October 4th, 2012
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Fashion Discussion: Do You Care About Runway Shows?
By Claire

As I decompress after spending almost a month ingesting show after show in London, Milan, New York, and Paris, I wonder: are you, the Fashion Bomb reader, into runway fashion?

Sure, colors and trends trickle down from the catwalk, dictating what will be available in Barney’s, Saks, or even H&M the following season (cue oxblood). But is this something that matters to you? Do you need to know what will be hot next season? Or are you only about what will ‘pop’ right now?

Prada Spring 2013

From my experience, it seems a large number of luxury houses are not particularly interested in appealing to the multicultural customers on this site.

Stella McCartney Spring 2013

Even after our exhaustive and sometimes daily posts about everything from Givenchy to Roberto Cavalli to Balmain or even Kenzo…unfortunately few, if any, extended us an invite to personally report on their runway presentations.

No love from Givenchy

But then again there are others–Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Burberry…who are big fans, and have requested our presence every season.

Burberry Loves the Fashion Bomb

I love fashion with a passion, and enjoy the rush of attending a show, tweeting or instagramming interesting pix, and transferring that excitement to you. But if you don’t care, then why should we?

A look from Gucci Spring 2013 captured by the Sartorialist

What do you think?

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54 Responses to “Fashion Discussion: Do You Care About Runway Shows?”

  1. bryan flyin says:

    I love to read about the fashion show reviews! This blog has sparked more of my interest in fashion and styling because you take the time to blog about future fashion trends. Please don’t stop! How will I get my fashion fix?!

  2. Nigel Isaiah says:

    YES WE CARE!!!!! I feel like anybody who takes time out of their day to come read the Fashion Bomb Daily cares in some way shape of form! This past September I had the honor of being invited to shows and covering events for bloggers at NYFW, but before then this blog, along with countless others was my way of getting the inside scoop of what was happening under the tents! Reading post about you attending shows like Jeremy Scott, Tracy Reese, BCBGMAXAZRIA and more was my way of finding out what was going on in the industry I so desperately wanted to break into. The Fashion Bomb still serves that purpose when you head over to London, Milan & Paris! WE CARE, you do an amazing job covering Fashion MONTH.

  3. mary says:

    i personally dont care about them but i love seeing some popular designers runway photos on FBD just to see what they are doing, other than that i dont care

  4. I have never thought twice about a runway show until I stumbled upon FBD. Now my interest is growing more and more each day. FBD delivers exactly what we want to know majority of the time and you do so with top notch professionalism (example:yesterday’s interview post).

    Yes I appreciate that you run all over the world to bring us the upcoming fashion. Thank you!

  5. niksmit says:

    I don’t care about the runway shows, but I do love the street style photos from outside the shows in various cities, so I’m conflicted about FB covering them.

  6. CA says:

    Yes…is there anyway you could get me into one of them? I wanna be cool too :(

  7. Lolodoll11 says:

    Eh, nope! Prefer seeing the pieces on everyday folk walking the streets or celebs at least. Typically spend no more than a minute or two viewing the runway photos.

  8. Nikki says:

    I like looking at the pictures from the runway shows, but I can’t really say that I “care.” I ain’t got no money so I could go on with or without the reviews.

  9. Andrea says:


  10. tasha says:

    I use to love fashion shows. I couldnt wait to grow up so I can attend them and watch the models gracefully walk down the run way. But now that everything is so instant and those 13 minutes of show no longer intrigue me. Great seeing the pieces but i really dont care for the coverage when you can find it on millions of outlets. Cover things & companies that celebrate the FBD. Thanks for giving people interest in runway shows but these designer hardly have black models walking in their shows.

  11. Andrea says:

    The majority of readers don’t care about the shows but we are interested in trends from the shows. I assume the FB staff gets a kick out of attending these events and writing about their jaunts to and fro. It is uninteresting and annoying to read about the staff particularly when they feel the need to write that they are off to (fill in the blank here with city or fashion event) but first must answer mail bombs. It’s becoming too egocentric. Let’s keep the focus on the fashion.

  12. omgfantastic says:

    i don’t read about fashion shows here. i watch them as they are posted on youtube or when they stream live. or i’ll watch style or videofashion on youtube.

    otherwise, i decide what i like. i just don’t see this as a place for viewing high fashion or talking about it. sorry.

