October 3rd, 2012
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Black and White Dominates Spring 2013 Runways: Was Kanye West Ahead of the Trend?
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Fashion month has finally come to a close. After a quick glance at all the trends taking shape for Spring 2013 (stripes, nods to ’60s mod, orange lips,) I couldn’t help but notice the marked lack of color Spring is usually known for. Most designers eschewed the florals and bright hues, instead opting for unseasonably subdued, monochromatic palettes.

Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Lanvin, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Moschino, Prada, and Valentino are only a few of the many brands that presented looks in mostly limited shades.

It was almost difficult not to imagine many of these pieces on Kim Kardashian, who seems to only wear black and white these days (thanks to the styling of beau Kanye West).


So was Kanye on to something? I’ve often questioned his insistence on dressing Kim in dull neutrals, especially during spring and summer when the rest of the world is happily bopping around in bright colors.

Judging from these spring collections, maybe ‘Ye had some sort of high fashion foresight. It seems women all over the world will be clad in black and white (and leather) for Spring 2013.

What do you think? Was Yeezy teaching us all along?
Did Yeezy teach us well?


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36 Responses to “Black and White Dominates Spring 2013 Runways: Was Kanye West Ahead of the Trend?”

  1. Kay says:

    oh hush!!! Kanye West put us on B&W are you serious?!!! Is this a joke? Like really? All i saw Kanye wear was some hot sweaty sticky cant take these leather pants off unless i put some baby powder on first. chile please

  2. Renecia says:

    They were def ahead!!!

  3. EatStylePlay says:

    lol, i think black and white has always been out there lol.

  4. Heiress says:

    What are they doing?
    For the latest Styles(shopheiressdotcom), Shopheiress.com!

  5. Eva says:

    LOL – this must be a joke! That fashion would be influenced by two incessant attention seekers who hold no real relevance anymore except to be seen constantly and make sure their faces are shown 24/7? Wow – pure foolery.

  6. t-fal says:

    I think he has access to see previews of desgner’s lines so that he probably saw this coming.

    OAN – Yezzy taught you well……….yeezy taught you well lol!

  7. I think you may have called it Jihan because I was side eyeing them everytime they wore leather in the summer! Like who does that really?

    A trend setter who thinks out of the box and we all know that musically KW is that, time will tell if he can pull it off fashionably. Shout out to Kim for being a ride along (time will tell if she is he ride or die!).

    Yeah black & white has always been a part of the game but who wears that majority of the time? Someone who is trying to say “look at me now” (in my JD voice).

  8. MoD.com says:

    Although I do think celebs hold sway in trends and what becomes “hot” so to speak something as universal and longstanding as the pairing of black and white cannot be on or off trend. It just is lol. That’s like saying someone wearing a wrap dress is ahead of the trend. It’s always kinda around.

  9. Black and white pairings are simple. Very simple. Kanye just put Kim in something that was timeless. He wasn’t ahead of any curve. Kim looks a mess in that first picture btw. Those boots with that dress are a no-go.

  10. Talecia says:

    Isn’t Black and White ALWAYS in style? I dont think they were “ahead” because if they were ahead then Lisa Raye and the Emo&Goth kids were waaaaayyy ahead of Ye Kim. Cause you know Lisa loves her all white everything and Goths love there black lol Just saying tho….

  11. HavilandClarke says:

    Black and white never went out of style.

  12. Cari says:

    Talecia, Kimye only made it relevant lol!
    But I must admit, Kanye is always doing something that makes us all give him the side eye and months later, its in! It’s just the yeezy in him that teaches us well lol

  13. Lolodoll11 says:

    B&W has always been in,

  14. They weren’t ahead of anything! I’ll stop there…

  15. TheAntifash says:

    ‘FOH!! Really? EVERYONE in this industry wears b&w ALL YEAR round. The colors are not Kayne exclusive. No, he did not have some inside scoop. Lol, this is a joke.

  16. Enigma says:

    In fashion everything has always been around but sometimes it’s more predominant than others at differnt times and seasons. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think Jihan took this post that serious.

  17. VanityStyles says:

    I highly doubt it. Black and white is a classic not a trend. It will always be in!

  18. Jhess says:

    I think the point Jihan is trying make is that just like many other seasonal trends (ie tribal print, burgundy, etc.) black and white is the MAIN one AGAIN and Kanye was seen wearing the “trend” BEFORE it hit the runways again.

    Kanye was ahead of us, or maybe he was just doing his own, who knows. The point is that it wasn’t just a ONE time thing, it was frequent to the point that everyone noticed. How many people have you seen ONLY wearing all black, all white or the combination frequently?

  19. mamareese says:

    If clunky ackwards shoes and dull demin shirts are the future then PLEASE take me out. Kim….stop them boots ain’t cute no matter what color they are.

  20. Fab says:

    No. Kris Jenner is since Kris Jenner only wears black and white and has for the past few years.

  21. Kim M says:

    I agree with the others who are asking if this is a joke. Like, seriously!!!

  22. yusufswifee says:

    orange lips – great. I still have time to make use of my MAC so Chaud and there is plenty of b&w

  23. Sail says:

    Regardless, I will be rocking my bright colours and weather appropriate attire.

    I HATE those blasted givenchy boots. They are almost as disgusting as Uggs boots.

  24. tt says:

    black/white has & always will been in. both colors are timeless & classic. i wear black & white a lot just because it’s easy & effortless. as far as kimye putting people on to this “trend”…NO!

  25. Kay'Gee says:

    Only kimye can tell us if they was in on it or nah.

  26. Brittany says:

    what is with fashionbomb lately trying to give Kanye West credit for trends…LMAO yeah because he was so innovated with black and white who would have ever thought to wear those colors *end criticism*

  27. hahaha.
    yeezy taught us well

  28. charlyn says:

    yes they did , idk why ppl hating hard . kanye is a painter and kim is his canvas why cant you guys see that.

  29. me says:

    Kim…those boots…why?

  30. whatevs says:

    I’m more convinced now than ever that Kris Jenner sends a check to Claire every week…

  31. Claire says:

    @whatevs If she sent me a check every week, I probably wouldn’t be blogging, but rather, retired on some remote tropical island.

  32. Jihan says:

    @Claire wouldn’t that be just wonderful??

  33. Marthe says:

    I don’t know if they were ahead or not but oohlala that man in the dark in the first picture (behind kanye) is HOT!!

  34. datgurl says:

    Kim wtf is going on with those boots ???

  35. Brenda says:

    I’ve been a fan of black and white for several years, it is a classic color combination that never goes out of style and usually works no matter the occassion. Kris Jenner also wears a lot of black and white.

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