• Style Inspiration: What to Wear to a 2 Chainz Concert

    Danielle writes, “I am going to a 2 Chainz concert at the House of Blues this upcoming month. I wanted to know what to wear,  was looking for maybe a cute fitted dress, or maybe a cute skirt since I am always wearing pants or shorts. Could you please fnd me a couple of outfits and you can include some pants just in a sexier way maybe. Thanks so much if you could help me out!!!”

    Sure thing!

    When I think of 2 Chainz, I think darker hues, specifically black, mixed in with splashes of gold. It led me to this first look.

    This $64 River Island black baroque cardigan is right on trend for the season. I really wanted that piece to be the focus of the look, so I included a basic white t-shirt, and a pair of leather pants to keep things simple. What would a 2 Chainz concert be without some…well…chains? Try on this chunky necklace for size. As far as footwear goes, from my understanding the House of Blues has both standing room and balcony seats. If you’ll be seated, feel free to wear a comfortable pair of heels. If not, you might want to opt for flats.

    You mentioned a fitted a dress?

    Something along the lines of this Mary Katrantzou beaut might do you some justice. It’s dark, but its pattern boasts refreshing hints of color. Uplift the dress with a magenta clutch, and a bright mani. Accessorize with a pair of Long Metal Spike Earrings, or studs.

    2 Chainz loves some Givenchy and Versace, so I decided to pay some homage in this final look.

    I paired a black flared skirt, with a Givenchy White Poem Print Tank Top, and a cobalt blue blazer for a bit of pop. Although I included this Versace two-tone studded python shoulder bag, get a more reasonably priced alternative here. Finish the look with a pair of flats, and you’re set!

    Hope this helped! Get your life!

    P.S. What is it about 2 Chainz that makes the ladies swoon?