September 7th, 2012
Celebrity Style, Shopping
Splurge: NeNe Leakes’s 5th Annual 2012 Icons + Idols Party Hervé Léger Geometric Jacquard Bandage Dress
By Faith

NeNe Leakes was spotted on the red carpet at In Touch Weekly’s 5th Annual Reality TV Stars of America 2012 Icons + Idols Party at the Chateau Marmont in LA. She partied it up in crystal-embellished ankle-strap sandals and a $1,250 Geometric Jacquard Bandage Dress from one of her go-to brands, Hervé Léger:


Her bandage dress features an allover black and white graphic print, a v-neck silhouette, and short sleeves.

NeNe’s bff Jennifer Williams was also on hand as well as Hollywood Exes star, Mayte Garcia. I’m loving Jennifer’s accessories, but that dress is such a basic pairing with them. Sigh. Mayte is serving though!

I don’t know if NeNe is Spanx-ed to the gods or if she has been on a new workout regimen, but that body is fit for a video vixen! Her makeup is entirely too heavy, but I love the way this look was styled.

If you’re up for the splurge, you can get her dress at

Are you feeling NeNe’s look? If so, get it here.

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38 Responses to “Splurge: NeNe Leakes’s 5th Annual 2012 Icons + Idols Party Hervé Léger Geometric Jacquard Bandage Dress”

  1. Gray says:

    Nene looks like a hot mom! Black is the new Black this year?!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nene looks good, as does JW. But Mayte looks AMAZING! Can we get a Splurge on her dress too? WOW!

  3. jumelle12 says:

    I don’t like it on Nene- she’s shaped like an ice cream cone- it’s not complimentary to her figure at all-She’s been looking great lately- this is not one of my faves- sorry.

  4. Kitty B. says:

    Nene is TOO MUCH for that dress, I dont like it on her at all…not feeling her look to much here.

    @Faith its not spanx its called LIPO, Nene has admitted shes a big fan of it!

  5. FBDfan says:

    I agree…that did not look great on Nene. She should’ve maybe tried Look#2 or even Look#3 of ‘What to Wear to a Black/White Party’ ( I tell you, Claire should style some of these realitystar/celebs. #ijs

  6. Mimi says:

    I love Nene and I love that she owns her shape and size but i don’t care for this dress on her. Maybe it needs to be a lil longer. Nothing to do with her size because a dress can be too short on any shape, but I think she’d look a lot better if it was a little longer.

  7. love says:

    O dear nene has on them throwback prom/stripper shoes girl bye

  8. Brandon says:

    Love the dress just not on Nene, I think it is too short. Isnt this the same dress that Christina Aguilera is wearing in the new promo ads for “The Voice” ??

  9. Cherie in the D says:

    I agree it looks as though she may have had to pull the dress down constantly all night, a uncomfortable look. She nailed that pose at a good angle but the dress should have been a little longer.

    I like JW simple dress with the outgoing accessories! IMHO she nailed it!

  10. Tee says:

    Can I get 3 NO MA’AMS!

  11. Kitana says:

    @Tee No Ma’am, no ma’am, no ma’am! People never seem to buy the cute Herve pieces. Its always the typical ones…

  12. Jihan says:

    Quelle suprise, another housewife in herve leger. I’m kind of surprised she didn’t pair that dress with loubies.

    Those spanx are doing the trick, doe! I gotta get me some!

  13. Honey B says:

    Don’t like this look on Ne-Ne. This print and length are all wrong for her size.

    Jennifer’s dress has been done a million times over. *Yawn*

  14. Fashionluva says:

    Oh, how i loathe lycra. She needs to cool it w/these spandex dresses and this particular one is not at all flattering on her.

  15. Dria says:

    I agree with Mimi..the dress needs to be longer to look better on her shape. Mayte looks good though!

  16. Paris THE says:

    Its length…had it been knee length.. Slayyyyyy

  17. Tessa B says:

    That’s a whole lotta woman! lol
    Her body in this dress is make her head and legs look itty bitty…not a good look. This piano looking dress needs to go.

  18. Set says:

    This is bad.

  19. NeNe looks really good. I love this look on her.

  20. Mely B says:

    NO to Nene – that dress is wrong for a woman her size, if it hit a little past her thighs I would’ve given her a thumbs up.
    Jen should’ve been snapped without her bag & Mayte looks off – maybe try color, she looks tired & sad-eyed.

  21. Marsha D says:

    Dear God no! What a mess…too tight too short and uncomfortable- looking to be damned! Let us pray!

  22. yusufswifee says:

    Nene has been on point lately but this is not working.

  23. No ma’am! This dress isn’t flattering at all on NeNe. She’s been looking great lately and this look takes her two steps back. I think it would have looked better on Jeniffer.

  24. tt says:

    i don’t like any of their looks, but nene, girrrrrl! she is too big for that dress. it makes her look wide and we know that nene has good taste in clothes, but this is not it.

  25. addikted2fashion says:

    She has entirely TOO MUCH to put in that dress. Having the pic of her next to the one in the model makes her look like shes stuffing a 10 lb turkey in a 5 lb turkey’s bag.

  26. catmo says:

    I think NeNe is too old for this look. This would like fine on 20-30 yo. Also, horizontal stripes are not working with her body type. Not flattering

  27. Jason DiLaurentis'Sister says:

    Nene and Jennifer’s dresses are too short, Jennifer’s cluch is too big (reminder of Mashonda’s luggage-cluch). Imho, Jennifer always shows too much skin. Nene looks like a popsicle shape wise in this HL.
    Mayte is hot and I wish Prince has stayed with her.

  28. fashion 101 horizontal stripes make you look wide

  29. tahlyuh says:

    Horizontal stripes make you look wide. That is all.

  30. binks says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I love me some NeNe but the dress is a no. It doesn’t seem age appropriate for her, like she should save it for her granddaughter. Jennifer has the body and the height but she needs to dress her frame better.

  31. TheTruth says:

    Nene that’s a no, you knew that when you pulled it on — wear what flatters your hips, not making you a hippo, and chile please, go get these knees bleached, scrubbed or whatever they need, your italian gigilo will pay for it – Jennifer you’re pretty but you need a brain and a stylist – them hang me up shoes, no girl, you ain’t even that kinda hoe, so why fake it? Mayte you look good girl, hook your friends up, classy not trashy – y’all spose to represent – no disrespect intended

  32. Erika says:

    The dress is pretty but on NeNe it’s a no. It’s too short in my opinion.

  33. Deb says:

    Not a good look for Mrs.leakes. Nothing fits well, including the shoes. I hope she borrowed this piece

  34. krystel says:

    Not sure how i feel about this look on Nene…it looks hmmmm am not sure but its not moving me in the right direction!!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Nene’s dress would look much better on someone smaller and younger, its too stretched out on her…jennifers look #yawn

  36. Lola Grace says:

    My biggest problem w/ Nene is her toes are hanging off the shoes. & then yes, she looks wide & the dress should be a lil longer. Also don’t like Jen’s or Mayte’s choices either.

  37. Bre Bre says:

    I mean for a 45 year old Ne Ne is doing the damn thing… It’s just sad that she wants to be 25 and that’s what it looks like when she wears dresses made for people my age and size. And I’m 20 ( .__.)

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