October 22nd, 2012
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Taller Than Your Boo? Shop These Fashionable Kitten Heels and Flats
By Claire

Monica writes, “I am currently dating someone who is the same height as me. I’m 5’7″ but when I wear heels I’m pushing 6 ft. While there is nothing wrong with that, I just find it to be a little awkward and it makes me feel slightly uncomfortable. I LOVE heels but I still want to be able to look chic going on dates, work parties, and nights out in London wearing flats. Please help!”

Ah, Monica, I feel your plight. One of my first boyfriends and I were the same height as well. I had to get used to rocking sneakers, which is so not my steeze…!
Though a lot of you are not fans of kitten heels, I personally love ‘em, especially Valentino rockstuds. They’re flashy enough to look dressy, yet are low enough to not compete with your boo.

Stylist Giovanna Battaglia in Valentino Kitten Heels

They’re a splurge, but if you’re up for it, get ‘em here:

Want the kitten heel look, but don’t want to overspend? Brands as varied as J.Crew and Jeffrey Campbell have more affordable options:

Get the look with these:

Afraid of looking *gasp* dowdy? Winter is a great time to experiment with flat and low wedge boots. Pop on knee high or thigh high versions to add a bit of spice to a short skirt, jeans, or a mini dress:

Get ‘em here:

And, depending on the weather, you can still rock with a pair of snazzy flats.

Check out these studded, bedazzled beauts:

And if those don’t work, just embrace your height difference!
Be further encouraged and inspired by these celeb couples:

Kevin Hart and Eniko Parish

Kimora Lee Simmons and Djimon Honsou

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

Chef Marcus Samuelsson and wife Maya Samuelsson

What do you think?
*Thx to everyone on Twitter who helped me think of couples to illustrate this post!

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23 Responses to “Taller Than Your Boo? Shop These Fashionable Kitten Heels and Flats”

  1. Jlynn719 says:

    Thanks for the post… I’m 5’10″ and dating someone who is only a couple inches taller than me. He recently commented that he never sees me in heels. Guess I should embrace it

  2. Dom says:

    All you can really do is embrace it. Takes a confident man and woman to do so, though.

  3. 1tallchick says:

    I am 6’2″ & I always wear 4-5 in heels. I am taller than the guy I am currently dating and he LOVES it. There isn’t anything wrong with wearing low heels/flats but don’t shy away from heels completely. I say just embarce it!! Be confident!! If you show that you are comfortable with you height, everyone else will be too!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree – embrace it! And this is off-subject, but where did u get that green dress, Claire? It looks absolutely fab with the Valentino kitten heels! #love

  5. yusufswifee says:

    Yes and for the amazons who are always wearing flats and low heeled shoes…i have ALWAYS thought it screams I’m tall and painfully uncomfortable with my height so I’m gonna rock this comfortable heel. Do you ma….WERK!!!! Its not how tall you are but whether you can walk in them…do that!

  6. sheilap says:

    I’M 5’10″ and my man is 6’1″…I always rock a 3.5″ to 5″ heel. Makes me feel fierce and my man loves it!!! Embrace you height!!!

  7. Natasha says:

    Not that this is a non-issue but I’ve not seen a guy complain about heels…regardless of the woman’s height :lol: Take The Boo shoe shopping with you perhaps and see what he gravitates towards. If heels, he obviously doesn’t mind. Of course, you two could just talk about it. Mind you, having heels of all heights is a good idea anyway.

  8. Omgeezy!! says:

    I’m taller than my boo,I’m 5″9″ and he’s 5″7 so he says lol! I always wear 4inch or higher heels! He’s not insecure so he doesn’t mind. Kevin hart and his girlfriend are hilarious!!

  9. Dom says:

    @ Natasha A fellow tall friend dated a guy a year ago that “forbid” her to wear heels lest she be taller than him. I told her she should drop him and go shoe shopping!

  10. Lonyx says:

    I am 5’10″ and l love my heels! I wear 4-5 inches and it feels so good! My hair is big and Im over six feet when Im wearing heels, people see me coming for miles…lol. I don’t mind now but it was a time I wouldn’t wear them because I would tower over everyone, but now I embrace my height, I feel so special and the man I date loves to see me in them and he is 5’9″.

  11. Nicole says:

    Aww Kevin Hart’s sneakers have about 1.5 inches of rubber on the bottom.

  12. Andrea says:

    LOL@ the Kevin Hart comment Nicole. He IS wearing lifts. If you’re tall and you love heels, wear them. You don’t want the guy that’s insecure about your height, plus I’m with Lonyx..it’s cool for folks to see you coming.

  13. Angela says:

    Kimora looks great!

    Giovanna Battaglia is one is my favorite fashionistas of all time.

  14. mirage says:

    I love being short.

  15. kat says:

    lol@ mirage! I’m 5’2″ and I always said that a man MUST be taller than me, after all, I’m being generous. But I recently met a man who is, honestly, 5’1″ and I would get with him in a SECOND! #bitesizedcaramel

  16. Empress says:

    I love this post…I’m 5’7″ as well…my guy is 5’9″…I’m not that tall, but wish I was like 5’2″…Gotta embrace my height! Urghhh

  17. Vick says:

    Lol I feel like ya’ll was dissing short people on the low…but the first pic was everything!

  18. Jacqueline says:

    started dating some one shorter than me and completely forgot my high heels. Used to be a high heeled gal after seeing these couples i really need to get my groove back…

  19. Jen says:

    I’m 5’10 and my man is 5’3. He has curly like fro so it adds about 3 inches. So the illusion can be like 5’6. Either way, me wearing heels has always been super awkward. Unfortunately people in public, grown adults, still stare at us and laugh out loud, make comments and I have to admit its adds to the discomfort. Thankfully our love for each other has been strong enuf not to let that come in the way. Hes a very confident guy and doesn’t have a problem with it at all. He’s even told guys out there that laugh “when you GROW UP you can have a girl just like mine”

  20. DarkEmpress says:

    I am tall 5’10 and I love heels! The man that I love is basically my height, but I still don’t want to tower over him. I mostly wear medium height 2-3 inch heels, I save my 4 inch plus heels for when I am going out with girlfriends, but I will never ever wear a kitten heel. I am not self conscious about my height, but I am self conscious about my feet. I wear size 10 and when you wear kitten heels, your feet look humongous! Does anyone else find this?

  21. Jei says:

    5’10″ team && loving it!! I will never wear kitten heels, just not my style. 6″ heels..that’s my style.

  22. Monica says:

    @DarkEmpress I agree with you!! but i really like this post. Thanks!!!

  23. Natasha says:

    Noted @Dom. Like you said “Takes a confident man and woman to do so, though.”

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