September 5th, 2012
Celebrity Style, Fashion
Wardrobe Query: First Lady Michelle Obama’s 2012 DNC Custom Tracy Reese Dress and J.Crew Everly Pumps
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

First Lady Michelle Obama delivered an impassioned speech at the DNC this evening, motivating the nation to go and vote for her husband, President Barack Obama. Of course, there were two things we all wanted to know once Mrs. O took the stage: 1. Was she going to shed a tear during the emotional speech? (she didn’t) and 2. Who was responsible for that *legendary* ‘fit? @Charmed0813 tweeted: @GlamazonDiaries @thefashionbomb…Michelle O is up and it’s just a matter of time that THESE two tell me who she’s wearing #DNC

Yup! We’ve got the deets. Ms. Obama looked unabashedly flawless in a custom made frock from Tracy Reese, and a pair of $245 Everly suede pumps from J.Crew.

Her pumps boast a 3 1/2″ heel and come in a “Rhubarb” shade. They will no doubt soon sell out.

What can I say? The FLOTUS looks amazing! The dress is perfect, her hair looks gorgeous, and the best part? She left the stage to Beyoncé‘s “Move Your Body,” a tune the singer did for Ms. Obama’s “Let’s Move” Campaign. Loving it!

What do you think?

*Were you feeling the First Lady’s Nails? According to MSNBC, Michelle O is rocking Artistic Colour Gloss Soak Off Color Gel in “Vogue,” $15 at e-Nail Supply. If that’s a bit pricey for you, you can get the look with Essie’s Chinchilly shade.

*Watch the speech here:



photos: Getty

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53 Responses to “Wardrobe Query: First Lady Michelle Obama’s 2012 DNC Custom Tracy Reese Dress and J.Crew Everly Pumps”

  1. Karmen says:

    Don’t forget the third thing: who does her hair?! Lol. Seriously though, she gave a beautiful, passionate speech. Thought she was running for president for a min.

  2. Tisha says:


  3. Marsha D says:

    I have no words….I do….flawless, chic, timeless….

  4. Nikki says:


  5. brigit b says:


  6. Gray says:

    @Karmen Yes! Her hair was on 10…fresh out the chair

  7. Michelle A says:

    Love my First Lady, y’all. I think I could see my reflection in her hair! Absolute perfection!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Her hair did it’s own speech…it was LAID! FLOTUS was flawless from head to toe!

  9. Tracie says:

    There is no mention of the cost of the dress…and WHO can afford $245 dollar shoes? No one I know!!! I’ve looked on a couple of websites, and Tracy Reese clothes cost upwards of $600 dollars. If this is a ‘custom’ dress, it has to cost MUCH more…and the liberals are having a fit because Ann Romney wears $900 dollar blouses, and they call HER out of touch? REALLY?!! The Obama’s are like the Beverly Hillbillies moving into a posh setting, with NO sense of dignity. You can take’em out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of them…by the way, the clothes she wears do NOT compliment her body shape. She is shaped like a pear, and should NOT were flouncy dresses, they make her hips look even bigger than they are. Michelle is just NOT a classy woman. She dresses most of the time like she just walked from the ‘hood’.

  10. Martinique_Fr says:

    Standing O for the FLOTUS… Flawless style and such and inspiring speech.

  11. Martinique_Fr says:

    @ Tracie…. I know everyone is entitled to an opinion, but yours is a bit distorted … you’re just spewing bitterness.

  12. Pari says:

    I think she looked beautiful last night!

    Tracie, I’d love to hear your opinion on what kind of dresses pear shaped women in her position should wear. I’d also love to hear what she wears that looks like she just walked out of the hood cause I haven’t seen any.

  13. zimbabwechic says:

    @Tracie please take two seats to the left. If this is what you call hood then you must be blind or crazy or just a misguided Republican. If you find the cost of Michelle’s dress appalling then you must definitely be livid at a 900 blouse. So a black and black woman in the White House are ghetto but a rich white man is fine. And leave the ghetto talk to the confines of your backward thinking mind. You outed yourself as a racist or a self hater. And you’re on the wrong site, FOX News was a few pages back.

  14. NellyV85 says:

    @Tracie byr girl fly girl!

