September 4th, 2012
Celebrity Style, Hot or Hmm
Weekend Hot or Hmm…: LudaDay Weekend, Nicole Richie, Kimye, and more!
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Hey Bombers and Bombshells!

Hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day Weekends! Instead of risking getting caught up in unwanted bacchanal, I avoided the West Indian Day Parade, stayed my little tail in bed and watched movies. Fortunately, our celebrity friends were not as boring as I, and came out to celebrate the long weekend.

Let’s get into it:

Monica and Shannon Brown came to show their support for LudaDay Weekend. Brown shot a couple hoops, while Monica cheered her hubby on. I’m loving her Céline luggage tote (naturally,) although I’m not 100% on board with those sneaker wedges.

Tika Sumpter and Keri Hilson were also in attendance. Ms. Hilson only rarely gets it right in the wardrobe department, and this time is no exception. The exposed bra, the Olsen Twins ca. 2003 sunnies…hmmm, I’m not really feeling it. She at least uplifted her casual ‘fit with a very cute structured Prada bag. Tika Sumpter looked positively adorable in a Salt-n-Pepa tank top, jean shorts, Ash wedge sneakers, and orange snapback.

Keisha Knight Pulliam wore a button down and some leopard print jeans.

Guys, remember Sammie?? Ugh, he was such a sweet little boy back in his “I Like it” days, and now he’s kinda hot.

Someone very mean convinced Lance Gross that grandma Gertrude’s tea cozy would make a fresh fashion statement. How could they do it to my Lancey-poo?

Goodness gracious, how does Keke Palmer mange to look so adorable all. the. time?? The actress kept it casual in a cutout twist front grey jersey dress and red Chuck Taylors.

Guys, Amber Rose is definitely pregnant. The singer/model was spotted out and about in a draped mint green frock, clutching her burgeoning baby bump. Aww! Who doesn’t love a pregnant lady?

Nicole Richie was seen at LAX on Friday afternoon in a cute paisley printed maxi, Balenciaga moto bag, open toed sandals, and aviators, topping her look with a fedora.

Thankfully Jennifer Lopez switched out of that hot Helmut Lang sweater, and into a more Miami appropriate Lanvin Asymmetric Bandeau Bikini and Dita Mach Legend Sunglasses. How has she had two kids?!? Hot!

Kimye continued to bore the kids in their usual monochromatic fare on a shopping trip to Jeffrey NYC this weekend. Oh, Kim, I can see it in your eyes– you know those saggin’ baggin’ Givenchy boots with that knee-length hem do nothing for your figure. The things we wear do for love, I guess. Hmm…

Reality stars Malaysia Pargo, Nene Leakes, and Jennifer Williams had a girl’s night out this weekend. Unfortunately, Fritzy the cat got into Ms. Williams’ intimates drawer, leaving the Lucid lip gloss owner’s entire legging collection in tatters. Poor dat. Ms. Leakes looks ready for bed with her silken doobie covering. Malaysia seems to be the only person who got it right here, although her ‘fit is a little too skin tight for me. Hmm…’s all round!

Missy Elliott performed onstage with buddy Timbaland this weekend in her signature bedazzled Adidas top and embellished Trukfit hat. Love it!

Salma Hayek looked unapologetically chic in Venice with hubby Francois Henri Pinault.

And finally, Vanessa Williams came out to support her friend Serena Williams at the US Open this weekend. The actress chose a rather ill-fitting plaid blouse and cargo pants for the occasion. I love miss ‘Nessa Gurl, but this look does absolutely nothing for her. Hmm…
Anyway, what did you guys do this weekend?
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36 Responses to “Weekend Hot or Hmm…: LudaDay Weekend, Nicole Richie, Kimye, and more!”

  1. Faith says:

    Keri looks cute! *throws confetti* lol

  2. says:

    so many bad outfits lol. Kim’s shoes? Just no. Vanessa Williams shirt? Mess. Nicole, J. Lo and Amber (surprisingly enough) look ok.

  3. Enigma says:

    I liked Keri Hilson’s outfit…it was cute.

  4. Jessica says:

    Where can I get Missy’s shirt? I dont see it in the Adidas site :(

  5. T1K says:

    Missy looks good! But what in the world was Kim thinking?

  6. bella says:

    i’m really over Kanye dressing Kim. he can not dress females. as much as i love kanye his clothing line so far sucks and just because he’s fashionable doesn’t mean he should dictate her wardrobe. Monica Rose knows what flatters her shape. Kanye thinks kim is 5’10/120 lb model.

  7. NikkiBellaRay says:

    Jennifer has me all the way confuse with that outfit..Amber looks cute and look at Missy, that chick is the coolest.