  13. I love fashion just as much as you do, and even though it’s sad that fashion houses pass you by it, it’s def. not surprising. Personally, I love fashion shows and get a rush just watching them and seeing how they trickle down into the more affordable stores as you do. I’m not one to care for reviews, but the fashion shows I live for!

  14. Bribri says:

    I care. The runway shows are always about the lastest fashions and trends to the extreme. And I love to see how the creative realization of those trends trickle down from the minds of the designers to the street styes of the consumers. To me runway shows are creativity at its best in fashion.

  15. Anonymous says:

    YES, I CARE! As a lover of all things fashion and someone who is pursuing a career in the fashion industry, I keep up with all of the runway shows. I look at various designers’ work out of admiration, to keep with trends for the season to come and because I enjoy the creativity that walks the runway. I truly love and enjoy them!!

  16. Siyam says:

    I’m gonna need @ Andrea not to speak for the masses. I think it’s kinda cool how you review shows because your perspective as a woman of color on the pulse of fashion is important. My girls and I have definitely stepped our game up and these runway posts along with investment piece articles help separate the trend from the triumphant mainstays of fashion. Do it!!

  17. ... says:

    In this dominant, digital generation, runway shows are slowly driving towards irrelevant street.

  18. Fa says:

    I lived for the runway show coverage. I understand it’s hard not to take an invite personal, but you kind of can’t. There are so so many blogs and bloggers, and I can understand a fashion house being choosey over seats.
    At the end of the day, do what you love and what we love and all will be well.

  19. Jihan says:

    Since this *is* a fashion site, and fashion shows are soo important in the industry, I think it’s only right that we cover them. I don’t understand how anyone can say that love fashion and they come to this website for fashion but don’t care about shows. Um… the shows give you a first look at the trends that are going to shape the season!

    I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’m a nerd, and my mother sort of raised me watching shows, and I’m interested in the industry and its players (hence my writing the news), but this sort of stuff is important to the site. But that’s just my opinion!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Nope, don’t care. Can’t afford, I’m into everyday garments and runway shows rarely have things I can wear on the streets of D.C. and I definently can’t afford any of these things.

  21. Gigi says:

    Well..as a fashion major …fashion shows are extremely important to fashion considering that those trends trickle down the street fashions….if ppl want to know what they will be wearing in the upcoming season then they need to watch these…but it is no surprise that houses like Givenchy gives fashion bomb no love because it is considered an urban blog….it can even turn into a Cristal champange type of thing …..youre wearing it but do the houses respect that?

  22. Savage says:

    I grew up on Harper’s Bazaar, I live for fashion and the runway shows. Just bc u may not be able to afford the looks that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate them in your everyday life. I went to my first show at NYFW back in ’09 (front row at one!!) and it was electric!Esp for this girl from the Midwest who was fresh out of college. Runway is art.

  23. Child Please says:

    @Gigi wow, so you support the racism of fashion houses? Are rapper dollars not important? Do Givenchy t-shirts not drive their bottom line (probably moreso than runway looks)? The Cristal analogy is so backwards

  24. rachelyvonne says:

    I care! I’ve become much more interested in fashion since visiting this blog, as mentioned by a couple others.

  25. Alicia Nicole says:

    We absolutly care,and maybe they didnt extend an invite bc some of these designer power houses simply dont need the publicity . Im sure they appreciate your being at their shoes . Im even more sure they appreciate how well you present the work from their upcoming collections. (I know I do) We can go to almost any fashion site to few the latest in runway,but we come here. Absolutly Love all your post . MUAH

  26. Blessed&WellDressed says:

    I care because I veiw these fashions as an art form, and I don’t know any artist who love art but don’t want to experience it!

  27. Nicole says:

    I like seeing the reviews for inspiration and I like seeing what will be in next season. So yes keep covering please.

