October 10th, 2012
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Would You Buy from a Kim and Kanye Designed Clothing Line?
By Claire

Would you buy from a Kim Kardashian and Kanye West designed clothing line?
According to UK’s The Sun, the stylish duo might just launch a collection.

An anonymous source told the reputable (?) publication, “Kanye and Kim have figured out that if they combine their names it could be big business. They’ve both got massive fanbases who will buy their gear…”

It’s also a sign that they’re in the relationship for the long haul and that they think it’s a romantic way to seal their relationship.

The Kardashian Klan has already proved quite profitable in the sector with their Dash boutique and lines for QVC and Sears.

And as we all know, Kanye dabbles in design as well. While his runway shows have been met with lukewarm reviews, his shoes are kinda kute (ok, I’ll stop with the k’s)!

If the two were to fuse their fashionable forces, I foresee loads of peplums, skin tight dresses, baggy leather pants, every iteration of leather skirt, Yeezy’s, and single strap sandals (made in collaboration with Giuseppe Zanotti, natch).

Say what you want about the two, but they set tongues wagging. And no lie, it seems every time I pass the Dash store in Soho, there’s a line outside.

That said, would you purchase a few of their picks? I’ll be honest, I’m still (sort’ve) on the hunt for a Yeezy necklace from Ye’s Spring 2012 show.

What do you think?

Read the original story at TheSun.co.uk.

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57 Responses to “Would You Buy from a Kim and Kanye Designed Clothing Line?”

  1. Caribbelle says:

    NO. He can design accessories and shoes but that’s it.

    Being passionate about fashion and being able to produce quality collections are two separate things. Just my take…

  2. Marsha D says:

    I have to agree with Caribelle…..They have stylists who hook them up on a consistent basis….it’s not like they actually “design” the clothes they wear. The both of them need serious training…and they both have money so take some time away from the cameras and go to fashion school or something.

  3. tt says:

    what caribbelle & marsha d said because they’re both right.

  4. Sarah says:

    Yes…. I would wear their clothes. From the past two collections I saw I think Kanye is an exceptional designer, while I do agree that to be a fashion designer takes training but at this point for Kim and Kanye why go back to school. The Olsen twins didn’t go to fashion school and look at their collection. To develop a stronger style and identity takes time.

  5. KBS says:

    Nope. They can put that where? Back there!

    But it’s a good look for the stans.

  6. Anonymous says:

    They dress nice for themselves, but I have yet to see something from either of them that I’m dying to get. Wouldn’t rule it out though.

  7. TT says:

    I would if the clothes fit properly and the aesthetic was up to par.

  8. Rhapsody says:

    If the women’s collection is a reflection of Kim’s current style I would probably be cautious… but I am an open minded individual so I won’t completely rule it out.

  9. CrazyM says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    They may have hit or miss ensembles, but I would boy their joint line. It sounds interesting

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. saditty says:

    Oh boy…

    First of all, this story was published by the Sun…the UK version of Mediatakeout. Claire I hope you know that this report is just the usual BS … par for the course with KimYe these days

    Secondly…I won’t lie…regardless of the tough criticism they get…that would be interesting to see IF creatively this is a COLLABORATIVE effort between those two.

  13. The SPS says:

    …but Kim has no taste….outside of Monica…sooooo

  14. *SoRude* says:

    I think I would be curious enough to take a look at Kim and Kanye’s joint collection but I’m not so sure I would see anything appealing or eye-catching. Both of their styles seem very one-dimensional….Kim is always in pencils and strappy sandals, Kanye is seen most times in skinnys and designer high tops. It would be interesting to see whether or not they are able to create pieces “outside of the box”.

  15. Oh really says:

    I would be curious and would MAYBE buy one or two pieces, but I doubt I would every buy a full outfit from these two…

  16. Martinique_Fr says:

    I would definitely take a look… and if there were some well-made, stylish pieces that I could afford… who knows.

  17. Kitty B. says:

    Claire…WHEN DO YOU THIS LINE OUTSIDE OF DASH?!?!? As many times as I have stepped IN, have yet to see any customers inside…and please dont get me started on the Dash store in Miami…

    I agree with Carribelle, MarshaD and will have to high 5 CrazyM….just NO!

  18. Kay says:

    Kanye and Kim would probaly make clothes that both sex can wear. like a skirt but a guy can wear it too.

  19. yusufswifee says:

    interesting-i’ll buy anything if I like the way it looks and can afford it. Kim seems to understand different price points, Kanye – not so much.
    Should be interesting. Definitely a good business venture.

