November 12th, 2012
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The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Azealia Banks Debuts ‘Atlantis’ Video, Victoria’s Secret to Remove Offensive Runway Look from Fashion Show, and Fashion Insiders Get Animated for an ‘Electric Holiday’
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Azealia Banks‘s new music video for Atlantis is sure to trigger a few acid flashbacks in some aging hippes.

What do you think of her trippy new vid? (Fashin)

Angela Simmons has announced plans to launch a new website, “Angela I Am.” Will you be checking it out? (Global Grind)

Karlie Kloss and Victoria’s Secret caught their share of flack last week after the model came trouncing down the runway at the brand’s yearly high-profile fashion show on Wednesday in a Native American headdress. Victoria’s Secret has since decided to omit the look from the show’s national broadcast. “We are sorry that the Native American headdress replica used in our recent fashion show has upset individuals. We sincerely apologize as we absolutely had no intention to offend anyone. Out of respect, we will not be including the outfit in any broadcast, marketing materials nor in any other way.” Karlie took to twitter to also apologize for the misstep: “I am deeply sorry if what I wore during the VS Show offended anyone. I support VS’s decision to remove the outfit from the broadcast.” As if anyone could stay mad at Karlie! What do you think? Was the look offensive, or are people overreacting? (HuffPost)

• Here’s a look at some of the animated representations of fashion’s most noted players for Barney’s Disney “Electric Holiday” collaboration. Can you guess who’s who? (WWD)

Kenneth Cole is certainly pleased about the election’s outcome. The designer’s latest billboard wittily congratulates the President on winning a second term: “That’s two jobs saved. Congratulations President Obama (and long live Big Bird.)” Cole also had a clever ad ready if Mittens Romney had won: “Mitt Happens. Congratulations President Romney (condolences to Big Bird and family).” (WWD)

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23 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Azealia Banks Debuts ‘Atlantis’ Video, Victoria’s Secret to Remove Offensive Runway Look from Fashion Show, and Fashion Insiders Get Animated for an ‘Electric Holiday’”

  1. DBShuneek says:

    Azealia is a mess honey! (in a good way)…I always wanted to be a victoria secret model but could never quite get that six pack…and thats right 4 more years for my president!!

  2. tasha says:

    I think Kenneth Cole billboard is super cute.

    I will be checking out Angela’s site.

  3. DarkEmpress says:

    As a Canadian, I have to say, I am always shocked at the racism that is proliferated towards Aboriginals. The racism in your culture is so insidious that many people do not seem to notice. I still can’t believe that there is a team named the ‘redskins’ that is the equivalent of having a team named the ‘n—–s’. I also see people dressing up as native people for Halloween. Yikes. I don’t want anyone dressing up as a black person for Halloween. Even when Heidi Klum dressed as Vishnu I was stunned. That is a religious figure for Hindus. If we want to exploit our own culture and dress as a nun or bishop its not as bad, but its really offensive to exploit someone elses. As a matter of fact, I am not even a practicing christian and I was really turned off by NIcki Minaj’s Bishop outfit. Just WHY? So unnecessary!

  4. Kitty B. says:

    Funny I was just thinking about “Pretty AB” this morning…haven’t heard anything new about her lately…

    Angela needs a stadium of seats! This girl is so hungry for attention….

  5. Angel says:

    I think people completely overreacted about the headdress fiasco…she’s beautiful, it was beautiful…what’s the big deal? Now if she would’ve came down the runway doing a rain dance and wailing with her hand over her mouth then she could get the side eye but I think offensiveness is all about brashness and intent and I’m certain no one at Vicky thought “let’s sock it to the Native Americans” sheesh America get a life!

  6. SLIMB says:

    Of course I’ll be checking out Angies website.
    & I dont see whats so offensive… but maaybe its just me.

  7. I love Kenneth Cole even more now. Cute advertising.

    That headdress is a tad out of line. America at large tries to forget about the people and nations that they have plundered and oppressed. Trail of Tears anyone? Now, I know that VS played any hand in that, but they should be wary of sexifying Native Americans and trying to capitalize on the look. Disney is a tad wrong for Pocahontas as well.

    Looking forward to Angela’s website!