  28. Deb says:

    @Child Please…(love your handle by the way)…I think you misunderstood what @Gigi was saying..I think she was referring to those labels not wanting to be associated with an urban such as FBD similarly to how Cristal didn’t wanted to be associated with rappers. It’s not a matter of the money not being good enough but the kind of image the brand thinks it needs to project and maintain. I didn’t get the indication from Gigi’s comment that she agreed with this.
    Also, on another note we have to remember that there a trillion fashion blogs etc. out there now and coupled with social media designers are reaching and being introduced to much wider audience than before. That being said I can’t imagine that these design houses don’t do extensive research to see which blogs, social media sites, etc. are providing their biggest REVENUE streams and not just most added exposure with posts, mentions, etc. Space at these shows are limited as I’m sure you can attest to Claire so it’s understandable that they would offer invitations to those bloggers first. Then again I might be all wrong.

  29. I can take them or leave them. Half the time I’m not feeling what they’re offering up so I’m less interested.

  30. TheAntifash says:

    Although I frequent this site often, I think my views on fashion are very different from many of the FBD readers… Runway is a vital part of fashion, to deny that is blasphemy. I think the comprehensive runway coverage (and REAL fashion news) is what gives FBD the edge that other “urban” fashion blogs lack. This blog appeals to someone like me who appreciates and has studied high fashion, as well as someone who is solely interested in seeing what the hottest celebrities are wearing, and get ideas for their own wardrobe. Continue the good work you are doing on FBD, and know that it does not go unnoticed (even if those twats are not giving you your tens and inviting you to shows).

  31. Brittany says:

    I never really cared before, but now I do enjoy the Fashion Bombshell’s coverage of the runway shows. I’ve noticed that I can identify where the trends are coming from when it trickles down. Thanks for the info!

  32. Runway shows are what shape the industry. How can you claim to like fashion but you don’t care to see the shows? The shows foreshadow the rest of the season. I love seeing the reviews and I appreciate the fact that you cover them!

  33. Anthony says:

    I agree with The AntiFash!

    I grew up on fashion editorials and dreaming to one day attend every high end runway show I can get to. Don’t get me wrong, blogging is absolutely great for giving access, insider perspective,and etc. but i think sometimes people get a little carried away with the “street style” post around the blogsphere. This is an industry that always leaves the consumer with something left to be desired. It has and hopefully always will have an aspirational tone to it. And though I love seeing how other fashionista’s are dressing there’s nothing like sitting front row at a Givenchy runway show.

  34. nino says:

    MIXED feelings, i like reading about the shows and all but truly i don’t give a hoot…because i never do trends…so whats hot next season is not my problem, i always buy the same classical pieces to be worn over a few years not because it is hot this year but i guess in a way it is exciting….i skip some show reviews too though…but always check out the street style so…

  35. Child Please says:

    @Deb you might be giving these brands too much credit. Do people buy stuff because Bryan Boy and Rumi say so?

  36. LJF67 says:

    “From my experience, it seems a large number of luxury houses are not particularly interested in appealing to the multicultural customers on this site.”

    Here is the true crux of the issue. This speaks to who your blog is primarily aimed at, and as a part of that demographic, I am more interested in designers who appreciate the void FBD is filling and embraces the multicultural asthetic. To that extent more coverage to those who embrace and less energy to those who do not – the trends will trickle down/out regardless.

  37. Melissa says:

    Please don’t stop covering runway shows. I love seeing what designers come up with each season. I don’t see how its possible to love fashion, and not care about designers who influence what you wear.

  38. Danielle says:

    If it wasn’t for this site I wouldn’t care. But, I do look at all the runway posts and I truly seeing what trends are coming up next and definitely appreciate your efforts!

  39. PrettyOdd says:

    Yes we do Loooove them. Claire and her staff do a great job posting the shows. I love seeing the looks from the fashion geniuses. I also think its motivation//inspiration that Claire ((woman of color, uplift meant, and style)) is nice enough to show us these countries and the street style. I’m 24 and I look up to Claire and her fun travels…I love it :-) I know the FBD keeps us in mind pertaining to the site but Y’ALL CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE. SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST NEGATIVE. I love you guys and this site. Keep up the good work and keep the fashion shows coming. This is a fashion blog….