  15. Michelle says:

    I was looking forward to seeing what she was going to wear last night. She was even more fabulous than I expected. This look is perfect. She looked flawless. Everything about her look from her hair to her nails and her shoes was outstanding. That dress had me speechless. LOVE MRS. O!

  16. Jazz says:

    Her skin looks so radiant!!! I LIVE for this woman.

  17. Eve says:

    Johnny wright is her hair stylist!!

  18. Sticky-n-Sweet says:

    Tracie, u mad LOL? Michelle Obama is the most frugal FLOTUS since Mamie Eisenhower. And don’t even start with that “hood” nonsense. My First Lady has more class and education in her pinky finger (skee wee!) than you have in your whole body. ALL her degrees are Ivy honey!

  19. AzizMom says:

    A special occassion that will go down in HISTORY deserves a “custom” made dress by Tracy Reese (Black designer) nontheless. Also, FLOTUS is known to wear J. Crew apparrel. It makes her down to earth that she shops at a retailer we all identify with. Shoot, FLOTUS shops at Target!! @Tracie – don’t bring us down with this foolishness.

  20. Nikki says:

    Michelle is not a classy woman…Michelle is hood…even if that rant made some element of sense, those two statements negated anything that you previously said. Your thoughts can go right in the garbage pail.

  21. Alexis says:

    Clair, Michelle also wore Tracy Reese Optic White/Black Primitive Diamonds Tie-Front Frock on Monday and it’s on sale for like $119…

  22. Vick says:

    @tracie, $245 is not ridiculous when u have ur not completely poor. I actually think its appropriate for goodness sake it’s affordable and flattering

  23. T1K says:

    Of course we had to have the bitter person who just can’t stand to see a beautiful black woman carrying herself in a manner that would be contrarily to what they wish, come on here and spew nonsense. Hood? Ghetto? When you see it show it to me, for now you can go find the life you don’t have. Thank you very much. Now on my first lady: flawless.

  24. Taj says:

    Michelle looks amazing.

  25. SSGA says:

    @Nikki Your comment made no sense at all. Back to reality, I loved her speech and outfit!! #OBAMA2012

  26. Jennifer says:

    Nikki’s statement made perfect sense: she called an idiot an idiot.

  27. Jordan says:

    As soon as she walked out I knew her outfit was going to be a hit and I’m not even big on fashion, but everything really coordinated well and fit her perfectly. I loved the dressed because the cut showed off her fit upper body. The FLOTUS looked like she has been in the gym shrugging!!!! She honestly looked great && her speech was sincere and relate-able. A win-win!

  28. Jordan says:

    As soon as she walked out I knew her outfit was going to be a hit & I am not big on fashion at all!! Everything was coordinated well and the fit was superb. I especially like the dress because of the cut. It showed her off upper body. It seems like the FLOTUS has been in the gym doing some shrugs!!! Most importantly, the speech was sincere and was relate-able, she is such a great role model.

  29. Jeda says:

    @SSGA, Nikki was actually quoting a misguided comment that was left by a disgruntled reader that goes by the name of Tracie.

    Tracie, I’m gonna need you to get your life and have several seats. Michelle is far from hood, but she sure does have a lot of hood people backing her up if you wanna take it there. Watch what you say.

    Michelle was amazing last night, she looked gorgeous, and spoke so eloquently, and was still relatable. I love it. Barack sure do know how to pick them. Many blessings to the Obamas.


  30. lolodoll11 says:

    This Tracie chick just posted to get a rise out of folk. Next….

    Michelle looks great. I’ll admit I cried during her speech last night. She is the epitome of what I strive to be and who I’d want my daughter to look up to. I love her. I love that she’s not afraid to accentuate her arms / curves. I’ll admit I literally dropped to the floor and did some push ups / planks while listening to her last night.

