November 7th, 2012
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Hot! or Hmm… Beyoncé’s Feisty New Look
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

In the span of less than a week Beyoncé has revealed a new ‘do, joined Instagram under the handle @BaddieBey, and is now rocking a fly set of grills.

The superstar gained over 100 thousand followers in less than an hour on Instagram after posting her first picture, which showcased her sporting a “Texans for Obama” tee. When the election results came in, she quickly took to her Tumblr and BaddieBey profile to upload a “Take That Mittens” photo, sparking mixed reactions from the viewing public; ultimately the singer removed the image from both sites.

Her fans were then given a treat as she shared a few more photos on Tumblr of her rocking her favorite Obama earrings, gold rings, and her latest accessory, grills.

It seems quite a few people are having a difficult time accepting this more “real” and “down-to-earth” Beyoncé. After quickly scanning her comments on Instagram, I came across statements like, “Really Beyoncé? You just lost a fan,” and “She’s fake”. Not to be left out, Fashion Bomb Daily reader Choco aka Hipppie added, “I think Beyonce looked immature doing that [on] Instagram and posing so-called gangsta – Personality or not she is still lacking in common sense!”. There were others across the web bold enough to claim she was biting BadGalRiRi’s steeze.

I’ll be transparent, I’m here for every bit of this. While this persona may come across as being “new” for many, those of us who have been fans since her days in Destiny’s Child know this side of her good and well.

With a new album on the horizon, and a Super Bowl performance in the works, she clearly means business for her next era, and is taking no prisoners.

What do you think? Are you feeling this feisty new Queen Bey?



Images: Instagram/Tumblr

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81 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm… Beyoncé’s Feisty New Look”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like this side of her. It’s cute!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s cute! I like this side of Beyonce.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s cute!

  4. yusufswifee says:

    haha! I dont see this as anything new. She is just goofing off with a new wig and some glasses…Jayz will probably soon tell her to stop it. And really, ya’ll dont think King Beysus is a little hood….

  5. Anonymous says:

    I like it.. It’s cute!!

  6. S. says:

    I love Bey…she’s a human being just like the rest of us. I agree she’s just having fun. I’m a mom of three but that doesnt mean i cant switch it up from time to time….yall act like she’s throwing up gang signs…sheesh. Can she live?

  7. Nia says:

    I mean, I want her to stop making that face. But, I guess it is her face. Other than that, she looks like she’s having fun. Get it girl!

  8. Bey is allowing us to see more of Sasha Fierce not on the stage! She appears to like to have fun and seems to have gotten a clue that life is more about being you than being the you that the fans will approve of!

    She has class, she has fun, and I am sure she knows how to be a good example for her daughter. Do not forget who she is married to as well, she has proven she can walk with the president as well as many others.

    DO YOU BEY, KEEP DOING YOU! Cause it has really worked fo ya…..

  9. Pinky says:

    YES! <3
    as you stated, ppl who have been bey fans from way back know that she always shows different personas when an album is coming. lol its entertaining, lots of artists do it. let her live

  10. s says:

    I don’t think this is a new look at all. This is just Bey having fun, supporting her candidate of choice showing her personality photographically. It’s really not that deep.

    People want her life to suck So bad and it doesn’t and they can not stand it. I say use her life as an example (motivation) of how far one can get if they put a little “elbow grease” into Their Own activities. Time wouldn’t be wasted making web site comments that Beyonce and other celebs like her probably don’t bother to read anymore anyway. I know I wouldn’t after the first few thousand diatribes of disdain. A person can only take so much.

  11. TheAntifash says:

    Straight TX. LOVES!

  12. Shaunie says:

    Texans for Obama?… But 38 of Texas’ electoral votes went to Romney. I wonder if she knows that

  13. KBS says:

    AND I though “Take that Mithces” was funny. You just can’t please everybody.

  14. ok says:

    i didn’t know that when you turned 30 you weren’t allowed to enjoy yourself and kid around anymore….

  15. Miss Moore says:

    It’s not that serious. While I’m not a Stan, I’m not a hater either it is just an instagram and she is just doing what people do on instagram, which if we r honest usually is a complete and utter waste of the individual’s time. Personally speaking no pic I took for instagram needed 2 be shared with anyone. I believe the ridicule for Bey has come in because she previously didn’t share anything about herself, which still really doesnt ( it’s the same damn stories over and over and that’s only when she has a project dropping) and it can come off as being a little disingenuous , not saying she is so calm down. Secondly, Beyonce took down that Mitches pic down because she is not now nor do I expect her to be realistically confrontational. That’s how she makes the bulk of her ads and endorsement deals, etc.,Because she is unconfrontational. It was a little immature, but but consider the source. If u want respect for your candidate u must provide the same for the other candidate(s), regardless of how the opposing side acted. Romney already loss, and appeared to b surprised by this, so why is this or the numerous other super ratchet social media pics and comments necessary? Take a leaf out of our POTUS’s and FLOTUS’s book and just take the high road, when you win what else is there really left to say? Finally, you cannot praise Bey instagram while complaining about all of her haters, then turn around and hater on Rhianna’s/ any other black relatively young attractive singer’s instagram. Really? They r celebs and sign on for this life, and no one is above ridicule. It just pictures folks, though it would b nice for Bey to post some real pics and not some shit from a photoshoot

