September 17th, 2012
Celebrity Style, Kim Kardashian
Splurge: Kim Kardashian’s Miami Balmain Floral Biker Jacket
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Kim Kardashian is currently in Miami and was snapped wearing a $3,499 Balmain Biker Jacket, $259 Céline Matrix Top Heavy Sunglasses, black leather pants, and black pumps.

Her black cotton biker jacket features a square neckline, accentuated shoulders, and dual-zip front closure.

If by any chance you’re up for the splurge, get her look (and affordable options) below.

I’m here for this. The bun, the jacket, the sunglasses, this is a cohesive look I can fully endorse. Thanks, Kimmy! Thanks for this flawless moment.

What do you think? Are you into this look?


Images: Zimbio

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40 Responses to “Splurge: Kim Kardashian’s Miami Balmain Floral Biker Jacket”

  1. puddin says:

    Hot to death!!!

  2. DannielleS says:

    I like it, but I wish she would go back to the old Kim. It seems as if lately she has been looking like a robot with her stiff “runway” face

  3. Stylishly Yours says:

    Absolutely ADORE this!! I missed this Kim!!!

  4. PrettyOdd says:

    I love it ((as always)). Kim almost NEVER LETS ME DOWN :-). It’s interesting hearing people say she should go back to the old Kim; when in fact everyone seemed to get tired of the blazer/skinny jean/louboutin look. Rather it’s yeezy who taught her or not, the girl fits are almost always well executed….old and new.

  5. SHE”S BAAAAAACK! Temporarily at least…

  6. Jada king says:

    Very cute but I’m currently in Miami and its a lil warm to be wearing that

  7. jbrizzy says:

    Now thats a hot Jacket. Very cute ………………………..For the early winter months . That +1 for you Kim, you are now currently at -9 in style points!

  8. nia says:

    Kanye is finally finding his groove! Lol

  9. Likkke Miss says:

    LOVE that jacket!

  10. Shelly says:

    This is definitely a step up from what we’ve been seeing, lol. I love the all black, and then the pop of color in the jacket. Now all we needed was Kim’s signature diamond stud earrings, and a smile. I just hope that she’s happy, because before Kanye, you could tell that she took pride and enjoyed wearing HER clothes. Hopefully she is putting more input into her clothing choices. We shall see…

  11. kateeee says:

    She better woooorrrkkk!!!!

  12. marguerite says:

    i agree w/ DanielleS

  13. Halima says:

    Absolutely love the jacket! Balmain always makes great pieces!

  14. makeeasweet says:

    can we go one month without kim.i like her style,but damn almost every freakin day she get a post.half her outfits that posted on here lately have been terrible.why are people so obsessed with her?,seriously even the chicks that hate her are obsessed.can we get some new blood in here.i honestly dont care about race,just want to see new celebrities being feature.

  15. LawyerLady says:

    Kim is a classic staple. I agree we can add more folks but until she stops being a trendsetter – we gots to see Kim.

  16. bella says:

    HOT! I don’t think Kanye is with her right now so I bet Monica Rose styled this look.

  17. Fe says:

    Get em Kim!

  18. peplum lover says:

    bring back some colour :)

  19. Shelly says:

    @ Bella, you are probably right, smh. She always dressed more like herself when he is not around. And she always looks good!

  20. "You Left My Comments for Dead" says:

    Thank goodness!

  21. jUICElOVE says:

    looovvvvee this!!!

  22. Hello says:

    finally I think she’s starting to mesh her style with this new look Kanye wants her to go in and she looks great

  23. tasha says:

    I miss Kim. Yes better werk that look.

  24. Love this look. The biker jacket is hot!

  25. LaTasha says:

    The jacket is pretty but I don’t like this outfit together…especially in Miami. It’s too hot for this. Bless her heart. I would like to see this look worn in NY or someplace colder, with this jacket and something with color to bring out the jacket colors, possibly skinny jeans, not skinny leather pants, and equestrian boots. This look in it’s current form screams I’m trying too hard.

  26. Deb says:

    This Kim I can root for…I hope to God she’s finally rebelling against Ye and his bland color choices

  27. KBS says:

    lol @ “you left my comments for dead”

  28. mamareese says:

    FINALLY this is hot…No more of the yarn explosion and sweaty gym socks shoes! Get it girl!

  29. heyyall says:

    she is a beast!

  30. TT says:

    So refreshing.

  31. homey.lover.friend. says:

    Great look- seems like a blend of ‘Ye and Kim. I am not impressed with the Kanye inspired pushed back hair look but this is sleek hair that I can get with.

    Someone mentioned that she looks robotic. Agreed. It seems like she is carrying herself in a way that says “this is how chic women look.” Seems unnatural. Great outfit, though.

  32. soon2Bmrs says:

    Ok SLAYdashian, you better work!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Whenever she ain’t around him is when she rocks a look with a dash of colour. Oh i’ve missed you kimmy! Kanye stay away !!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. rudy says:

    life given, this is it!

  35. Yerp says:

    $3500 for a COTTON blazer?!? O_o Whatever works for her!

  36. Keisha says:

    I like this look very cute, dare I even say you could probably find a slightly similar colorful blazer at a vintage/thrift store.

  37. Tanisha says:

    That jackey is everything! Everything!

  38. Tanisha says:


  39. fake oakley says:

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