  31. Jason DiLaurentis'Sister says:

    @ Tracie: Stop please. Michelle is a Lawyer so she could easily afford all this. And compared to the former First ladies, she is very down to earth and frugal. Seat and admire how fabulous she is. And STFU

  32. Jason DiLaurentis'Sister says:

    *Sit and admire

  33. KBS says:

    Oh Tracie, puddin’, Chelli looked great and her speach was perfect. A custom dress for such an occasion is definitiely apropo for the FLOTUS. I wouldn’t expect to see her in a Target dress to give a speech to nominate a president. You sound young, did you wear Target or Walmart to your prom? And everyone has a choice on what they spend they their money on, so for some of us $245 isn’t earth shattering. I ‘ve been shopping at J Crew since before J had a crew and I have spent more than that on shoes and I am not a presidents wife or rich. But I do have one of those degree thingies and take my tail to work everyday. So I spend mines as I choose, you should too.

  34. LA says:

    Tracie is sick! Like literally mentally friggin’ ill!

    Michelle looked stellar and gave me chills. Such an inspiration.

  35. Diva says:

    she looks awesome as per…..& Poor Tracie I’ll drive you to the Canadian border if you give up your U.S. citizenship right now — have a seat !

  36. soon2Bmrs says:

    Michelle looked absolutely amazing!!

  37. Kaci says:

    @ Tracie, Shut UP… She’s at the #DNC what is she suppose to wear a dress from Express and shoes from payless??? Come on she’s the 1st lady they have millions and can afford to splurge if wanted but u can tell she toned it down for PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!! I feel for you why are u on a fashion blog site and can’t afford $250 shoes?? I’m guessing you don’t work or non educated if u were your career salary will allot you afford a nice pair of pumps… Not monthly but at least yearly!! And also she lives in the “White House” better than beverly hills, Last time I checked but since she’s black she’s Hood?? Chile please, this woman and her husband was educated and successful WAY before running this country. Sorry Claire, but bitter people makes my insides crawl Had to comment…

  38. Anonymous says:

    @Tracie, here’s your seat _/

  39. Dom says:

    My first lady was looking too fabulous last night! I’m glad you posted about the nails! That was like, the first thing I wanted deets on!

  40. tt says:

    EVERYTHING about this first lady is classy. her speech was so passionate. you FEEL that michelle obama LOVES her man!

  41. Chichi says:

    I have to agree with everyone else! Shutup Tracie! Obviously you are confused like any other black person that would be a republican.

  42. LawyerChic says:

    Mrs. O makes me proud to be a Black woman in this profession. She’s such an inspiration and always looks effortlessly beautiful. Her speech was the most beautiful display of love, respect, and admiration from a wife to a husband that I have ever witnessed on television. I am so in awe of her intelligence and I will forever support her and the president!

  43. whatevs says:

    if Ann Romney’s hairdressor don’t get off this site with that b.s….Michelle is a fashion icon…deal with it…

  44. LaTasha says:

    Werk First Lady!! First Lady Obama looks soo pretty…and look at those arms. I’m calling a personal trainer today. #blackisbeautiful

  45. The truth will set u free says:

    who knew the anti christ wife would dress so sassy. Well dressed cult.

  46. Anonymous says:

    @Tracie You have no opinion, you’re just bitter. Just because you don’t have a good education and therefore can’t get a good job that can afford $250 shoes doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t. The fact that I can go to J.crew and buy the same shoes as the First Lady says a lot about her. She’s an ivy league trained lawyer and her husband is being paid a salary for his job. She can afford far more expensive shoes. She didn’t use your tax money to buy those oh so expensive shoes as you put it. Have a seat! And “truth shall set you free”, please just hang your stupid self..

  47. zimbabwechic says:

    @ thetruthwillsetufree #DEAD#. You people are seriously delusional and disturbed and we thank you. The more nonense you say the more you put people off. Thanks for guaranteeing the first couple another four years in office.

  48. Likkke Miss says:

    LOL at Tracie! I thought she looked amazing, but I guess we can all have our opinions on fit and fashion, but to call Michelle Obama hood is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard in a long time. You sound so silly. Her popularity actually outweighs her husband’s right now, the majority of Americans (white, black, spanish, hood, proper, whatever) obviously thinks she’s something special.

  49. Candace V says:

    I wish everyone had of just ignored that Tracie person. Clearly she’s upset, could it be because FIRST LADY OBAMA’S speech was amazing and she looked flawless? Yes, I think it was.

  50. Melissa says:

    I love my FLOTUS so so much. She’s a shining example for all the young women in this country & her looks are always spot on. YES!

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