  20. meekaG says:

    Hell No I tend to stay away from style-less celebrity clothing lines

  21. Lana Belle says:

    Seriously? Nope!

  22. Suri says:

    I live in NYC and nope, Dash store is always empty, no line in sight.
    And those two should stick with wearing other designers (Givenchy, Celine, etc) and even this they fail at mastering it 80% of the time.
    And Kim looks more striking with dark hair (no highlights whatsoever).

  23. SoulStar says:

    Claire, where is the “HELL NO” option? Lol! He has totally downgraded her fashion steez and it’s her fault for letting him! I’m sorry, I am not buying any clothing from a fashion line of theirs…I don’t want to walk out the door looking “blah” all the time…I will soooooo pass on that.

  24. Tamara says:


  25. janani says:

    yay! more clothes made in China!

  26. O.S.E says:

    NOPE !!! Fortunately I have enough black & white in my closet….I’ll pass ! I’m so OVER Kanye and his girl. His line didn’t stand out to much the first time around & I can purchase a life squeezing dress from anywhere. With that being said Kanye stick to music & Kim…what do you do ??? Go back to doing it !

  27. makeeasweet says:

    how can i say no,i havent seen the clothes yet.

  28. tasha says:

    Nope I sure wouldnt. I dont buy the Kardashin line at Sears and Kanye line isnt fully developed when he shows. Not a good match. Smart marketing for them.

  29. ChiHou says:

    I voted no, but that is just under the assumption their clothes would be beyond my budget. And the Sears Kardashian line is way over-priced for the quality.

  30. Marsha D says:

    And let me just throw this minutia into the mix……I’m getting a little tired of the thought of supporting a celebrity/artist line…I know, I know…if a person is super talented and I love their work why wouldn’t I support (It’s about buying what you like right?) But there’s just something in me that’s just like…..”mmmm yeah…no…I wont buy into your franchise” #stubborn #notganna

  31. Kay'Gee says:

    Well this is easy – NO.

  32. I wouldn’t buy only because I know the prices would be outrageous and pieces would probably be ill designed. I’ll just wait for H&M to make their interpretation ;)

  33. DIVA says:

    I really wish he would stick to rapping….

  34. YE…make them shoes wearable..and i’ll be the first to use my amex to buy that mother…but other than that…uh huh…kim and kanye can both be seat mates at fidm..they need to know wtf they are doing if they plan on designing clothing.

  35. PTHH says:

    Kanye got nice kicks!

  36. PTHH says:

    He had a good style in rapping, hope he wont start to do bad designs.

  37. Mo_Sheri10 says:

    I would have to see their collection before I would say if I would buy from it or not. I know I would get the shoes if they were more affordable.

  38. Ti says:

    No, it world be boring and not make sense at the same time

  39. Chris styles says:

    If Kim’s wardrobe as of late is any indication of what he line will consist of count me OUT! no Ma’am

  40. Siyam says:

    Kanye did do some studying at a fashion house ( can’t remember which one) and if i saw something Kimmy actually sketched I might be more interested. Ye can do a nice shoe though :)

  41. DOA says:

    The question is will society be able to afford there outrageous prices on the clothes if they ever did a clothing line together. It would be boring and not enough color just be a black and white portrait.

  42. It depends if the price points were right and of an affordable nature and also what the creative concept of the line will be and what will it consist of. Kanye has stripped Kim of her Colour so it will be minimalist and simplicity.. back to back black and white.

    The only colour(s) we are getting from Kim K these days is Khaki and Red ( If we are lucky)

  43. marguerite says:

    there will always be fools out there that support Kim.

  44. Kim says:

    Is this site paid by the K’s?

  45. CA says:

    I wouldn’t even buy their sex tape…which I’m sure they’re working on right this minute #mediawhores

  46. coco says:

    I prefer them individually instead of a couple!

  47. Nikki says:

    I wouldn’t actively seek their clothes out, but if I saw them in stores, liked an item and the price were right, hey why not.

  48. Deb says:

    Here’s the thing, I think if Kanye got his head out of his ass, checked his ego at the door and be as honest and vulnerable with his designs as he is with his music I have no doubt it could be amazing. Kanye is his own worst enemy. I don’t think the way he dresses should have any bearing on his designs. Vera Wang and Carolina Herrera personal styles are sometimes very basic but their designs are amazing.

    P.S. NO!!!!!!! I would not buy anything design by K.K.

  49. AzizMom says:

    LMAO at the comments! You guys make my day – for real. On supporting a line by Ye and Kim, probably not. I’m not the target audience and not quite sure who is/would be. I’m more interested in the Kim workout plan – she did do one of those Slim Quick ads. Hmmm…

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