  8. Loves the Kenneth Cole ad! I think the VS Native American look was fine. People are way too sensitive.

  9. Honey B says:

    If you were Native American maybe you would find this offensive…a half-naked woman parading around in a head-garb that is usually reserved for Chiefs of the tribe?! It could be viewed as offensive. They have every right to be offended. Weren’t some of us pissed off the other week when Dolce & Gabana had those uglas “Mammy” earrings? Oh ok.

    LOVE Kenneth Cole even more…

  10. Marthe says:

    Azealia, I love you, but please don’t try too much being the new M.I.A. . You will never be Queen M.I.A.!

  11. iQgraphics says:

    Luv AB’s music. Can’t stand her vids. hate them. They seem to be reaching but they are far from “there”
    and she always seems stiff as all hell.

  12. Mo_Sheri10 says:

    I agree with Honey B in regards to the Native American headdress. It is no different from people taking offence at D&G. I will not be checking for Angela’s website, she probably will only post pics of herself frolicking on the beach, lol.

  13. Bhud says:

    headress a bit out of line but then again what isn’t these days?

    im more struck by the glaring similarities to AB’s new vid and Rihanna’s SNL performance (look it up and you’ll see). I love Riri but she does seem to morph into whoever a ‘hot’ at the minute. Fefe Dobson, Eva Simmons, Rita Ora, now Azaelia Banks… Hmmmm

  14. KBS says:

    if she were to do the native american thing “right”, how would it look??

    Banks’ look a mess , but I pump her music on the regular. Thats all that matters

  15. andie says:

    I don’t get the hype over “AB”…someone please explain it to me! And I just cannot accept the comment that rihanna copies her or any of the folks mentioned in the comment..i just cant
    Angela’s preview shot is GORG! Don’t see myself visiting the site tho
    The native american thing was fine. Everybody is sensitive when its convenient for them. But what do I know

  16. Alima says:

    I love Azealia!

  17. addikted2fashion says:

    No way in hell are yall gonna reach to the highest of highs of compare that headress to those Mammy earrings! Headress are worn by chiefs and are respectable. That is the farthest thing from the truth for “Mammy”.
    I think Americans are just becoming “outraged” over any and everything now simply because they can and everyone is so worried about stepping on someone else’s toes that heyre willing to entertain the foolery. Im not here for it. Next theyre gonna want Disney to stop selling Pocahontas costumes for Halloween.

  18. Jacqueline says:

    cant wait for Angela’s site definitely checking it out

  19. Cookie says:

    Everything is offensive these days! I would be flattered that someone wanted to imitate my culture. The comment from the Canadian was way to extra. That’s how wars are started! Over religion! If you are so strong in your faith, you would not take offense to anyone challenging it or imitating it. As for offending cultures, these days people are offended by the smallest of things that will get attention. I have come from a Native American, German, French, and African heritage and I am bothered by nothing. Fashion is art and is an expression. It’s really not that serious. My bf is actually half Native American and half African and took no offense either!

  20. DarkEmpress says:

    @ Cookie. Ok, I will excuse your ignorance bc clearly reading comprehension was not your forté. I wrote I was a non practicing Christian so obviously I’m not religious or as you wrote strong in your faith. So I guess you and your bf are the ppl of native friends who advised Gwen Stefani on her video. Just bc u don’t know enough of your native heritage to understand the significance and honour of wearing the headress don’t proliferate that ignorance. My dad is Cree. He respects his ancestors. Follows his traditions. He taught me to also respect cree (aboriginal) culture. people who are knowledgeable about aboriginal culture are offensés.

  21. DarkEmpress says:

    *offended. Sorry iPhone on autocorrect French.

  22. chels says:

    i could understand if someone was wearing a headdress because they knew the heritage and meaning behind it and a NATIVE AMERICAN told them to wear it and they actually were wearing it for a valid reason, but trying to wear something that is from a different culture and trying to exploit it for fashion or shock value is tacky and disrespectful. you should educate yourself on other peoples cultures before you go trying to dress and look like them.

  23. says:

    Anyway, I also read a bit about the reaction of the native americans, or should I just say americans as they weer here first? Anyway, they wrote an open letter about how out of every 22 native american women 18 get raped. Most by non native american men. I think they had a problem with VS oversexualizing an actual issue they have in their community. So I for one do see their point. They’re not being sensitive, they are sensible.

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