October 15th, 2012
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When Did She Wear it Better? Kim Kardashian in Lanvin’s Side Gathered Zip Skirt
By Claire

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West headed out to dinner at Prime 112 restaurant in Miami, with Kanye in all black everything, and Kim in the same Lanvin Side Gathered Skirt she wore to get frozen yogurt in Hawaii back in August.

While she opted for low cut black tops for both occasions, she went for saucy for her most recent outing, accenting the pencil skirt with a cut out crop top from Cushnie et Ochs’s Pre-Fall 2012 collection, Jimmy Choo Anouk Silver pumps, and a $2,285 Lanvin Tiger leather waist belt. In Honolulu, she made a statement in Kanye’s Giuseppe Zanotti beaded sandals.
The side-gather zip skirt is fashioned out of silk and elastane, and features a singular stripe on the side.

It’s quite clear Kanye had a hand in both outfit choices…! And while both looks are any straight man’s dream, I don’t think they’re particularly flattering. The skirt has a bit of an awkward, bunched, but tight fit.
What do you think?

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58 Responses to “When Did She Wear it Better? Kim Kardashian in Lanvin’s Side Gathered Zip Skirt”

  1. aida says:

    both outfits are HORRIBLE, Kim used to be sooo fashionable, fly, flattering.. but now.. just *hangs head low while shaking *

  2. Kitana says:

    I liked the look in Miami. I think the top is Herve and that belt is to die for.

  3. Faith says:

    Kim is incredibly sexy and she doesn’t need to have all of her goods on display to make that clear. Come on Yeezy! Stop the madness

  4. Kim your body is banging! so wish it was mine. IMHO you are picture perfect when everything does not fit you like it is painted on. The swim suite like top looks as if it should be worn on the beach although it is really cute!

    I am starting to get it fashion is in the eye of the beholder but the key to that must be the clothing fitting correctly and with a body like yours some items that you wear may look cute on one person and if you have more body than material it may make a person look like they are headed straight to a strip pole. Only my humble opinion tho.

  5. Jihan says:


    I do not mind all the goodies on display here at all.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I voted “Neither” but I’ll say that, of the 2, she looks best in the look in Miami. But seriously Kanye? Save these ensembles for the bedroom if you love them so much. Both are Not flattering in general #myopinion.

  7. Naynay says:

    I love, love , love the Miami look! She looks HOT! She’s in Miami how else is she supposed to dress in the heat?!

  8. Martinique_Fr says:

    The Miami Look is HOT!

  9. Brittany says:

    Y’all should’ve posted the full on back shot. You could see her whole ass on display. SMH

  10. tasha says:

    Neither time. Kim needs to quit playing games. She never had this many horrible looks before dating Kanye. Its like Kimmy who are you dressing for because boo this aint it.

  11. Miss Lala says:

    Dear Kim, please stop getting Kanye to dress you. I know your desperate to please your man, but this foolishness has top stop!! Kanye is not a designer. His talents lie in producing and rapping. Yes, he has access to a range of designer and designer goods, but I am really sick of these music artists thinking that just because they creatively gifted in music, that that creativity will translate to fashion. No no no, thats like would be like Ralph Lauren assuming that he can spit bars because he is creatively gifted in fashion. The two are NOT the same!! #thatisall

  12. skeys says:

    Kim Kardashian WAS one of the most effortlessly chic celebrities. I’m just not feeling this new stuff. Of course, she does not look bad. How could she? She’s exceptionally attractive even in the land of the beautiful people. But now all of her looks seem deliberate, for lack of a better word. I voted neither. Despite her “ways”, she used to be my style icon. Now…eh… D@#N you Kanye!

  13. AzizMom says:

    I prefer the Miami look, however both looks are just trying too hard. The skirt seemed to fit better in Miami and was way bunched up in the Hawaii pic. On another note, I’m glad to see Kim has a little back fat and sporting those curves. It doesn’t have to be on full display at the expense of being fashion forward though…

  14. MonaLisa_310 says:

    why the belt?

