September 10th, 2012
Fashion Week, New York, Real Style
Real Style: Mercedes Benz Spring 2013 Fashion Week Day 3
By Claire

New York Fashion Week is well under way, and we’ve been on the scene taking pix of fashionable attendees in and around Lincoln Center.

Check out the best from Day 3:

Shauna embraced this season’s leather trend with a chic skirt uplifted by a patterned blouse and simple black pumps.

Timika opted for sheer in a see through black top and layered blue skirt, offset by quite the statement necklace.

Guys have been playing around with high hems this season, as Mark displays. His pants add a bit of interest to his more traditional checked shirt and blazer.

This young man showed his style with cuffed jeans, a pink blazer, and smart readers.

This group oozed cool with chic sunglasses and shades of blue and green.

Sarah from Germany’s Next Top Model mixed prints like a pro, working a patterned top and complementary pants with an oversized white clutch.

Bettina chose a peplum top and a printed shirt for the day. Her shaved hairstyle and funky sunglasses truly set everything off.

Dee of Dee & Ricky repped in his signature casual style, and showed love for his line with a branded skate board.

Sai from Because I am Fabulous blessed us with another fantastically colorful outfit. I need to know where she shops!

People oscillate between super covered up and barely there. Joanne showed her stuff in a sheer ‘fit, uplifted by Jeffrey Campbell spiked wedges.

And lastly, Moms are always on duty! Just like June Ambrose brings her mini me to many a show, Melissa brought her adorable son to the tents. Cute!
What do you think?
Photos by Marta McAdams.

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29 Responses to “Real Style: Mercedes Benz Spring 2013 Fashion Week Day 3”

  1. Deb says:

    OMG!!!!!! the second to last pic. Speechless. SMHH

  2. Taj says:

    Loving Bettina and Shauna’s looks. The men look nice as well and the women in the lace body suit must have been confused about the event.

  3. Jeda says:

    I love it all, but no to JoAnne….sorry boo boo.

  4. says:

    You know Joann thinks she’s the finest thing there too? But I admire her fashion COURAGE.

    In general, the style here is par for the course during fashion week but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes looking good is better than standing out ya’ know.

  5. hypnotic says:

    Regarding Joanne, here she is in a a similar look that’s better executed.

  6. SLIMB says:

    Joanne, is a no-no. Everyone else looks great… my fav would have to be the man in the pink blazer, and the trio they look dope. I wish I would’ve seen them while I was up there.

  7. mary says:

    JOANNE, THE MOST WAS DONE. THERE WAS NO NEED … NO SERIOUSLY NO NEED. her body is tight tho, but it could have been presented tackfully

  8. Dom says:

    Loving Sai’s look from head to toe! That’s how to stand out and still look like a milli!

  9. Kitana says:

    Loved Sai’s look, but for me I would’ve done those pieces separately. the second young lady in the purple skirt was adorable until I got to those shoes…..

  10. I met the blonde at the Zang Toi show she had an awesome tattoo that read something like she lives in a fantasy world wasn’t interested in those who lived in reality. A paraphrase something like that but really cute. Then the naked chicks roommate told me she never wore close. I featured the naked chick on my New York Freak post. I will feature her roommate on my fashion critique later this week.

  11. lolodoll11 says:

    I’m not feeling men and this Urkel trend. Corny! Sadly, I’m not really feeling any of these looks except the white lady with the wide leg pants. The chick with the purple skirt, was liking the outfit then looked at her shoes. Not quite sure she got it right with the shoes.

  12. TheAntifash says:

    LOL!!!!!!!!! I’m here for Joanne. I could possibly never, but I LOVE a girl who does. Yes Gawd!

  13. Jason DiLaurentis'Sister says:

    Joanne just wanted attention. Nothing fashionable here. And apparently, it worked: she is featured here.
    Melissa could be Beyonce’s sister /cousin. Her son looks like Solange’s kid.

  14. tyty says:

    Ummm she obviously didn’t get the memo! Not one to throw shade but this is wrong in all types of ways! :(

    Every one else looks great! Fashion is about pushing the envelope but still remaining true to yourself and style!

  15. Everyone looks great, minus Joanne. Save the lingerie for the bedroom, honey.

  16. love says:

    joanne got lost on the way to the strip club or an american aparrel photo-shoot girl bye. Anyways, the two black men dressed like rachel zoes ex assistant look great and homegirl with the kid is casually cute and appropriate.

  17. BougieHippie says:

    They brought day 3!

  18. Allie says:

    I’ve worn the outfit Joanne has on for my man in the bedroom. He loved it!!! Not sure if it’s for the public to see though. But i guess she doesn’t care. Otherwise everyone else looks great…

  19. Frieda K says:

    Ummm does Joanne think cos she got lace tights on that she should be considered as dressed. She should have come out in her panties and some pasties, same result. This is why some men think it’s ok to just grab on, making sex way to obvious, cheap and accessible. I’m not a prude but c’mon now. Also the reason why some men prefer men, there ain’t nothing more to discover on female land… She got a grrreat body but not impressed, bothered yes.

  20. can says:

    Dag, my mouth is still open from the sheer picture. Yes her body is nice, but how dare she wear that out to an event especially in the day time! Where children were present! You got some balls honey child.

  21. TheAntifash says:

    Frieda K, NO it is NEVER acceptable for a man to grab on any woman. I don’t give a damn if she is naked with a body like Pam Grier. Please do not use how a woman is dressed as a plausible reason for a man to grab or harass a woman. It is NEVER excusable. I swear some people are so effing brainwashed smh.

  22. love says:

    Im with @antifash !! @Frieda K it is never ok! Personal space is personal space people can think whatever they want but to grab on someone is wrong no matter what! I will not give these men who lack self control a easy way out.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Joanne looks disqusting. There is nothing cute or fashion forward about putting your underwear on blast. Please cut the crap and put on some clothes.

  24. Aw man says:

    Lol @Frieda…so your opinion is that some men are actually choosing to be gay because there is nothing more to discover on women? That is an unbelievable opinion. Truly. Wooooooooooow

  25. rudy says:

    Joanne Joanne Joanne

  26. EsKay says:

    I just LIIIIVE for those powder blue trousers!!! PERFECT fit!

  27. Anayo says:

    Can we cut those sus lookin’ white people in the back of Mark’s photo out?

  28. mamareese says:

    Joanne way to leave something to the imagination. That whole outfit make her look like she needs a bar of soap. I’m sorry but shock people in a differnet way…you’ve totally disrepected yourself by wearing that.

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