October 23rd, 2012
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On The Scene: The 2012 Angel Ball at Cipriani’s in NYC
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Last night’s 2012 Angel Ball at Cipriani’s was attended by enough celebs to shake a stick at. And, I am happy to report, the ensembles were not uninspiring!

Let’s get into it:

It seems Kanye‘s loosening Kim‘s sartorial leash, allowing her to appear in public wearing actual color! Be still my heart! The reality star stunned in a royal blue draped Balmain gown, finishing her look with a messy braid and Thierry Mugler pumps. Fabulous! Kanye’s tux is admittedly nothing special, but he looks dapper all the same.

We’d much rather see her in a bikini, but Irina Shayk did look gorgeous in this glittery open-back Roberto Cavalli dress.

The grace! The elegance! The class! Solange Knowles was nothing short of stunning in this Badgley Mischka Fall 2012 gown. Call this a study in flawlessness.

Of course, Mama Tina put the youngin’s to shame in an golden-green knotted number. Second and third rate divas, please deposit your Yakis in the Beyincé-Knowles drop box. Thanks.

Wendy Williams clearly did that in this black floor-length off-the-shoulder frock! Her hair and makeup are simply stunning, and that slit is delightfully saucy. Did homegirl bathe in formaldehyde? Because her sexy is preserved!

Ashanti looked parched for blood in this sequin-embellished Vampira-esque black Jovani Couture gown, Giuseppe Zanotti sandals, and deep berry lip.

Nelly perfectly complimented his boo in an all-black Gucci ensemble. I’m diggin’ the suspenders!

Estelle could’t decide on a single fall trend, so she went with all three in this mixed-media Roberto Cavalli frock.

Star Jones tried.

Angela Simmons ditched her beloved Olcay Gulsen platforms, and went with strappy gold sandals last night. Her purple one-shoulder Roberto Cavalli frock was appropriately elegant, although I can totally see her bra. Happens to the best of us!

Smokey Robinson will never not be the man.



Who do you think had the look of the night?








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49 Responses to “On The Scene: The 2012 Angel Ball at Cipriani’s in NYC”

  1. DBShuneek says:

    Ashanti and Nelly stole it! I love Kims choice of color!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dead at “Star Jones tried” LOL! But I like Kim’s look – HOORAY for color! And of course Solo slayed.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Angela look’s goooood! She did it for me……

  4. Adara says:

    Kim and Wendy were EVERYTHING in my opinion!

  5. Soul Touch says:

    Solange looked splendid in her dress, just gorgeous. Love that colour on Kim, but I think I would like it without the sleeves. Ashante looks good but all that hair is annoying. Angela looked great but I would have like her hair up.

  6. CLeeSimmons says:

    Kimmm…finally she is wearing more color …she looks gorgeous shes giving me Grecian goddess in this look
    Ashanti looks fabolous with her boo Nelly
    Solo always brings the fierceness n she will neva stop doing it
    Wendy looks drop dead she is really owning this look u can see she exuding with confidence
    Angela looks amazin
    SMMMH @ Estelle I KNOW she can do betta

  7. mary says:

    horay at auntie wendy, and angela. KIMS HAIR LOOKS NAPPY.

  8. Marie Young says:

    OMG why is Solange making me lover her more and more with every photo that I see of her…. OMG

  9. Tiffany says:

    Maybe I’m looking at different pictures…Kim looks DISHEVELED. Like she went to bed with that dress on and woke and walked out of the door! Her hair is a mess also…and it looks like the dress’ draping is ALL wrong for her body. She’s 5″2!!!!!!! Mama Tina also looks like she has on drapes/curtains.

  10. Lisa says:

    I am here for Ashanti, she did the damn thing.

  11. Savage says:

    So am I the only one who thinks that Kim’s dress needs to be tailored a bit..looks way too baggy, as if the dress belonged to a girl who’s 5’8

  12. s says:

    Solange……hands down IMO. Although, I did love the royal blue Grecian goddess look of Kim’s dress.

  13. COOCOOOOO says:

    Two of these outfits are an example of ruining a perfectly O.K look with poor styling…Solange who I normally have nothign but good things to say about is usually good at de-emphasising the fact that she has a slightly heavy jaw with side partings and/or lot of volume in her hair but all that centre part does is highlight it…and Kimmy Kakes’ style litany of misdeeds continues with a ponytail thats too short and too messy

  14. yusufswifee says:

    @savage. I’m with you. I love the look, but was thinking “is this what other folks are saying about Ye dressing kim as if she is thinner and taller.

  15. the truth says:

    I must admit all the lady looked good, some were simply flawless and classic…Ashanti, Irina Shayk …some were colorful Kim Kardashian (you will get a pass because it blue but TAILOR TIME) and Angela Simmons to the surprising twist of Estelle and Solange….beautiful ladies give yourselves and applause.

