October 31st, 2012
Snapshot: Nene Leakes for Ebony Magazine December/January 2013
By Claire

Nene Leakes for Ebony Magazine December/January 2013
Image: EbonyJet.com
Thx to @mizcolon73 for the tip!

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27 Responses to “Snapshot: Nene Leakes for Ebony Magazine December/January 2013”

  1. SAW says:

    Ebony magazine really needs to calm down with the airbrushing. That is all

  2. mary says:

    and we have Lenethia airbushed for the kids lol

  3. Empress says:

    Yuck! Just another thing for her brag about! “I’m rich Bitch” Smh!!!!

  4. XOXO says:

    Okay, No Shade…But honestly, no one wants to see NeNe in a tub (of any kind). I am sure there were other options. ImJustSayin. Lol

  5. tasha says:

    Congrats to Nene. I am going to be honest I never thought her loud mouth and actions would getting her paid like she is. She has created a brand and is making money. I still dont agree with the “rich b!tch” stuff but glad she diversified herself

  6. Cheron says:

    To me this cover is tacky and It’s over airbrushed. What exactly is this cover trying to portray?? Def not something I would show my 10 year old and be proud to explain…

  7. asia says:

    Ebony was always a classy magazine.Lately I know they’ve been trying to hit a different market.idk who they’re trying to get to pick up that mess with NeNe on the cover.#i’llpass

  8. Anonymous says:

    Girl no.. Look a little manly but I ain’t mad u getting paid

  9. Jennelaine says:

    She looks like a rotisserie chicken. How unflattering for both Nene and Ebony.

  10. LawyerChic says:

    The shade….the hate. I’m no Nene fan, but goodness gracious can she live? Kudos to her for creating a lane for herself. If you don’t like it don’t buy it or show it to your kids.

  11. T1K says:

    I can see what they were trying to go for, but in my opinion it fell short, and looks tacky.

  12. Messy mess. There are many ways to show that NeNe is making a name for herself and this ain’t it. This looks trashy and straight up wack. Shame on Ebony.

  13. Jenna says:

    My first reaction when I saw this was “LOL!” It kinda looks like she’s mocking herself after her ” I’m very rich B*tch” comment lol but congrats to her on her success

  14. kay says:

    Not attractive and neither is NeNe’s crass, classless personality. You’re not rich, you’re trash.

  15. Men Fashion says:

    I want to say two words about this snapshot, absolutely gorgeous…

  16. cottoncandy says:

    I’m not knocking anyone’s hustle, she came a long way and now she doing big things. You go girlllllllllll

  17. DarkEmpress says:

    Nene is crass but I have always appreciated her honesty. She is not as fake as some of these reality wives, who want to act like they are a politicians wife and then the ratchetness comes out …….(Sheree). I think she looks good and she has found a way to support herself and doesnt have to rely on any man to take care of her. so good for her. I think she looks great.

  18. Bronze says:

    Looks like a cheap Budweiser Beer Poster from the 80s.

  19. LawyerLady says:

    Nene is entertaining. I enjoyed watching her on the show – though I’d never want to mix with her. Can you say cray cray?? Still, I love the hustle.
    This cover is, sadly, typical of Ebony. This shot has been done millions of times before and much better. Ebony always seems to be about a decade behind.

  20. Dee says:

    Interesting cover for Ebony. Wonder who their target audience is?

  21. Kacey says:

    Any more airbrushing and they would have been better of with a drawing

  22. heyyall says:


  23. Brenda says:

    Nene, she has come a long way. Everyone else is capitalizing on their 15 minutes of fame, why not a real sista. You go Nene, do your thing!!!

  24. mi manning says:

    TEAM Nene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heart her!

  25. antiSOCIAL says:


  26. PinkShimmer says:

    Now the NeNe stans (if she has any) are going to be mad at me for this one but here I go… First of all, that is the most UNFLATTERING cover (of any magazine) that I’ve seen in a lonnnnnnnnnnng time! She has such broad shoulders that I would have NEVER selected a photo that emphasizes such a negative feature. Secondly, the shot looks cheap because the photoshoot producers were trying to mimic diamonds in a tub. However, like many complained, it looks like they visited Michael’s and purchased bags and bags of beads (for $2.99/per pack) and threw them in the tub and told her to sit in it, “It’s gonna look glamorous NeNe, trust us!” #FAIL Lastly, they were aiming for an unconventional cover shot for the holidays but the execution was way off. Ebony would have been better off publishing a medium shot photo of NeNe in one of those red colored tacky bandage dresses she loves to wear with a “Holiday Themed” background like a dazzling gold or something. It’s sounds pretty generic, but better safe than sorry because this is AWFUL. #thatsall *in my Miranda Priestly voice*

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