November 12th, 2012
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Fashion Discussion: Are We Over Rihanna’s Racy Shoots?
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Another week, another half naked shoot. As I was perusing the web over the weekend, I came across this leaked sneak peek of Rihanna on the cover of GQ. At this point it’s become increasingly difficult for me to be surprised when I see the barely covered star on the cover of a magazine.

Last week we saw her set the web ablaze while engaging in suggestive dominatrix poses with the legendary model Kate Moss.

A month prior, she released the topless cover art for her latest album Unapologetic.

What I have gleaned from her bouts of nudity is that she isn’t doing it for the “shock” value as many may believe. She’s doing it simply because she can, and because she isn’t too fond of covering up. She loves her body (rightly so), and wants the world to thoroughly understand how comfortable she is in her skin.

I commend her fearlessness and ability to be bold and honest with no apologies. I don’t expect her to be a role model, as she has denounced the notion of being one at countless turns in recent years. Thus, I won’t make the argument of her setting a bad example for younger children who may look up to her.

My qualm is instead one of nostalgia. I long for the days of her slaying editorial spread after editorial spread; all with the bat of an eyelash. She recently shot a stunning cover for the November issue of Vogue, –it left me hungry for more. Each shot was captivating, and showcased a Rihanna who could effortlessly put many supermodels to shame. Can we get more of that?

I wouldn’t want her to stop living her truth by any means, I’m just asking for a little balance. It couldn’t possibly hurt to get just a few more high fashion spreads from this gorgeous gal.

What do you think? Are you over Rihanna’s racy shoots?


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66 Responses to “Fashion Discussion: Are We Over Rihanna’s Racy Shoots?”

  1. lia says:

    She looks hot with or without cloths. Lol! Let the girl do her at the end of the day you can’t satisfy everyone.

  2. Empress says:

    Ri Ri can do no wrong in my eyes. Keep the pics coming. Lol

  3. I agree as much as she dosent want to be a role model she is..there needs to be a balance

  4. lesha says:

    @ lia agreed

  5. Shana says:

    It’s an amazing and beautiful thing to be comfortable in your own skin, however, you do not have to broadcast it each and every chance you get. Like the commenter that posted before me, she’s a role model whether she wants to accept the title or not. But, you only live once..right?

  6. eva says:

    yes…..beyond OVER IT!

  7. Marsha says:

    I blame the new tattoo for this latest bout of nakedness. Rihanna is an exhibitionist at heart and there is no fun in getting a tattoo that people immediately criticized and then keeping it covered up.

  8. LawyerChic says:

    Let’s be real, Rihanna is no grand talent, but lucky for her she’s stunning. She has to keep people’s attention and what better way to do that than being sexy? I always feel like if you’re tired of something then don’t entertain it.

  9. S. says:

    I think she balances it by doing what she wants…naked 1 day…high fashion next week. Do u Rih.

  10. iQgraphics says:

    i can’t be mad. i can try, but it won’t work

  11. Lonyx says:

    Im over it, but she’s young, young with fame money and very little guidance. I just wonder is it all worth it.

  12. peplum lover says:

    ugghhh her body shape is to die for
    *feels guilty as i just ate some greasy delicious chinese*
    signs out – off to the gym i go ugghhh

    i love the gq shoot – if u got it ……… u know the rest
    people will hate if your doing good
    people will hate if your doing bad
    be the shit and do Great i say :)

  13. peplum lover says:

    why are my comments dissapearing ?

  14. peplum lover says:

    think she looks fantastico
    that GQ shot is beautiful
    if singing didnt work out she could definetly be a model
    her figure is to die for ugghh
    *just had some fattening chinese’
    if you got it flaunt it

  15. whatevs says:

    Are we tired of kim k and fam walking up and down the sidewalk?…let a chick that actually has a job do her…

  16. onapina says:

    Love her blond look

  17. Anonymous says:

    She just needs a little more of a balance.

  18. Anonymous says:


  19. J.KENNEDY says:


  20. Mo_Sheri10 says:

    (posted by whatevs
    NOVEMBER 12, 2012 2:02 PM

    Are we tired of kim k and fam walking up and down the sidewalk?…let a chick that actually has a job do her…)

    I cosign the comment above. Besides, Rih does have an album to promote so don’t be suprised if more nude pics come out.

  21. jme says:

    Rihanna’s breast (and ‘nether regions’ for that matter) are old news….once your nude photos are made available for the world to see, i don’t there’s much more you can do to ‘shock’ people.

