October 29th, 2012
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Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: Pre-Halloween Parties, Jennifer Lopez, Zoe Saldana, and More!
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Hey Bombers and Bombshells!
Hope you had a great weekend! Our favorite celebs were out and about getting in some last moments of fun before hurricane Sandy, treating us to some chic looks and cute pre-Halloween costumes.

Here we go:

Diddy‘s Prince costume was hilarious! I’m loving the bravado this look is inspiring!

And for you Cassie stans, here is a snap of her (as Cleopatra) and Mr. Combs in their costumes this weekend. Cassie is simply breathtaking. No fair!

Naomie Harris was in Rome for one of many Skyfall photocalls, rocking a sheer Dolce & Gabbana gown. Hot!

Salma Hayek was spied at the LACMA Art & Film Gala, looking scrumptious as usual in Gucci.

Karlie Kloss was also on hand, in a velvety Gucci gown of her own.

Usher attended the second annual Pencils of Promise Gala at Guastavino’s in a cool patterned suit, blue T-shirt, and brown shoes. I’m actually liking this unexpected pairing, get your grown man on, Usher!

Kimye participated in the Halloween festivities dressed as a mermaid and sailor, respectively. Hmm…not a fan of KK’s get up. And doesn’t this look like something ‘Ye would wear on a regular day?

Lala Anthony went as some sort of feline. Meow, I love it! Her body is slammin.

Jessica White dressed up as some sort of lingerie-clad angel. How imaginative.

Viola Davis was ravishing in another look from Trina Turk. Of course, she looks ah-mazing.

Jennifer Lopez hit the red carpet in Lanvin. Hmm, J.Lo’s ‘fits are usually on point, but something about this look is aging her for me.

Tia Mowry got it right up until those shoes. Hmm…

Finally, here’s Zoe Saldana all painted up to play Nina Simone. As I’m sure you well know, the decision to cast her, a light-skinned actress, to play a woman who was so proud of her dark complexion, has been controversial. What do you think about this casting?


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49 Responses to “Weekend Hot! or Hmm…: Pre-Halloween Parties, Jennifer Lopez, Zoe Saldana, and More!”

  1. Why would they select Zoe and then paint her dark skinned! For real…..

  2. holywood could not find one dark skinned actress so they put zoe in “blackface”. really?! i want to boycott the movie, but i am curious to see how it turns out…what about viola davis?

  3. Afrikka! says:

    I can’t even speak on the casting…and I agree looks like an everyday outfit for kanye…

  4. tasha says:

    Loving JLo’s look. Tia got it right til those shoes. Loving Lala’s look. I need her workout plan

  5. Stats says:

    Good actress but there are beautiful dark skin actresses Gaby being one of them and pictured above Naomie Harris gorgeous but if they don’t have women of color upset at he their choices in hollywood they don’t have anybody’s attention. just a ploy from hollywood to get us to go see it.

  6. OD says:

    The fact they chose Zoe is disappointing…I like her but not the “blackface”

    Jessica White made me put my Cinnamon Toast Crunch down

  7. T1K says:

    Yea, it’s kind of disrespectful that at this day and age with all these talented dark skin actresses, they choose a light skin one and paint her black. O.0…

  8. Jessica White wears that everyday, that’s not a costume, unfair!

  9. HowISeeIt says:

    I’m still quite disappointed in whoever decided to cast Zoe as the High Priestess of Soul! All I can say is she better bring it! Tia and this hair..Love! Jessica White is hot but isn’t she suppose to wear that anyway? Lol. I actually like J.Lo’s get up. And you go Usher! Getting your grown and sexy on!

  10. cheriemacherie says:

    love usher..

  11. Likkke Miss says:

    I had no idea they were making her darker. smh.

  12. Not feeling Kim’s look at all.

  13. aries says:

    Zoe Saldana is not light skin, she is Dominican Republic, so she isn’t black at all. so not only did they not pick a dark skin actress, they didn’t even pick a black actress to portray Nina Simone. it is sad, but u know what to do, dont’ watch it, don’t support it.

