November 7th, 2012
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Hot! or Hmm… Beyoncé’s Feisty New Look
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

In the span of less than a week Beyoncé has revealed a new ‘do, joined Instagram under the handle @BaddieBey, and is now rocking a fly set of grills.

The superstar gained over 100 thousand followers in less than an hour on Instagram after posting her first picture, which showcased her sporting a “Texans for Obama” tee. When the election results came in, she quickly took to her Tumblr and BaddieBey profile to upload a “Take That Mittens” photo, sparking mixed reactions from the viewing public; ultimately the singer removed the image from both sites.

Her fans were then given a treat as she shared a few more photos on Tumblr of her rocking her favorite Obama earrings, gold rings, and her latest accessory, grills.

It seems quite a few people are having a difficult time accepting this more “real” and “down-to-earth” Beyoncé. After quickly scanning her comments on Instagram, I came across statements like, “Really Beyoncé? You just lost a fan,” and “She’s fake”. Not to be left out, Fashion Bomb Daily reader Choco aka Hipppie added, “I think Beyonce looked immature doing that [on] Instagram and posing so-called gangsta – Personality or not she is still lacking in common sense!”. There were others across the web bold enough to claim she was biting BadGalRiRi’s steeze.

I’ll be transparent, I’m here for every bit of this. While this persona may come across as being “new” for many, those of us who have been fans since her days in Destiny’s Child know this side of her good and well.

With a new album on the horizon, and a Super Bowl performance in the works, she clearly means business for her next era, and is taking no prisoners.

What do you think? Are you feeling this feisty new Queen Bey?



Images: Instagram/Tumblr

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81 Responses to “Hot! or Hmm… Beyoncé’s Feisty New Look”

  1. Anonymous says:

    People seriously blow things out of proportion!! I love this side of Bey and it just shows that she is not only a star but a REAL HUMAN BEING!! People need to get a life!! I love you Bey and Obama!! And since she can’t say it, I’ll say it TAKE THAT MITCHES!!!!

  2. tasha says:

    Beyonce is straight Houston, Texas. I dont care what no one says about her family. She can be ratchet just like anyone else. Did people think she was primp and proper sipping tea with her pinky finger… nope.

    Texas Girls Rock

  3. p says:

    unfortunately when you portray yourself to the public to be so sweet and demure and shy you can come across as fake or trying too hard..she needs to pick a side..

  4. ashleigh says:

    it seems that she’s being more personable…less private and showing more of her personality. nothing wrong with that.

  5. iCandy says:

    People love to hate her and I think that is sick and sad. She’s having fun what do people think instagam is about you just posting pics showing different sides of you geez I wouldn’t trade places with her for nothing

  6. Sade says:

    Real Beyoncé fans know what’s up!

  7. Nikkibellaray says:

    It seems as though she can’t win for losing, she stays to herself they say she is stuck up, she shows her down to earth side they call her fake and immature. Can the lady live for pete sake? Can she continue to be great without all the shade for once in her life? Anyways I love my Honey Bey and I’m all for this look.

  8. First they said she was too uptight, too prissy, now she is too laid back. I personally think the break she took and having a child might have changed her. If you notice she is much more relaxed since dropping her dad as management too.

  9. babybluez says:

    I think it’s a cute, funny, personable side of hers! We all pull silly faces at the camera, what’s the big deal?!

  10. LBoogie says:

    Wow! I can’t believe how deeply folks are reading in these photos!!! They’re just pictures! She’s obviously having a good time and she looks fantastic! Chill people!

  11. Caribbelle says:

    This is Beyonce being well, Beyonce. Hate it or love it, she’s always had a silly fun side. People will always find something negative say about everything she does so I’m not surprised at their fauxrage following her every breath. It is what it is. I took the photo as a cute way of showing support. That’s all!

  12. whatevs says:

    15 years and the King still has ya’ll mad…stay mad…she’s coming for heads this time…

  13. Jinx Moneypenny says:

    People need to remember, stars aren’t one-dimensional. That’s not real life. She can’t be no-hair-outta-place Beyonce all the time. She’s a person too.

    It’s not that serious.

  14. T says:

    I find it funny how people say she needs to do this or be like this, she needs to pick a side blah blah…lol…she don’t need to do anything but what she wants or pleases to do…she aiint breaking any laws, she is no one’s property..u don’t own her people…that’s God’s child not urs…so take several seats..

  15. Angela says:

    That hair! **rolls eys** SMH!

  16. tt says:

    these people are really doing the most o_O! are they seriously going in on her for posting pics w/a grill or posing “gangsta” style? it ain’t even that serious. people really LOVE to HATE beyonce. so sad.

  17. Reezy says:

    Is Beyonce paying you guys to promote her Instagram!?? This is the third post today that mentions her new IG page (baddiebey) blah Blah BLAH

  18. mo mo says:

    They clearly ain’t REAL fans then if they’re complaining about Bey!

    I’m even happier to be seeing this side of the Queen! I needed her to bring back that hood Texas side of her.

    Beyonce do as you please – BaddieBEY!!!

  19. Kisha says:

    Beyonce has always been hood always. Are you forgetting who she married? Lol, real Beyonce fans know what’s up and we love it.

  20. Goldiloxx says:

    I. Absolutely. Love. This.
    @p … Pick a side?????
    She’s human. Just like us. A multi faceted personality. And that hair. Fly. Fly. Fly.
    She’s real.

    Go head B.

  21. Goldiloxx says:

    @whatevs … Preach.

