November 8th, 2012
Celebrity Style, Rihanna, Snapshot
Snapshot: Rihanna and Kate Moss by Mario Testino for V Magazine December 2012
By Faith

Rihanna and Kate Moss by Mario Testino for V Magazine December 2012.

Source: Sinuous Magazine

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48 Responses to “Snapshot: Rihanna and Kate Moss by Mario Testino for V Magazine December 2012”

  1. RashidaGurl says:


  2. KBS says:

    Sigh. This isn’t my twist. Can I just get deets on the undies Rihanna is wearing in the first shot. Those are very pretty.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that is actually pretty fierce! Rihanna is SERVING on a supermodel status… #werk!

  4. Anonymous says:

    in bajan terms “wuh loss!!!!”

  5. S. says:

    Rihanna is soooo fierce i cant take it.

  6. AH says:

    There’s no fashion in this, they’re basically selling sex. Not feeling it…

  7. Hehe says:

    Rihanna look amazing!

  8. yusufswifee says:

    rhi is a super model…these are fab….oh yeah and I do not care for the sexual undertones – but whatevs.

  9. What’s with the obsession with faux lesbianism?

  10. Enigma says:

    Rihanna looks absolutely stunning!

  11. Danielle says:


  12. I can’t handle it! I love it.

  13. t-fal says:

    I’m with sun.kissed….

  14. Soul Touch says:

    Love it. That shot with the catsuit, wow

  15. SLIMB says:

    They look hott – LOVE

  16. DBShuneek says:

    Whoa der!

  17. kay says:

    sex sell

  18. Juice love says:

    This is hot! Lighten up

  19. Aynai Sy says:

    I like it, can’t wait for my copy to arrive !!!!!

  20. iHeartKeya says:

    I love this so much. HOT!

  21. I believe Rihanna is wearing Versace in the first shot

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. fash says:

    rihanna faces are all the same, great concept though

  24. Jei says:

    Love it.

  25. whatevs says:

    iconic…you can’t deny it…

  26. Mic says:

    I am sorry Rihanna is FIRE!!!! LOve the short hair. She is killing the fashion world…..LLLLLLLLLLLove her.

  27. vain319 says:

    looks a little..ERR….the selling of the whole chick on chick thing..whatevs
    but I like Rhianna’s make up and hair.

  28. Rebecca says:

    How risqué -_-

  29. Kay'Gee says:

    Yuck. I like the last shot.

  30. Jennelaine says:

    Loveeee it!

  31. heyyall says:

    Why is american so girl on girl now…I just don’t get it…

  32. sophia says:

    They turned it all the way up…

  33. hotmama says:

    This is disgusting. Im so sick of them pushing this homo agenda It’s more than this than meets the eye. Wake up people.

  34. Briana says:

    Disgusting?????? Thats hurts alot..its sad to know that something as simple as my love for someone disgusts people..what have I done to u?…the whole industry is built on sex sells and children she it every day but when its girl/girl boy/boy all of a sudden ohhh disgusting!!!! Lets go watch beyonce pop her ass in my kids faces on tv lol……ANNNYYYHOOO RIHANNA LOOKS NICE AND THE LAST PIC ROCK$

  35. Briana says:


  36. Kitty B. says:

    I’m in love with Robyn Rihanna Fenty *drools*

  37. Anon2 says:

    Love it or hate it, Rihanna is smokin’. Good lawd!

  38. Kishonda says:

    No sorry. She looks like trash to me.

  39. iQgraphics says:

    that’s not camel toe… it’s more like cat paw.

  40. Natasha says:

    This is a step and a twirl away from Vogue ’08 with Gisele and LeBron. Skipping over the homosexuality reference (that’s not a big deal nor the real deal here, in my opinion). I find this rife with “artsy” commentary on race and, yes, slavery. Not necessarily a bad theme to broach but I’m NOT feeling it with these two as the muses.

  41. Miss Smith says:

    Ladies, this has been going on in fashion for years. The fashion industry has always had an obsession with sex. Go check out any non-mainstream fashion magazine; you’ll see T&A for days. I think the shoot is cool.

  42. Goldiloxx says:

    @misssmith … I side with you. Well said.

  43. "You Left My Comments for Dead" says:

    Just because the “industry” has been doing something for years it makes it cool? um no, lol Wake up people! They sell sex constantly and make print like this to desensitize you. They have made images like this more acceptable in society, so Sheeple can make statements like “this is hot”.

    These pictures most certainly lack creativity and originality.

  44. Joanna says:

    Lol! I am dying over the comments..
    Total sex sell..

  45. Char says:

    The reality is Rihanna is hot! The pictures are hot, Kate is hot, so some of us that are straight still look at it and think “Damn this shit is hot!”. That doesn’t mean I am a lesbian or that I like girls in that way. Like many others have said SEX SELLS.

  46. DIANA L says:

    I wished they focused less on making them look like lesbians gets a bit annoying I

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