November 6th, 2012
Obama Family, Style Inspiration, What to Wear
Fall 2012 Style Inspiration: What to Wear to an Election Night Party
By Claire

Michelle writes, “I know you all did a post for the election in 2008, but I thought it would be fun to do a style inspiration for this super close 2012 election. I know there will be lots of parties going on that night, and folks will definitely want to look fashionable! Love your site by the way.”

Love ya back!
In addition to rushing to the polls on Tuesday, November 6th, I’m sure plenty of you will be spending time with friends, locked into your TV sets to see who will be the next President of the United States! We’re not even gonna lie…here on The Fashion Bomb, we’re #TeamObama, so put together a few looks for guys and gals to help elect our President for another term!

Look one is super casual, and thus begins with a fun $29 Barack Your Body tank from Urban Outfitters. Add a dash of fashion with a pair of Helmut Lang leather pants, then keep the laid back theme going in sneakers (though you could totally rock a pair of black pumps with this look!). Show true support for Barack with these fly $42 Potus Earrings by Melody Eshani (get them here) and Obama Minx (available at Polish Bar of Brooklyn). Finish with a pop of red lipstick and a jacket appropriate for wherever you are in the world:

Get even more fun (non partisan) tees and tops here:

Guys, you can show your support as well, whether you go for a more understated Givenchy Stars and Stripes sweatshirt or an in-your-face Barack the Vote tee.

Anchor each look with jeans, and add a stylish twist with $520 Pierre Hardy Metallic Sneakers.

Going for dressy? Slip on a blue dress with red heels, yet represent Obama with $28 Obama earrings by Erica Pena (get them here) and a ‘Forward’ Pin (get yours at Etsy):

For the guys, I was going to suggest a blue suit and red tie, but you can wear that on any other day!

Step it up a bit in a blue velvet blazer, and show American pride in a navy and red bowtie by Surface to Air. Complete with red shoes (or a pair of dinner slippers), and of course, your Obama button:

What do you think? Any big plans for Election Night?
*If you, perchance are Stacey Dash A Romney supporter, simply replace the Barack tees and paraphernalia with a Romney shirt or button.
*Though most items can be removed/covered up when you go to the polls, err on the side of caution and don’t wear any buttons or shirts endorsing either candidate when voting. These looks are for watch parties–we wouldn’t recommend wearing these to poll sites. That said…Vote!

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43 Responses to “Fall 2012 Style Inspiration: What to Wear to an Election Night Party”

  1. MissRich says:

    LOVE IT! The 1st one is going to be my outfit all day at the polls

  2. Empress says:

    Cute outfits. I already sent in my ballot. #FourMoreYears

  3. MISSKHADIVA says:

    nothing for the Romney supporters?

  4. Empress says:

    @MissKhaDiva What part of #TeamObama don’t you understand? Lol

  5. Kacey says:

    We in Europe can not tell you all what to do. But I hope people in the US realize that at least when it comes to the economy for the most part: #blamebush! Seems like ya’ll forgot that whole war on terror, that was more a war of how much money can we burn, if you ask me

  6. Anon says:

    @Misskhadiva nope!

  7. Rebecca says:

    Romney supporters should wear a dunce cap.

  8. Dee says:

    Love them all!

  9. Lolodoll11 says:

    Miss Rich – might wanna look into that further. You stated all day at the polls as if you’re working them. Don’t think that type of attire is allowed…esp if you’re a poll worker. Some cute choices however. Too bad I will be watching the results from a hotel room and not the local parties.

  10. Ren says:

    Why is this only for Obama ? Some Fashion Bombers support Romney

  11. Claire says:

    @Ren and @MissKhadiva
    Reading is *fundamental*. Here are three parts of the post you glossed over.
    And I quote:
    1. ” We’re not even gonna lie…here on The Fashion Bomb, we’re #TeamObama, so put together a few looks for guys and gals to help elect our President for another term!”
    2. “If you, perchance are A Romney supporter, simply replace the Barack tees and paraphernalia with a Romney shirt or button.”
    3. “Get even more fun (non partisan) tees and tops here.” Then you have a host of american flag tops and even a Romney tee.
    Something tells me you’re being antagonistic just for the heck of it, but we already addressed the focus of this post, what you can do if you bat for the other team, and provided options for ya.
    With that said… #2Terms

  12. Farrah says:

    Go in, Ms. Claire and let have (in my Funky Dineva voice)! People need to start reading and not just look at pictures.

  13. The SPS says:

    Yall not coming for Claire this morning! She was in NY with no power. Her nerves are short…and tbh…if you are voting for Romney and you are of color….you should not be researching fashion but rather your poor life decisions.

  14. Sigh says:

    I love the last look for guys with the velvet blazer! I will be wearing my female version of that.

    LOL @ Rebecca!

  15. Michelle says:

    “if you are voting for Romney and you are of color….you should not be researching fashion but rather your poor life decisions.” ~ The SPS

    OMG WHAT IS OXYGEN!?!? #dead

  16. binks says:

    lol Claire, this goes to shows a lot of people skip over the post and concentrate on the images. Love all the looks and good luck to my peeps standing in lines 11/6th (got my voting done with early) make sure y’all are well refreshed and comfortable.

  17. jbrizzy says:

    And this is why I love this site, but @Claire how come you guys didn’t do a Halloween edition of Style inspiration

  18. Pari says:

    Love the outfit ideas!

    But as an aside, (and this isn’t to Claire but to the people that speak against black people not voting for the black man) I don’t understand why just cause I’m black I have to vote for a black man. I’m voting for Obama because I align more with him politically,\; not because of the color of his skin. If a white man (i.e. Herman Cain, Colin Powell) were in the Presidential election running as a Republican do I have to vote for him even though his ideas and values don’t align with mine? I believe in supporting our brothers and sisters but we shouldn’t do it blindly.