  15. Ashley Real southern girl says:

    The belt because her ass gaining weight you see that skirt pulled to the top oh her rib @mona Lisa lol

  16. Shevy says:

    In the Miami look it might look like she went back on QuickTrim or started working out again, becasue the skirt is more flattering in the Miami post.

  17. Ashley Real southern girl says:

    The belt because her ass gaining weight you see that skirt pulled to the top oh her rib @mona Lisa lol you see she looking in the car mirror cause she about to bust out that skirt she must be happy cause that’s all happy weight from LOVE

  18. they are both wrong! fire kanye :-)

  19. Lilz says:

    I like the idea of the Miami look-just wish the skirt was in a different material.
    But the top half of the outfit is banging!

  20. Ay says:

    Agreed @ Brittany. Her ass-est was on full display. Had any of us seen a regular chick wearing this skirt in public she would have been called every name in the book smh

  21. Frost says:

    Does anyone know where that crop top is from? It’s so cute!

  22. Izhause says:

    Nasty looking!

  23. Robin says:

    Neither times :/

  24. anon says:

    Bangin bod, I am a fan of Kim’s fashion but this skirt looks a mess on her, IMO.

  25. Suri says:

    Trashy…like in Kartrashian.

  26. Kay says:

    I guess Kim change her style by different boyfriend. You know Kanye like big booties. Next outfit Kim will be wearing is a fishnet outfit lol

  27. She is so cute and chubby. Here and Kanye will probably get married and have children. She’s ready.

  28. heyyall says:


  29. She is constantly photographed everywhere. And constantly working cause we all know their little outing is being filmed for Kourtney and Kim Take Miami. I could say I hate this chick but that would be a lie lol.

  30. Ay says:

    Kanye’s face in that last picture tho!

  31. yahnam says:

    all i can i kims body is ridiculous! wow i def need to hit the gym and get some squats in lol

  32. Nicole says:

    Looks like either she removed the lining or the lining is just as sheer as the skirt. I can’t get with any outfit that shows your entire booty # justwrong

  33. Yawn says:

    Completely horrendous! Both times.

  34. Andrea says:

    lol@yawn. if i had to pick id say the second time b/c of the top and shoes.

  35. Yolanda says:

    Kim has never been stylish her stylist Monica rose made her look fab. Kim has reverted back to when she would dress herself and consider herself a stylist. She has no fashion sense.

  36. Kim M says:

    SMH at people giving this outfit a pass just because it’s Kim K. Had this look been submitted in the fashion bomb, the person would have been ridiculed.

    @Yolanda, I totally agree…her “style” should be attributed to her stylist. She looks an absolute MESS now and you can tell she thinks she looks good by that silly smirk she always has on her face.

  37. Undrea says:

    The skirt isn’t cute but she wore it better in miami. :)

  38. KAY says:

    BACKF AT is not flattering on anyone. beautiful woman regardless of my personal feelings about her but she does not dress for her body type, at all.

  39. Lykia says:

    the problem is he’s dressing her like shes amber rose ….amber has a longer torso and has a confidence to pull off those clothes off unlike kim who really doesn’t even seem comfortable in them half the time

  40. Jules says:

    Do yall really think her body is bangin???!!! Maybe I am just not into getting a fake bottom to give an illusion of a hourglass figure.

  41. t-fal says:

    this mess has got to stop, i’m starting to hate yeezy now, he acts as if every GF is his own personal blow up doll that he can dress up.

  42. Choco aka Hipppie says:

    EWWWW frumpy

  43. Jinx Moneypenny says:

    Skirt sucks and isn’t flattering but she wore it better in Miami. The getup in Hawaii was just weird and confusing.

  44. AB says:

    Kim has been looking like a sausage lately. We want that old thing back!

  45. babybluez says:

    BOTH outfits are horrible and the second outfit.. eww why would you dress in a way that highlights or makes rolls visable?

  46. gina says:

    Don’t really care for the skirt but she looked good in Miami.

  47. iHeartKeya says:

    I agree with everything Miss Lala said. Lol. And I think she wore the skirt better in Miami but I still miss the days when Monica Rose styled her.

  48. KayGee Rox says:

    None none none absolutely none. END TIMES!

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