  14. aries says:

    i forgot to add, if u watch it and it get big ratings, hollywood will continue to do this. if u don’t agree with them using an hispanic women(not light skin) for a black women role, don’t watch the movie when it come out. as hard as that might be.

  15. Jennifer says:

    Zoe IS Afro-Latina.

    J. Lo doesn’t look “aged,” she looks her age. Stunning!

    La La’s costume is cute!

  16. Jihan says:

    @aries, you are aware that there are black and white latin@ people? That “Hispanic” is an ethnicity and not a race? The Dominican Republic is full of black people/ people of African descent. Zoe happens to be one of those people who descended from black slaves, amongst other races.

  17. Usher is looking mighty sexy! Every one looks great with the exception of Kim K and that damn Zoe Saldana in black face. Boooo! Oh wait, I can’t with Jessica White and that Victoria’s Secret angel get up, have a seat.

  18. Jazz says:

    Uuuughh this blackface<<<< HATE IT such an insult smh

  19. hotmama says:

    Umm some of you are so uninformed..Dominicans are black, they are just of hispanic and African descent. They are on the same island as Haiti, Haiti was rules by France and the Dominican Republic by the Spaniards…Don’t be so BASIC just cause she’s from DM doesnt negate her being black..People in America need to expand their minds and learn something more than what Beyonce is wearng today …move outside the boarders and expand your mind.

  20. Nee says:

    It’s very discouraging to see Zoe play Nina. They usually try to have someone resemble the actress at the least. They are doing way too much to make her fit this role when she doesn’t. She is an ok actress but they could have picked someone like Tika Sumpter. When Halle Berry portrayed Dorothy Dandridge there was alot of similarities…. that’s hollywood for you

  21. Kahalia says:

    uh oh, Ya’ll got Jihan kicking knowledge…

  22. heyyall says:

    Naomie Harris looks like Gabrielle Union mixed with Bow Wow to me..

  23. S. says:

    @heyyall agreed. i keep thinking Naomie is Gabby

  24. Kay says:

    Lmfao at diddy!!! I was waiting for a pic of Kim to trip on something.

  25. Kay says:

    Kanye looks lost… Like Kim you made me wear this

  26. Sigh says:

    @ Hotmama, YES!

    What do they teach some of you Americans in your history and geography classes? JEEEZE!

  27. Ing says:

    Naomie Harris looks flawless – hair, face, dress, accessories! Everything is perfection. She is cover girl status right now – would love to see her in a cover spread for Essence, Vogue, Elle or W.

  28. Destination Everywhere says:

    This Zoe Saldana/Nina Simone debate reminds me of the debate that surrounded “Memoirs of a Geisha” where there was uproar caused by the casting of a Chinese actress to play the role of a Japanese Geisha.
    Wondering why they do this?

    Tia’s hair reminds me of Elle Degeneres. Usher looks goood.

  29. lolodoll1 says:

    As a stan of My. You Royal badness (i.e., Prince), I find Diddy’s outfit to be downright blasphemous. This was a tacky costume. If you’re gonna step out as the prince you’d better make sure you’re rocking on point and rocking the heck out of whatever outfit you wear bc I guarantee Prince would have. The Zoe controversy, sigh! If you don’t like the decision, don’t support the movie when it comes out.

  30. lolodoll1 says:

    As a stan of Mr. Your Royal badness (i.e., Prince), I find Diddy’s outfit to be downright blasphemous. This was a tacky costume. If you’re gonna step out as the prince you’d better make sure you’re rocking on point and rocking the heck out of whatever outfit you wear bc I guarantee Prince would have. The Zoe controversy, sigh! If you don’t like the decision, don’t support the movie when it comes out.

  31. Kay'Gee says:

    I love kimmy’s dress! Just not for halloween?

  32. @Hotmamma, no one is denying that Zoe is black. We know this! The point is they could have found an actress that looks more like Nina to play the role. There is no reason a Black woman’s skin should have to be made darker…what’s the point in that. Besides that, Zoe may be cute and all, but she’s a horrible actress.