  19. Loves these choices. LOL @Claire reading the ppl who time and time again fail to read the entire post. @Pari—what the hell? Colin Powell is Black! Inform yourself.

  20. tt says:

    L.O.V.E. I.T.!!! @ claire & @ the sps y’all better let the confused know.

  21. tt says:

    ummm pari, why are you assuming that all/most blacks are chastising other blacks because they may not be voting for the “black man?” i find that type of thinking to be offensive. throughout this entire campaign ROBney supporters ALWAYS twist their mouths up to say that blacks are only voting for PRESIDENT OBAMA because he’s black, as if blacks are too stupid to be voting for him because “WE align more with him politically,\; not because of the color of his skin”? i for one think ROBney is a wolf in sheep’s clothing who is trying to gain control of the white house in the interest of big business/corporations which is his background. that man IS NOT trying to make things better for ALL & anyone drinking his kool aid is crazy!

  22. Lmao says:

    Romney supporters really couldn’t figure out how to make these looks their own? Clueless, just like Stacey Dash

  23. Sigh says:

    @sun.kissed, Pari’s comment made me scratch my head but I think it was a typo. I believe she intended to write “If a black man (i.e. Herman Cain, Colin Powell) were in the Presidential election running as a Republican do I have to vote for him even though his ideas and values don’t align with mine?

    Herman Cain is also black.

  24. Pari says:

    Thanks Sigh, you’re right, it was a typo. I did mean black man (of which I named two), not white man.

  25. Misskhadiva says:

    Thanks Claire and others for the response. I read the line clearly, I did not skip through it. Some bloggers that are Team Obama, still throw in a lil’sumsum for Romney supporters. It was just a question (no offense intended). I am #TeamOBAMA with nothing against the Romney supporters. Let’s pray for a result that favor us all on Tuesday, make sure you all BARACK THE VOTE!!!

  26. QueenSafira says:

    Thank you tt! And say that again The SPS!

  27. Empress says:

    I like what Pari said. Your race should have nothin to do with who you vote for. There are plenty black republicans! #Women4Obama

  28. Melissa says:

    Polytricks make people act stupid.

    If your black and vote for Romey you must have problems! Why is that? Should all black people vote for Obama.

    At the end of the day just make sure you vote! I’ve ran into a few people who don’t vote. Why because they think their vote doesn’t matter.

  29. tia says:

    Romney was a bishop in the Mormon church, a church that believed that Blacks were cursed. as a bishop he promoted this belief up until the church denounce this thinking 20 years ago. however he spent the majority of his life believing blacks were cursed by God
    More importantly Romney went to the NAACP conference and told the audience that he would cut Obama’s health care plan, and the audience boo’ed him
    These are reasons enough for my black ass not to vote for Romney. in addition, i wont vote for him because he hasn’t paid federal income tax him ten years. why should a man who has not invested in the nation be president? Also he outsourced jobs overseas, and is being investigated for fraud and perjury.
    I honestly cant understand why this man is presidential material

  30. McKenzie says:

    At no point did anybody that’s #teamObama on here say “vote for him because he’s black and you’re black too”. Anybody who isn’t super wealthy and voting for Romney is misguided. And any women voting for him, black or white, need to be questioning their poor life decisions like The SPS said (too funny btw).
    P.S. Cute looks Claire!

  31. Miss Cee says:

    Fab post Claire!

    Friendly reminder FashionBombers…do not wear any visible political paraphernalia to the polls as that is considered campaigning and not allowed at the polls.

    #BaRack the Vote!!

  32. binks says:

    Right tt, I am so sick of the asinine assumption that blacks are only voting for Obama because he is black but fail to realize majority of black people are democrats anyway so President Obama would have gotten most of the black votes anyway(so there goes the Herman Cain theory if ehy he wouldn’t never been elected and Colin Power’s brand of republican is a dying breed so hos party wouldn’t given him the bid) and B) fail to call out all the other folks who REFUSE to vote for Obama because he is black DESPITE his political beliefs matching closely to theirs….so if you want to call out one please call out all.

  33. mo mo says:

    all very cute outfits.

  34. cottoncande says:

    I’m loving the outfits. Great inspiration, I’m headed to a watch party in Atlanta tonight to watch history in the making. Thank you Claire for using your platform to promote the Obama campaign. Obama Nation 2012!! GET OUT AND VOTE!

  35. Sam Street says:

    Nothing for the Romney supporters!? Way to be biased!

  36. LawyerLady says:

    EXCELLENT IDEAS!!! Love all the looks. You have truly inspired me for tonight’s watch party. @Sam Street, Claire said from the outset that the site is Team Obama.

  37. Sam Street says:

    Love the fashion advice, but not the one sided opinions…everyone’s choice should be voiced if you want to have a successful blog. @Kacey Im from Europe, and not all of us European’s feel the same way. :)

  38. Jennifer says:

    Well Sam Street, perhaps you want to read all the words in the post. Not that it matters—you can’t vote for either. (:

  39. Gray says:

    Lol @ Obama nails, Ha!

  40. kat says:

    The blog is pretty successful :-/ I don’t really see how posting Romney fashion would put it over the edge.

    I wouldn’t wear any of the Obama stuff. I’m really not into wearing my political affiliations on my back-it’s cute in theory, very uncomfortable in practice. The most I would do is a button.

  41. elite socks says:

    Collection was really nice … i like the shoes collection most they looks really funky .

  42. cottoncande says:

    @Sam Street Why are you even commenting then? THIS AIN’T YO ELECTION!! Claire has a right to endorse whatever candidate she wants. Nobody said she has to be politically unbiased on HER site. Take a seat over in Europe.

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