  40. Deb says:

    @Child Please…you might be right but the bloggers I had in mind were more like Scott Schuman of thesatorialist and Tamu McPherson of alltheprettybirds.
    Then again Marc Jacobs did name a bag after Bryan Boy back in 2008
    Have no idea who Rumi – pardon my ignorance…Googling now…LOL

  41. I don’t care as much about runway shows as I used to. I just stick to the ones I enjoy seeing and new designers. Other than that not too much, I am more interested in what people are wearing on the streets. That inspires me MUCH more :)

  42. Heide says:

    Ok I have to start by saying that I really appreciate the question. It’s a really good question. Actually I think it’s a vital question for this blog because obviously you are really trying to give your readers what they want.

    Ok now onto my honest and humble opinion. In truth I never read any of your fashion show reviews or look at any of your posting about fashion week.

    The only fashion weeks I’m interested in is Paris and Milan. My fashion week viewing usually starts w/London which I used to love but it has fallen off the past few years. New York fashion week is the absolute wackest, omg it sucks.

    Honestly I like this site. I come here everyday, sometimes several times a day. However when I want to know about ‘Real’ fashion I go to style.com, vogue.com, garancedore.fr/en, the sartorialist.com or theglamorai.com or I check out specific fashion houses and a few other blogs and tumblrs. So no I don’t care about FB covering fashion week. However I enjoy the everyday fashion and style coverage that you provide.

    I sympathize with your dilema, honestly I do because you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t. The reality of the situation is those major fashion houses are most likely never going to issue you an invite. You have to be really big to get an invite from them. You have what’s considered an urban blog, about mostly urban fashion with urban readers. The average FB reader cannot afford to be a regular Dior, Tom Ford, Givenchy, Balenciaga or Chanel patron. And I say that meaning this is the view a Top notch fashion house would/will take on FB. If you compare this FB site to say Garance Dore’s site you can see that her readers are those that retail regularly at these top brass fashion houses which is why the houses invite her to absoluetly everything and why she is now a vogue columnist and has a netaporter endorsement. The same goes for those other sites that I mentioned. You have to be able to effect the bottom line in order to be considered by big name fashion houses. You have to be considered influential in the fashion society in some way in ordered for them to take note.

    I mean absolutely no shade and no offense w/my comments. I am sincerely giving an honest reply to your question – albeit a long one.

    However I do think it essential that you continue to cover all The Fashion Weeks and Houses because if you don’t then you’re credibility is nill. Those houses may not invite you today and we may not turn to FB today for those top brass fashion houses updates or what not but that doesn’t mean in the years to come as your brand grows and your connections escalate and your fashion knowledge evolves that won’t change.

    I really think if you stick w/it others will take notice and your profile will rise in the fashion community. Just stay w/it. The fashion industry is elitist we all know that. It doesn’t mean you can’t overcome or break down those barriers it just means they want to see you work for it.

    I also agree w/the commentor above that your FWK coverage is what sets you apart from the gazillion other urban fashion blogs.

    Sorry for being so long winded.

  43. I enjoy runway shows. I don’t think I ‘care’ one way or the other though. If that makes any sense. I have never been able to see the clear dissemination of trends into the streets… That’s my own slow brain though. I’ll see things on the red carpet and think they’re gorgeous but think the same thing is hideous on the runway.

  44. Tony Triumph says:

    Funny, Taraji looks sooo uninterested in whatever show that was….I think more then anything, I love reading the post authors commentary and personal thoughts on each topic(including the runway shows). The fashion bomb is a great read, so keep doing what your doing.

  45. Miss Understood says:

    I absolutely love fashion and hope to be able to attend a show one day, but I skip the fashion review articles every day. They just don’t appeal to me.

  46. aries says:

    that green Gucci dress and green shoes is gorgeous.

  47. Tammy says:

    I live for NYC Fashion Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Tammy says:

    Gives Me Life!!!!!

  49. Kimmoy says:

    I think more than anything, I’m just proud of you flying all over the world attending these shows and living your life out loud more than the actual shows themselves. I do like to see the comparison between how a celeb or everyday person adopted a runway look though. Things you never thought would look good or work for “real life”, actually do, so keep those inspirational posts coming!

  50. binks says:

    Honestly, I’ am indifferent. But I say cater to the brands that want your business Claire and value YOUR brand, don’t exhaust yourself or your time/staff for brands that could care less stick to those that love you such as Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry, etc.

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