  22. Goldeelocks says:

    What ever happened to be versatile?

  23. LC says:

    We’ll be over Rihanna’s nakedness when the fashion bloggers are over Kim Kardashian. Yeah…I don’t see that happening any time soon.

  24. meekaG says:

    Nudity is apart of art, high fashion is apart of art…. get it!

  25. Anonymous says:

    She is clearly doing what she wants, so let her be. People are OVERLY opinionated when it comes to what OTHER people should be doing. KEEP DOING YOU, RIHANNA!

  26. Danielle says:

    Not yet. I love her naked she’s gorgeous. But I assume one day it’ll get old.

  27. Juice love says:

    That GQ cover is the business I didn’t care for rihanna in the beginning of her career but now I love her

  28. This is how she remains popular. And if people are tired of her I can’t tell. She’s on blogs everyday for the same things that people are “sick” of seeing her do. However, I do feel that she knows deep down she has to have shock value in everything she does to make up for her talent. Honestly, I feel she is talented, but it says something when you have to release an album every year. It’s almost as if she’s afraid that people will forget her.

  29. Jenna says:

    I can always appreciate a woman’s body whether its art or has some type of meaning behind it. As long as its not just for the sake of being naked. However, I feel like some celebs, such as Rihanna don’t need to be naked all the time in magazines, Not when you have a face so beautiful. I have seen many female celebs slay photo shoots in an evening gown and look a lot more sexier doing so.

    I’m not over her nakedness but I do feel she can hold off on it for a while because either way people will be looking and buying as long as she is on the cover.

  30. Well put!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. My two cents, I think the badass sexpot image is getting tired. Naked fine whatever. Yawn snooze. Next.

  32. It’s not shocking anymore.

  33. J’adore when Rihanna goes high fashion! Give the people what they want!

  34. Bhud says:

    while im sure she has some say, remember these are editorials produced by someone that is not her. these magazines are the ones that have no creativity. Im sure if vogue had said let’s do the cover naked shed be like “ok” but they were like no we’ll put you in a dress and she said “ok”.

    furthermore, you posted pics from both gq and esquire; two men’s magazines where the reader is most certainly not interested in Rihanna’s shoes.

  35. Angela says:

    I, personally, like her as a ‘model’ rather than a singer.. For some reason, I just can’t stand the sound of her singing voice. But when it comes to doing pictures, she’s definitely got ‘IT’.

  36. binks says:

    Her body is to die for love the GQ shot! Personally as long as it is balance I have no problem but we have to keep in mind the publications not all shoots are going to go the vogue/high fashion route. Besides she said she wants to be the black Madonna so I doubt she will slow down and get prudish on us….

  37. Aynai Sy says:

    She’s beautiful has a great body & is confident in herself and
    Her sexuality . I just don’t want to see her get to lost in the sauce with the overtop sexy images. Balance , balance, balance . However @ the end of the she’s just doing her & being free !

  38. Jaz says:

    I would love to see more covers like the vogue cover

  39. Amani says:

    Well said Cliche’.

  40. COCO says:

    I am soooooooooooo sick of it. It just cheapens her image….but then again, her image is about being hyper sexual…..also, I’m not fond of the fact that she’s seen as an ‘acceptable’ black woman in terms of looks to the mainstream media but uses her platform to be slutty and constantly playing up her sexuality. Its just feeding into a stereotype about us that I don’t like….

  41. Anonymous says:

    @COCO: I couldn’t have said it any better, bravo!!

  42. Whatevs says:

    Lmao @coco…so tired of this tired response…girl take a look at this site everyday…black women accepted or not accepted are doing a fine job of representing h.a.m. to the world…tell the girl next to you to stop being a stereotype…

  43. caprice says:

    I really hate that pixie cut on her

  44. nmillmich25 says:

    Seriously..she is not doing it for the shock value??..rihanna has a new album dropping in less than a month..all of these magazines will be published with in the next week or two.

    Sure she loves her body…sure she looks hot but sex sells and Rihanna is trying to sell records! A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

  45. Danielle says:

    OVER ITTTTTTTTTTTT !!!!! also i’ve noticed that her stylist is giving Rita Ora all of the gorg high fashions as of late ( shade)

  46. michezulu says:

    I co-sign on @nmillmich25. Girl has to remain relevant. She is working it in those pictures though.

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