  16. Courtni says:

    I don’t think she’s being fake. Every 20-something with an instagram plays with different “characters”. My only issue is her portraying this “Hood-B”, while supporting President Obama. Like Seriously?? A grill and Obama hoop earrings??? Any black woman (that was NOT Beyonce) would have been grilled instantly for wearing these earrings. I don’t like it.

  17. Kay'Gee says:

    Ria and “hahahaha”, 30 is YOUNG! Y y’all making it sound like she’s 60 or sumn. Jeez louise. She can do whatever the heck she wants at whatever age she wants. I think 99% of people in here were referring to you when they said y’all should take several seats.

  18. endESQ says:

    I love me some baddiebey.

  19. soon2Bmrs says:

    I can’t with people. Bey has been this way! So she puts on a grill to pay homage to her Texas roots & she has no common sense & class??? Lol….yall reaching.

    Uhhh Bootylicious video, Upgrade You, Soldier, Diva…..Bey has never let that part of her go. FOH!

  20. soon2Bmrs says:

    She’s married to Jay Z for crying out loud lol

  21. Anonymous says:

    lol @ these opinions.

  22. Miss Medusa says:

    TYPICAL VIRGO…a FAKE ass B*TCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. I don’t understand this. First everyone said how she was fake and boring and had no personality. Now she’s showing us her silly side (which she has always had) and she’s being ridiculed for it? Personally I love when celebs show their real sides that’s why I love Rihanna so much because she’s not afraid to be who she is. I have always been a fan of Beyonce and I like her even more now because she’s showing us the real her. Ever since she had her daughter she’s been a different person and I love it. Why is it that certain celebs get a pass for doing and posting stupid things but she doesn’t?

  24. Ramona says:

    @soon2Bmrs, so true. She been doing this since Destiny’s Child days. Real Beyonce fans aren’t shocked. She has a funny side, a country side, and a hood side, but that doesn’t change her a personality! She’s still a sweetie.

  25. Anon2 says:

    I agree @ Reezy. I don’t have an issue or care with what Beyonce posts on her instagram but why is this topic on a fashion blog. Beyonce is the only artist that gets a post that’s off topic of fashion and I kind of don’t understand. And this look is not new for her. She’s been making funny faces in pics with bangs and white tee’s and hoops for the past 15 years so what’s the point again?

  26. Vick says:

    How can u call a private person fake?!?!

  27. Royaltee88 says:

    Virgos Rock! with a name like MissMedusa u prob look like a MEDUSA…FUGGGLY!! stop hatin on Bey just cuz she still the “dopest chick in the game” still killin u haters as a singer, wife, mama, mogul and FOFF(friend of first fam). u either her fan or tryin 2hard not to be one, I know UR LIFE SUCKS & u can’t stand it that people actual have a GREAT life but to that I say…get ur life!!!

  28. medschool says:

    My questions is why are people calling this “new” side of her real? Why is it that people lump having a “I-don’t-give-a-f” attitude as real? I’m sorry, maybe my definition of real is misconstrued then. I thought being real was being you. I could give 2 shits about Bey because she isn’t paying my student loans and nor helping me stay up at night when I’m on call or studying, but you can’t be one thing (all smiles and sweet as pie) and then another (stank facing/grills). Pick one or the other because that, Bey stans, is what’s fake.

  29. bella says:

    another beyonce post with 50+ comments. how can you guys NOT get why FBD continues to make posts about her? Beyonce always has the girls pressed as hell! lmfao.

    anyways beyonce has definitely let her hair down when she found out she was pregnant. she’s been more open and you can see the change when she was performing at Glastonbury! It’s a new day for her and i’m loving it. she’s always had a hood side !

  30. MsLonnie83 says:

    My question is, “How is this going to help the image of black women in the media?” See, as much as I enjoy Beyonce, it bothers me how irresponsible she is, with social media. Knowing how many fans and young girls look up to her…and she now has a daughter of her own. Has the thought crossed her mind that others will follow her example? Kind of like when she posted the picture of her ballot on social media sites, then others did it too. Not even THINKING and taking a moment to realize that it is illegal in many states, and the penalty is a voided vote, jail time and up to a $10,000 fine. I have no problem with fun and having a good time, but I do think with her following that she should be more responsible. How about tweeting some pictures of the books you read, or you cooking, or teaching your child, or something that encourages people to better themselves and make a difference in this world? To whom much is given, much is required.

  31. JL says:

    I Love Beyonce’s new look :)) Keep it up bey loveee youuu bey !!!!!

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