  33. Bre Bre says:

    The fact that Zoe Saldana would even sign a contract and do that blackface shit is ridic! All money ain’t good money and I can’t believe she was that pressed for a dollar. It is disrespectful to Ms. Simone’s own family who also resented the fact the Saldana was casted. I’ve never been impressed with Saldana’s acting skills in the first place… to me she was just another Megan Good… a pretty face nice body. That’s all it takes in Hollywood anyways… SMH

  34. mirage says:

    Since Zoe identifies herself as Latina, she could hardly give ten f**ks about black issues in Hollywood, she’s getting a check and then an Oscar nomination since we all know they give them to women who wear prosthetics and fugly makeup in order to uglify themselves(please see Charlieze Theron in Monster, Nicole Kidman in The Hours). There is something distinctly unlikeable about Zoe and no she is not a great actress. Hollywood will continue to do this because we continue to pay to see this foolery. And blackface on a black woman??? Yikes!

  35. aries says:

    @Jihan, no actress of hispanic descent needs to play Nina Simone. period.

  36. antiSOCIAL says:

    I think Tika Sumpter (sp) would have been perfect for that role, and she can actually sing. Nothing against Zoe but a lot of people will be and probably should be offended by this smh

  37. juju says:

    Aries is just dumb thank you Jihan for dropping knowledge

  38. Anonymous says:

    I dont think anyone loves Zoe like I do and even I dont think it was right to cast her! That Naomie just grew on me!!

  39. @paparazzi_promo says:

    Viola Davis should have played Nina Simone

  40. KBS says:

    Im not feeling the blackface, but I will watch the movie. I didn’t say I’d pay, but Im watching. Like others said, they passed over many talented dark skinned actresses to cast Zoe.
    Jessica White, why?
    If this site EVER interviews Cassie, you must ask her if she soaks in milk and honey or if thats some pact with the devil to get that skin. I really need to know! She went in as Cleopatra. Diddy, not so much.

  41. cottoncandy says:

    agree with humanityisbeautiful

  42. Janice says:

    I have no intentions of seein this movie, Saldana cast as Nina is beyond stupid.

  43. Mya says:

    @Aries I completely agree with you.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Why is painting Zoe’s face such an issue? Shouldn’t it be how well she portrays Nina Simone?

  45. Lady says:

    Why is painting Zoe’s face such an issue? Shouldn’t it be how well she portrays Nina Simone?

  46. hzy says:

    Zoe as Nina? (place long, loud Nigerian movies hiss here), ridiculous, reminds on Aus television they do this a lot, e/g on A Current Affair, they will put a person in a fat costume and make up to see how the public treats them differently, like why can’t they just take a real obese person to illustrate their point? I know the Nina debate is much deeper than that though, esp because of the prejudice . I say boycott the movie and sabotage their stupid publicity stunts..

  47. Reicie says:

    I saw Zoe Saldana on George Lopez’s night show and she stated she is not an African American of any sort. She is Dominican on both sides. So she still represents an actress of color just like Eva Mendes, and Eva Longoria. As far as having a dark skinned actress to play the lovely and one of my fav’s Nina Simone, I agree there are other darker skinned and even musically inclined actresses that could have been a choice…actually, choosing a musician such as India Irie would not have been a bad idea and if they had to put someone in black face why not choose Alicia Keys? Not so sure of her acting chops since the bee movie but at least she can play a piano with her feet!! Lol!!

  48. Cent says:

    Diddy, Kim K, and Kanye all look like idiots. You can’t even consider what Jessica White is wearing as an outfit because she’s always in something like that. Tia looks pretty but should have wore a different pair of shoes, J-Lo & Karlie looks as they always look, nothing new about their style. Viola Davis looked like a plain Jane. Usher needs to stop wearing his son’s clothes, i.e those too little suits. Cassie, Salma, Naomie, and Lala all looked beautiful. And as far as Zoe, I don’t think they consider color as much as they considered whose the better actress and Zoe has Gabby beat hands down. Gabby has no versatility when it comes to acting roles, she’s just another pretty face. #JMO

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