November 6th, 2012
Kim Kardashian, Lookbook, Shopping
Lookbook: The Kardashian Kollection for Dorothy Perkins
By Faith

The Kardashian Sisters are continuing their world domination tour and their latest endeavor is a collaboration with affordable UK fashion retailer Dorothy Perkins. Chock full of pieces that reflect their personal style, you can definitely expect to be on-trend with this collection.

The blazer is a Kardashian staple, thus the sisters imagined a slew of options featuring everything from lace to watercolor print.

Bodycon dresses anyone? The collection is full of them, just in time for your holiday cocktail parties.

Not to fret: there are pieces that are actually fit for everyday wear including a Rick Owens-inspired leather jacket, printed pussybow blouses, a darling lace print trench, and more.

Lastly, accessories mavens can rejoice with a robust selection of handbags.

Prices for the collection retail from $44 – $135. You can start shopping at in two days time, so mark your calendars.

What do you think? Any pieces catch your eye?

Images: Marie Claire UK

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50 Responses to “Lookbook: The Kardashian Kollection for Dorothy Perkins”

  1. SHOEFETISH says:


  2. Loni says:

    I need that leopard print dress!

  3. bella says:

    very cute actually. this stuff looks better than their collection at Sears!

  4. SheQuin says:

    Damn, they’re collection’s dope, but the prices taint the whole DP brand. The prices are just too steep. Take that to target. I go to DP to try and stray from buying expensive clothes, and here they go. They can DEFINITELY afford to make the clothes cheaper.

  5. Martinique_Fr says:

    This collection so much better than their Sears one… Why?

  6. ladyluo says:

    I like the stuff featuring the lace details

  7. The lace is a must. I really like the all the pieces.

  8. Shammy says:

    Sears actually carry the same collection.. Discounted too

  9. Reezy says:

    Wow they actually have some cute pieces. But I will not support these women…ever. I’ll pass

  10. kay says:

    Hmmm this whole collection looks like River Island

  11. Mrs Windy city says:

    Right – @Shammy. Some of the patterns are the same they use at Sears. Just a different label.
    The question is- how will it look in person? Hopefully not cheap and hard as rocks like the Sears collection

  12. Anonymous says:

    I actually Love this collection. Nice!

  13. SLIMB says:

    Khloe looks fab… love the pieces in the second picture – I can see me getting a couple of their pieces – love

  14. Chris styles says:

    Not impressed…I’ll pass

  15. hotmama says:

    So tired of these tricks.. I wouldn’t buy a thing form any of their collections

  16. Shammy says:

    @Mrs Windy city yup I work in a mall here in brooklyn and I def seen some of the same pieces from that website in Sears. But like you said most of the material is poor quality

  17. Shammy says:

    @ Mrs Windy city yup I work in a mall here in brooklyn and I def seen most of the same pieces the website is carrying in Sears. Just like you said in person most of the clothes is poor quality…

  18. Lee-Lee says:

    I’ll be darned they’ve ruined Dorothy Perkins for me. Dangit!

  19. Izhause says:

    Hopefully this stuff doesn’t look like that stuff they sell on QVC.

  20. Jenee says:

    Yes most of these items are the same ones that are currently in Sears. The clothes are way to expensive for the quality. I like the designs

  21. Honey B says:

    The clothes look cheaply made. No thanks.

  22. Pari says:

    A lot of cute pieces. I’d definitely buy some of them!

  23. ohyeah says:

    I underestimated the collection, until I went to Sears and tried some things on. They’re more affordable at Sears. And the quality is definitely decent.

  24. Tai says:

    Cute pieces but I won’t buy anything from any of thier collections.

  25. J. says:

    Looks better than their Sears collection. IMO.

  26. Gray says:

    I really like this, all but the bags.

  27. tt says:

    @ bella
    i was thinking the exact same thing. their sears collection is nothing more than tragic trash, but the dorothy perkins collection is actually very nice. the only thing i don’t like are those ugly blouses. other than that…

  28. Angela says:

    Oh my.. I’m actually liking this collection. I’ve got my eye on that knock-off Rick Owens jacket. Some of the bags are cool too.

  29. Shauntele says:

    is it just me or do they look abnormally airbrushed?

  30. Erin B. says:

    So…is this an extension of the line they already carry at Sears? Looks like the same stuff.

  31. Kay'Gee says:

    Puliz, these KK bags don’t last considering their price.

  32. ugh, more cheap stuff made in sweat shops (my usual rant).

  33. Dion says:

    Not gonna lie. This “K”ollection lol is really cute!!

  34. Mo_Sheri10 says:

    I like some of the pieces, but I won’t waste my money on anything with their name on it.

  35. CJ says:

    Ask yourself this ladies and gentlemen, would they wear that? Maybe next time.

  36. Anon2 says:

    I’ll give them credit for not throwing their name on some junk (well, maybe they have in the past) like other celebrities. It seems like they actually had input and put some thought into this collection. Good job ladies.

  37. Nelli says:

    I am a Londoner and i will say that 1 or 2 pieces of this so called ‘Kollection’ are nice but the rest look cheap and tacky. I don’t understand why celebrities think they can wear these amazing designer clothes and yet when it comes to their own collection the designs are far from what they actually wear. I could go into any high street shop or the market and find these clothes, why should I be putting my hard earned money into their fat pockets when the clothes are basically CRAP!

    I rest my case

  38. Anonymous says:

    This is literally the same collection that they have at Sears, even the purses are the same.

  39. Tori says:

    the collection is hot.. They look OFF as hell in these shots!! lol

  40. Personally I am not feeling it. As stated by Nelli. The clothes are a little bit on the wack side. Some of the pieces you get in stores that already out there. Such as basic H&M, Newlook, Asos ( In terms of the body con dresses), Miss Selfridge, Forever 21 etc

    What is seriously bringing my attention to buy these clothes. I wouldn’t think I got myself some fly eye piece; as i don’t see any of the clothes as fly.. It’s a lil disappointing and yes the clothes look cheap and tacky..

    They tried and it’s not for me.

    Also top sellers the of the line I think will be the gold body con dresses, the keyhole dresses, a few of the blazers and tops..

  41. Their clothes always look cheap and it’s always the same stuff every time. Nothing new or original.

  42. Dria says:

    I like! I do think this looks like things they would wear. Blazers, leopard print and bodycon dresses are Kardashian staples.

  43. Sabrina says:

    As if they would wear their collection! They just wear one or two pieces for publicity. If it’s not a Birkin, I doubt Kim would carry any of those tacky bags!

  44. naira says:

    they just made beyonce’s derion look cheap as hell

  45. Joanna says:

    I love the clothing line but I would not buy their handbags with their logo on it.

  46. Sarah says:

    I love almost every piece, wow I’m actually surprised their clothing line looks so well, i love all the blazers and the dresses are sexy but not too revealing, good look for the Kardashian sisters

  47. haute_shopaholic says:

    Ummmm…same stuff at sears…but now we get to pay international shipping…hooray!! (sarcasm)

  48. Lee in London says:

    Uh some others stated, it looks like River Island clothes. It’s really nothing special, and it’s Dorothy Perkins..DP isn’t really the trendiest high street store in England.

  49. iHeartKeya says:

    I have my eye on the Rick Owens inspired jacket

  50. Kayleigh says:

    Hey, great blog :)
    I think that the range is hit and miss, there are a few nice pieces and a few trashy pieces! I love the leather jacket.

    I did a little Kardashion Kollection nail tutorial here:

    Let me know what you think. K x

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