  16. heyyall says:

    LMBO!!!! at Star Jones tired..yes she did…Angela Simmons looks really pretty…and I’m in love with Solange and that pulled back hair..K Kim that’s all I’m going to say…and will Nelly marry Ashanti already…

  17. heyyall says:

    Oh and Mama Tina is beautiful!

  18. Autumn says:

    Lmaooooo Jihan your commentary gives me everlasting life! The Beyince clan served some FIERCE face and figure LOVE! Kim’s blue dress is gorg but imma need her to realize she’s 5’2 and dress accordingly that dress has too much fabric -_-

  19. Grace and Elegance is not words that I think should describe Solange. That is so not her brand. I guess she is still trying to figure it out. I like honest, whimsy, cool Solange. #JustSayin

  20. ASAP says:

    Can you find out who made Ashanti’s shoes?

  21. Jennifer says:

    Irina takes this easily.

  22. Kitty B. says:

    Never knew how strong Solange’s face is…hmmm…

    I hate to admit it, but Kimmy looked amazing!

    Angela and Wendy SERVED, love them!

  23. kima says:

    I don’t like one side of ashanti’s dress, it looks kind of bulky. The glittered sequined side is nice. To me Angela Simmons’s looked the best. Like solos dress but the cleavage area was a little too exposed and the hair blah.

  24. kima says:

    Oh and mama Tina looks age appropriate and lovely.

  25. TheAntifash says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA I’m CLEARLY looking at a different set of photos cause…

    Solo and Wendy.

    The end.

  26. mi manning says:

    someone’s sexy..can u say..NELLY! kim looks nice, although i think teh dress is a little ill-fitting. Angela Simmons looks nice, too.

  27. Kawande says:

    love the captions:-)

  28. Deb says:

    Jihan..yu kill mi DEAD…with Star Jones tried.

  29. AzizMom says:

    All look great – Kim could have used some tailoring. She’s served it up better in the past. Perhaps Kim is Ye’s muse because it’s surely not the other way around. Funny, a friend and I were talking about Starr Jones and how she’s been black balled from Hollyweird. Looks like she packing the pounds back on too.

  30. I love Kim’s look minus that ragedy head of hair. Ang looks good. Dead at “Star Jones tried.” I can’t with Estelle and that kitchen curl of a hair do. Child please.

  31. Mely B says:

    Jihan serves shade like no other – Star…tried =)
    Irina is my fave look. And @ CooCooooo – re Solo, you are so right, the middle part makes her look like Orlando Jones with a slick-back wearing lipstick. She looks better with a side part or free ‘fro.

  32. Why those Estelle always looks so old with the hair do’s not feeling it.

  33. LaTasha says:

    Ashanti and Nelly looked so nice. I also loved Solange and Angela’s look. I know I’m in the minority, but I was not a fan of Kim’s look. She looked frumpy and uncomfortable in her dress. Also I don’t like the look of black shoes with a royal blue dress. I believe a platinum heel would have been perfect with a dress like that. In Kim’s case, this dress is not flattering for her body type. The color is pretty but the fit…not so much.

  34. LJF67 says:

    Hollering over Star Jones!!!

  35. Ms.Fierce says:

    Solange is slaying as usual!

  36. Ahdahmah says:


  37. Dion says:

    Star gained weight? lol @ Jihan!
    Solo..I just cant love anymore I’VE HAD ENOUGH OF HER AMAZINGNESS!!

  38. corell says:

    Alot of nice looks. Kim looks stunning and Ashanti is beautiful.

  39. Angela says:

    Everyone looks so elegant.. I just wish Angela Simmons would’ve worn her hair in some kind of updo with that dress.

  40. Lerato says:

    What???? I totally don’t get Solange’s dress. Clearly I’m the only one. Does absolutely nothing for her figure. Think it’s also a little mature for a 26 year old. Her mom…a beauty.

  41. Noirre says:

    Solo looks great [surprisingly].

  42. corell says:

    Kim & Kanye stole the scene but Ashanti and Nelly look good too.

  43. Jinx Moneypenny says:

    Kim, Ashanti, Solange – loved everything but their hair.

  44. Tiffany W says:

    I am loving the high slits and sleek silhouettes. Yes. Solange and Ashanti are slaying.

  45. SLIMB says:

    Everyone looked amazing that night, minus Estelle who seems like she needs a new stylist… SOLANGE, KIM, IRINA & ANGELA – my favorites.

  46. Anonymous says:

    The dress does not flatter kim. To much fabric for her height hence the very tall shoes. This was made for a tall slim woman. Loved all the ladies except her and Ashanti! Ashanti’s makeup looks a little show girlish!

  47. Allure says:

    I must say, everyone looked great! However Ashanit, Solange, and Kim are giving me full life right now!

  48. Jai says:

    “Star Jones tried.” I almost hyperventilated trying to suppress my laughter in this office. Nelly and Ashanti slayed.

  49. Jacqueline says:

    Estelle WHY!!!!!!!!!!!WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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