin is perfect and all her tats are perfectly placed… I love it.

  12. kay says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    Whatever to “branch” yourself I guess.

  14. Chantals44 says:

    Whatever to “branch” yourself I guess.

  15. Tiara says:

    is that nipple?!?!! and nipple piercing I see?!! Really wish she save some of this stuff for imagination

  16. Anonymous says:

    She’s hot, but this is nothing new.

  17. The SPS says:

    i feel like i have slept with rihanna at one point due to all her sexual pics.

  18. beauty_hurts says:

    Why am I looking at a nipple? WHY?

  19. Mo_Sheri10 says:

    LOL, at the above comment. I hate to admit it, but these photos are hot! She already had naked pics leaked so I guess she didn’t care about her nipple showing in the first pic.

  20. LawyerChic says:

    Hot, but at what cost? =(

  21. Talecia says:

    This is sad.Like real sad. You can still be a badass and have clothes on. But hey thats my opinion, I know Rihanna fans would love to hang me right now lol

  22. mi manning says:

    @ Talecia…I agree! They need to put some damn clothes on her!

  23. DannielleS says:

    I love this spread! Its overtly sexual, but that’s Rih and I appreciate it!

  24. Mimi says:

    Those tattoos are perfection

  25. KBS says:

    LMAO @ the SPS.
    These pics are ok. Her makeup and hair are basic, there’s no amazing location, and hardly any fashion. I looks like something for a tattoo mag. Speaking of which, is that Pocahontas tat real?

  26. She killed it!!!! Go Rih Rih!!!!!

  27. ladyluo says:

    Although I am tired of seeing this chick naked, I can’t lie, these pics are HOT!!!

  28. Danielle says:

    Wile I love Rihanna naked my fave is the one sitting with the grey tshirts. She’s beautiful

  29. Hehe says:

    As much as I like Rihanna I’m over seeing semi-nake pics of her. She still looks beautiful.

  30. Heide says:

    WOW! Some people have it all. Gracious she’s g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s. I don’t think it’s a nipple ring I think that’s her chain hanging. I’m surprised to say I’m not mad at the nipple. It works how they did it. And folks remember this is for a men’s mag. So I get why it’s more risque but I like it.

    Hey no way am I going to bash her when I’ve seen JLo’s & KimK’s naked asses like a gazillion times not to mention the other gazillion times i’ve seen Lady Gaga’s, Madonna’s, Demi Moore, Serena Williams, Vanessa Hudgens, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz etc. naked goodies. If you ain’t calling everyone out don’t call Ri out & i’m not even a fan of hers.

  31. FashionOne says:

    Love it!!!

  32. bebe says:

    @ KBS

    I believe the tattoo between her breasts is that of Egyptian goddess Isis, as a tribute to her late grandmother.

  33. iQgraphics says:

    “That’s a nipple… ’cause I’m drooling” – Boomerang

  34. Anonymous says:

    Rhianna should stop singing and become a stripper and get it over with.

  35. Char says:

    @Heide I agree with your comment 100%. This is a mag for guys this is all they want to see.

  36. Whatevs says:

    Where’s the faux outrage when kimk is doing the same…the big girls are quiet as mouse….

  37. endESQ says:

    She is my body inspiration! Gorgeous!

  38. DarkEmpress says:

    Young, rich and tasteless! She has a great body but it’s so tacky to be that naked. WHY?

  39. No doubt she has a great body, but I can’t with these photos. She looks like a glamorous crack whore in the third and fifth pics. Put on some clothes.

  40. MIa says:

    It doesn’t look photoshopped to death, like that!

  41. AzizMom says:

    I actually like this…not overly styled or pounds of make-up. Also, the body chain is the business all day! She’s young, gorgeous and on top of the world so I say GO FOR IT! Also, Breezy is drooling somewhere…

  42. Siyam says:

    And that’s why I’m hitting the gym more this winter season. Rih has going on and she already said she’s nobody’s role model. Get it in!!

  43. shsh says:


    That’s the Egyptian goddess Isis.

    I love it.

  44. Mic says:

    The girl is gorgeous……..

  45. @paparazzi_promo says:

    Some people over reacting like they never seen a nipple lol.. but rih is the shit! :)

  46. Kay'Gee says:

    Yuck. Lord have mercy.

  47. michezulu says:

    @endEsq she’s mine also. Natural but fem. Love it.

  48. Natasha says:

    @The SPS Exactly :lol:

  49. SLIMB says:

    She looks hott, at least someones comfortable in their skin

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