September 10th, 2012
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Who Wore it Better? Jada Pinkett Smith vs. Kim Kardashian in Tom Ford’s Backless Dress
By Claire

Jada Pinkett Smith attended the Toronto International Film Festival this weekend in the same zippered Tom Ford backless dress Kim Kardashian wore to the BET Awards back in July.

While both ladies opted for slicked back hair and Tom Ford sandals, Kim went for simple with gold strappy heels. Jada added a bit of interest with lace up tan sandals.

The dress is supremely flattering and looks great on both body types, though I think Kim’s curvaceous frame does the dress more justice.

What do you think?

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44 Responses to “Who Wore it Better? Jada Pinkett Smith vs. Kim Kardashian in Tom Ford’s Backless Dress”

  1. hiya says:

    Kim looks amazing in this dress, totally meant for her curves, love it

  2. tt says:

    the dress fits kim better. that dress is swallowing jada. jada, why is your hair hair styled like kim’s?

  3. Chianti4rmLA says:

    Kim steals the shine with her curves but I like Jada But I voted they both look great!

  4. Chianti4rmLA says:

    and its funny that they have the same hair style in this pic too. News flash people, Kim didn’t invent that hair style. Jada doesn’t need to copy her. lol

  5. Bre Bre says:

    *ahem* My soror wore it betterrrrr…. skee-wee Jada!!!!

  6. becka says:

    Kim K curves won but LOVE Jada shoes, wish Jada would have styles her hair differently bc it looks as if she’s channeling Kim

  7. Archie comics are racist says:

    I love how the dress accentuates kims backrolls.

  8. d says:

    Jada’s stylist should have known that Kim wore that a few months ago to such a high profile event where she was videod and snapped repeatedly!!…nevertheless- I like it on both of them (even though Jada needs to zip hers to the end).

  9. Jamesy says:

    I think Kim’s gold shoes bring out the gold zipper more. I voted Kim.

  10. Jenny says:

    kim looks wayy better ! c’mon JADA didnt have to wear THAT hairstyle with that DRESS! its been done jada !its not even like she wasnt watching the B.E.T awards. im just saying like if uu kno its been done and there are sooooooooo many pictures on the internet why swagger jack ! kim look so natural and fresh looking. I love the white, it really gives her a nice glow. !

  11. jess says:

    You need curves to do the dress justice. Gorgeous dress though.

  12. Common says:

    It’s not fair, Kim’s body adds that extra sexiness to anything she wears. But I must say Will and Jada looks far better than Kanye and Kim.

  13. DannielleS says:


  14. juju says:

    What else can Jada do with those shaved sides? Death to that fad

  15. Kay Tee says:

    Kim has backfat!!! Jada did it better!!!

  16. Jada rocked it. I love her shoes and clutch. I love the earrings too. Some people automatically gave it to Kim because she has curves, but 90% of the stuff she’s been wearing lately is ill-fitting. Curves don’t automatically mean you look better in something. She looked plain as hell at the BET Awards and Kim didn’t invent that slicked back style. If that’s the case, rewind to 2008 when Mother Bey was rocking it during the I Am… Sasha Fierce era. Kim K. didn’t start that trend so stop giving credit where it’s not due. Lol But yeah… I liked Jada’s look better.

  17. They both look good, but I’m going to have to give it to Auntie Jada simply because she has absolutely not back fat. Let’s face it, this dress is all about the back.

  18. Plussizepormstar says:

    Jada because I like her better. :) and the shoes :)

  19. Plussizepormstar says:

    O man I didn’t scroll down to see the front..looks better on Kim from the front..but Js shoes give me LIFE!

  20. meekaG says:

    the question is would you rather see fat back or bony back

  21. rudy says:

    wow did jada’s stylist not know about this? hair and all? Kim slayed this

  22. binks says:

    Jada though Kim has the body for it I like the way Jada accessorized and styled it. Kim looks like she didn’t finish getting ready to me.

  23. janeth says:

    Kim looking Fab

  24. bella says:

    ummm kim. some of y’all are delusional tbh.

  25. Tiffany says:

    Kim looked good but CMON what is with her and Kanye not letting her wear earrings. Old KimK would’ve knocked that dress out of the PARK! There wouldn’t have been any comparison. This Kim is so basic that it’s CRIMINAL! I guess Kanye is passively aggresivly ruining her “career” so he can have her all to himself. SMH

  26. They both look amazing. I really like Jada’s clutch and Kim’s shoes with the dress.

  27. yusufswifee says:

    I love it….this is simple. It depends on your preference for body types. PERIOD. I am team kim, team boobs and ass, team back fat all the way. The back fat is giving me LIFE!!!! It is the only thing that distracted me from how she got her tatas to stand up with out a bra.

    Jada looks stunning as well.

  28. Likkle Miss says:

    Kim. It looks better with curves although i wish she would have worn one of those invisible bra thingys. This look could use it.

  29. Deb says:

    Jada should have worn it in a different color. Would have been a better way to rock it

  30. Cameron(Fashion Bomber from Miami) says:

    Although Jada does look cute. She should have just did an all gold envelope I can not get into her current. Kim on the other hand gave me more contrast in her Tom Ford sandals especially with the chain detailing!!! Awesomeness at its best.

  31. Tessa B says:

    They both look great! I agree with Deb–I think Tangerine would have looked amazing on Jada! But she looks beautiful nonetheless.

  32. fuhleash says:

    this is a no brainer. it’s not even about body type. the dress looks like a huge blanket around jada! jada’s shoes are better but… lets be completely honest here…

  33. Ni says:

    Kim, unfortunately, did it on ‘em.

  34. whatevs says:

    fat girls are lying…

  35. I love Kimmy’s “fashions” but I prefer Jada’s look.

  36. aries says:

    Jada all day, the cream color sandals sets it off.

  37. Eeeezy says:

    Jada’s shoes take away from the chic-ness of the dress. Kim’s curves makes for a much better fit.

  38. Dani says:

    Dress is best w/ curves. Kim wins for me.

  39. Syl says:

    Kim K hands down her shoes went perfectly! Jadas shoes are kinda matchy matchy

  40. Natasha says:

    Kim still looks surprised at how much butt she has! I give this one to Jada though

  41. iHeartKeya says:

    Kim won this time. But I agree with Memoirs Of The Chic, curves don’t automatically mean you look better in something.

  42. Ja'me London says:

    I don’t know… Kim’s full-figure shape is a force to be reckoned with. She looks amazing in this dress

  43. Anonymous says:

    can’t wait for Kim to get old

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