  22. Miss Chrys says:

    Just like any president Bey is only human, maybe those who are offended should stop placing “man” on such a high pedestal, leaves less room for disappointment =)

  23. Angel says:

    How’s this look new? She’s rocked bangs before, she’s done plenty photoshoots/videos with more of an urban steez. I mean lest we forget that she has an entire alter ego is that side of Bey so how’s this new? The world really should take themselves a little less serious because she’s human and has a right to exhibit whichever side of herself to us that she wants I mean come on! She’s the King! I love her grill by the way!

  24. Anonymous says:

    It’s like she can never win. She’s human, not a programmed robot!

  25. LEAVE BEY ALONE! seriously, let her live.

  26. Cherie says:

    I love Bey…and I say DO YOU. I think Beyonce is multi-dimensional and haters want to box her in. Get your gangsta on Bey and nevermind the haters.

  27. V says:

    She’s playing around having fun. Get over it ppl it is not that serious

  28. binks says:

    Can we top the queen or king thing that sounds as dumb as her supposed “haters”. Honestly I have no opinion one way or the other as long as she isn’t hurting anyone do you but I hate the grill it looks tacky …shrugs

  29. reesha says:

    I have never considered myself to be a fan of Bey’s, probablybecause of how sheltered she seemed to be. One of those Janet Jackson types, we know you have that hood (poetic justice) side just like everyone else. Im glad that she is letting her hair down, and she looks so much younger and cuter instead of that Diana Ross persona.

  30. T1K says:

    wheres the “who cares?” option. If you don’t like it move on and don’t participate in it, she’s a grown woman and its entitled to do whatever she feels like doing. People saying they’re not fans anymore just off of some pictures? like really?

  31. TQ Stand Up says:

    I think it’s been said many times. There are many facets of Beyonce and trust and believe she’s shown them all over the years; plus she’s from H-town..if you don’t know you need to find out. Hoodness at its finest and it was on full display during the Destiny Child days..the girl is coming full circle basically.

  32. addikted2fashion says:

    I LOVE when she does things like this to show that she isnt just “Beyonce the singer”, she’s Beyonce Knowles-Carter, a woman that can be ladylike sometimes and silly other times. Let her live. Yall complained she wasnt showing her own personality enough before (I am guilty of such) but now that she is yall are still mad and calling her fake. She cant win.

    Question, didnt Rihanna suddenly change into this “bad girl” and not a word was spoken….so why is it an issue if someone else shows their less “sophisticated” side?

  33. Kee says:

    So she lacks common sense because of her so called gangsta style….tell us how you really feel Choco AKA Hippie #ignoranta$$chick.

  34. Loves me some Beyonce! It’s great to see her showing a bit more of herself to her fans. It makes her more personable, I like it. Nothing wrong with being human.

  35. Glory says:

    Ps…the way she’s holding her mouth open reminds me of how my mouth would gape open back in the day when I would put those false, glow in the dark, costume vampire teeth in. Lol. Ah, memories.

  36. The SPS says:

    wish she hadn’t removed her mitches photo

  37. SLIMB says:

    She freaking human, she can do what she wants smh

  38. Lolodoll11 says:

    Bey is just doing wayyyy too much now!

  39. LookShrpLivSmrt says:

    See now I was gonna let these fools make it… UNTIL I saw the comment about her biting Rihanna steez. Let me educate you children… Beyonce has been doing the Ghetto Girl Routine, GOOGLE her childhood videos, Soldier Video, DIVA Video & lyrics, Bootylicious Video, & Check Up on it Video… O ok now please go check little Miss RiRi who came out as ms. goody to shoes… & has had to recreate herself constantly to stay relevant. King Bey ” been doing this here thing” so please HAVE SEVERAL SEATS

  40. JK says:

    She makes everything look classy.
    Those grills look so demure and ladylike compared to a typical pair.
    This woman is bad af, ’nuff said. I’m here for the Notorious B.E.Y.

  41. ria says:

    money cant buy class

  42. ria says:

    How old is she again? At least 30. She looks a fool in these pic. Grow up.

  43. hahahhaha says:

    Exactly Ria…the reason people think she’s fake is because she’s in her 30s doing this shit. I know she didn’t have a normal childhood but damn, act your age. I can’t think of any 30 year old I know calling people “mitches.” That’s some 6th grade shit.

  44. hahahhaha says:

    I’m mad Cliche posted that old ass picture from the Bootylicious video to justify Beyonce’s foolishness.

  45. Jennelaine says:

    Im not mad. Beyonce has always been classy yet feisty. Being from Houston doesn’t make you hood; she definitely grew up in an affluent part of the city. Its just her personality. She’s doing what any young woman would do who’s proud, by embracing her culture. lighten up and live.

  46. COOCOOO says:

    I hate grills. They’re just so ugly, even on Queen B. Her hair and makeup is beat though

  47. luvie says:

    Ria you need to get a life. Honestly.

  48. Jazz says:

    Looka here All you peasants will BOW DOWN to the KING!! lmao jk let Bey liveeeeee. Don’t we all have a goofy side? Why aren’t celebs allowed to? I love this side of Bey way more than her prissy side. #beyhive

  49. jeda says:

    Wait…i dont get it. Hasnt this always been Beyonce? Listen to her music and you will see that this is exactly who she is. And about the hair…i still dont see what the difference is. She always rocked long blonde locks with a bang…aint nuttin new….sit down.

  50. VJohnson says:

    Not saying she has to be all “grandma” and not have a life, BUT Bey is a MOM! I’ve always thought of her as classy and always rockin the hottest ish, but grills… NO! Love the hair. Love the shirt. But i really hope the grill trend does not recycle itself.

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