October 17th, 2012
Fashion, Fashion News, Kim Kardashian, Tyra Banks
The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kim Kardashian Admits to Fashion Faux Pas, 20th Cycle of ANTM to Include Girls and Guys, and Paris Hilton Sues International Perfume Palace
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

• Kim Kardashian has finally admitted to at least one of her recent fashion faux pas. If you remember, the reality star was photographed in Miami wearing a decidedly unflattering (on her, at least) yellow suede ‘Eddy’ jacket from Acne, leather skirt, and cage sandals. Kardashian took to her blog to address her misstep. “Ok, ok, I am putting myself on the worst dress [sic] list for this outfit,” she wrote, “I wanted a little color [ed note: fancy that!] while I’m living in Miami, so my intentions were good, but the cut isn’t for me! You definitely need to be taller and thinner to pull this jacket style off!…The mirror was lying to me this day! Where were my sisters or my boyfriend when I needed a good opinion?!” Or better yet, where was Christine Centenera to recoup her stolen swag? (Kim Kardashian)

Justin Bieber is the new face of Adidas. The teenage crooner inked a two-year deal to front the brand’s new ‘Live Your Style’ campaign for Spring 2013. The ads are set to launch in February. (WWD)

• Tyra Banks can’t wait to have kids who will sit and listen as she talks about her huge forehead, awkward teenage years, and that time Naomi Campbell shaded her and totally forgot about it years later. The model mogul dished to Steve Harvey on his new daytime show, “I’m really ready to have some babies. I want babies!,” she said. “I’ve always wanted them, but I’ve been saying ‘I want babies in three years’ since I was, like, 27. And now… I’m 38 — I think it’s time. [My eggs are] going to be hard-boiled and fried and scrambled up in there, so it’s time to get those eggs working!” (UsWeekly)

•In other Ty Ty news the 20th cycle of America’s Next Top Model will include male models. The CW announced on their blog yesterday, “In Cycle 20, for the first time, male models will be added to the group of contestants competing for the title of America’s Next Top Model, and will move into the models’ house alongside the women. Also in Cycle 20, viewers will continue to have a direct impact on the competition by voting for their favorite models though social media, helping decide who gets eliminated and who stays in the running to becoming America’s Next Top Model.” By now, we almost expect Ms. Banks and the CW to announce a new gimmick to keep the show fresh every season. While the past few changes to the program have been tepidly welcomed (remember that cringe-worthy ‘British Invasion’ season?), this new angle might actually bring a new, interesting dynamic to the show. What do you think? Will you be tuning in? (Tyra Banks’s Twitter)

• Enjoy the full spread of Solange Knowles‘s ELLE South Africa shoot. (Bonzal Daily)

Paris Hilton and Parlux Fragrances are taking International Perfume Palace, Inc. to court. Apparently, International Perfume Palace packages its line of “Paris Paris” products in a way that is “identical or confusingly similar” to Hilton’s wares. Hilton and Parlux claim that IPP’s packaging is meant to trick consumers into thinking they’re purchasing the heiress’s coveted fragrances. Oh, and for those of you wondering who in tarnation is buying Paris Hilton’s fragrances, keep in mind that she’s made $1.3 billion on her scents since 2005. (WWD)

Alessandra Ambrosio will model the $2.5 million *Fantasy* Bra during this year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show. According to Vogue UK, the bra features “over 5,200 precious gems with a hand-picked selection of amethysts, sapphires, rubies and diamonds set in 18-carat rose and yellow gold. A 20 carat white diamond sits in the centrepiece.” (Vogue UK)


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20 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kim Kardashian Admits to Fashion Faux Pas, 20th Cycle of ANTM to Include Girls and Guys, and Paris Hilton Sues International Perfume Palace”

  1. EatStylePlay says:

    I need to know who does Solo’s wigs, she is in magazines they are always on point, just the right amount of curls.

  2. COOOOOCOOO says:

    Kim should put herself in the worst dressed list for 2012 for the past 6 months of absolute style fuckery.

  3. keepitclassy says:

    A bra worth 2.5 million is absolutely grotesque, I HATE the fashion industry for stuff like that

  4. ohyeah says:

    I can’t deny it, I like Hilton’s scents.

  5. Kitana says:

    LMAO Kanye is def inspired by my boo CC. Thats who we need more posts on, more Miss Centenera please.

  6. Sade says:

    who in the world still watches ANTM?

  7. Jen says:

    Im sure her dressing like CC is part of their plan being that shes working with KW. Maybe to get the “looks” out there via KK.

  8. Yes to Solange! I love her style and this is one of the best spreads ive seen of her. Work it!

    And Kim needs to admit to her fashion fails more often. Ugh!

  9. AzizMom says:

    Tyra and I are practically the same age. She still is pushing that same insecure story about her forehead, Campbell and who else – Chris Webber? She’s irritating and ANTM needs to be laid to rest. All the divas got ushered out (Ms. Jay and Mr. Jay). Kim K. needs to stop receiving love on here. Solange is taking us to new heights! Keep your eyes on this chick.

  10. hotmama says:

    Her mirror wasnt lying to her, her eyes were. Her “boyfriend” is blind also so she definitely shouldn’t ask his wack taste in clothing

  11. Dria says:

    I agree with Jen. i don’t see why people keep saying that Kim is stealing Christine Centenera’s look when she and Kanye are working on a line together. Wouldn’t it make sense for Kim to be rocking the looks that are influenced by that? Glad she knew she was dead wrong for that fit though.

  12. Suri says:

    Kim K”The mirror was lying to me this day! Where were my sisters or my boyfriend when I needed a good opinion?!” …hmmm maybe her husband Kris Humphries would have told her the truth….just saying

  13. TheAntifash says:

    DEAD @ Suri LOL! Chile….

    Been over Tyra. I really need her to sit down. This is how icons mess ish up smh.

    Don’t fux with racist hilton so yeah..

    Solo is forever winning!

  14. bebe says:

    @ Suri
    Ouch, its funny how it slips my mind that Kimmy is still technically married.

    Tyra needs to learn to end on a high note, I don’t think I’ll be tuning in.

  15. Caribbelle says:

    Bwahahaha @ Suri lol. I fall out laughing every time Jihan slips Christine’s name into the posts. I don’t mind because its true.

  16. J Danielle says:

    Was hoping Tyra’s next gimmick would be an all plus size cast. But I haven’t watched that show in YEARS. I didn’t even know it was still on. So I’m not gonna pretend like I’m mad she hasn’t done it yet. LOL But if she did, I’d watch.

  17. Dion says:

    @ J Danielle Thank you! I thought with this whole “love your body” crusade she STAY on one would think the she would do a season JUST for plus size models. Pst. Please chile.
    Paris Hilton made HOW MUCH?! *slaps self*

  18. Angela says:

    LOL @ COOOOOCOOO.. I couldn’t agree with you more!

  19. lola says:

    Tyra Banks needs to have several seats all the way at the back of the room. I cannot with this woman and her gargantuan ego. Like stop bish, the world does not revolve around you. STOP!!!

  20. Jonesy says:

    Tyra is annoying with her insecure ass! Geesh! And Kim looks an entire mess!

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