  8. SoulStar says:

    Maybe it’s just me…but ever since Kim let Kanye take over her closet she looks like a bore! No color, no life in her fashion…dull color palettes. It’s always the same black, cream, tan. Boooooooooooooooo! her attire now is juts as boring and tired and whack as her relationship with that nut. She needs to scrap that portion of the relationship and take back control of her wardrobe choices, dude’s fashion sense has never really been on point or all the rave either…just my opinion.

  9. Kitty B. says:

    J.Lo is so making me miss Miami…sighs!!

    Keke Palmer looked cute and age appropiate for once! No one else really did it for me…

  10. SHAQ NICHOLE says:

    Keke always looks cute or well put together because her stylist is Monica Rose…

  11. t-fal says:

    poor kimmy smh

  12. Chelz says:

    lmaoo at circa 2003 sunnies….gotta luv Jihan!!

  13. Fashion Addict says:

    Okay…I know this strictly a fashion blog but am I the only one who thinks Kim is letting Kanye dress her in an effort to keep her relationship a float??? I mean c’mon…why is she allowing this man to horribly dress her?? She had such a chic, fab style before and she changed it all because HE wanted her too, not herself! All for a man? Child boo! Where is Kris Jenner?

  14. PinupAyana says:

    I liked Malaysia’s look but Nene does look like she just rolled out of bed.

  15. wow… sigh @Kim K… is he purposely trying to make her look like a FOOL

  16. Keli says:

    Can you please tell me where Tika got her Salt n Pepper top? This is a must have!

  17. Amber looks cute, glad to see she’s growing her hair out. I’m interested in seeing how it will look. KeKe looks adorable as usual. Tika’s outfit looks very forced. I can’t with Jeniffer W and Lance Gross.

    PS Kim is stupid!

  18. luv2luvya says:

    I just don’t understand:-/ Why is mama Jenner allowing this man to ruin Kim’s brand…her only talent WAS looking cute, now she doesn’t even have that…”They might as well call Kim’s brand Titanic (Why?) cuz it’s going down”

  19. Poisonivy says:

    @keli urban outfitters

  20. IMO says:

    Kanye’s overall brand is bigger than Kim’s… This is probably why Kim (and Kris Jenner) are humbly obliging to his style requests…too good of a connection for the Kardashian clan to sever, even if it means her fashion reputation is being severed…smh :-(

  21. DannielleS says:

    Keri and Tika look like groupies

  22. Shelly says:

    LOL @ Tika and Keri looking like groupies! They do kind a look like some “around the way” girls that are trying to get put on.

    I’m loving Keke’s hair and make-up.

    And I too REALLY miss Kimmy’s old style. I really hope she’s happy with Kanye, because I almost feel like she has sacrificed some (if not a lot) of herself to be with him. And those boots…ugh— they look like uncircumcised penises.

  23. Mil says:

    @ keli saw it at urban outfitters! I love that store. Cant wait to get me some ash wedges for the fall too!

  24. S. says:

    lol @ Shelly. Kim looks just plain stupid.

  25. SLIMB says:

    Awww missy, ive missed her.. she looks good.

  26. ladyluo says:

    Kim it is time to let Kanye go. He is messing up her brand with his need for control over her.

    No standouts for me in this post except for how dreadful Kim looks

  27. lmao! says:

    @Shelly dead an penis comment! Kanye is setting that girl up. Can she not she it?

  28. Jaida says:

    Keke looks really cute and casual, I like Monica’s look until we get to the the sneakers and Amber looks pretty! I’m loving her grown out hair! Kanye is looking better than he’s been looking, but his ensembles are still BLAH. I need his wardrobe from last year around this time and Kim K… BLAH BLAH BLAH as usual. I don’t blame Kanye for her looking a mess. She decided to put that mess on, therefore, she decided to look a fool.

  29. LoudPen says:

    Jihan! Your the first comedic writer I’ve seen on the fashion bomb. Your posts make me literally out loud everytime. I’m only feeling Tika’s top. Idk what everyone else is doing. And Lance please don’t ever wear that ensemble again. EVER. Even if you’re home alone and no one is watching.

  30. tasha says:

    Keke looks really cute love the look. Selma always looks great. The perk of marrying the head of LVHM lol…

    Lance fail…

  31. Kahalia says:

    I am glad somebody else hates sneaker wedges. You give me faith Jihan.

  32. Tisha says:

    Kim why dont you just tell Kanye you dont like this mess, dont be scared LOL!

  33. baby-b says:

    kanye please let kim dress herself. she’s been living in her body her whole life and knows what suits her. kim you’re an a**, literally. nothing more, nothing less, letting a man make you look ugly is ridiculous. you became famous for dressing the way you DID, mixing high low fashions and being yourself. get the hell on. kerri hilson is the bomb,

  34. Keesh says:

    oh gosh, Jihan, i live for your writing! Fritzy the cat? dunzo… Jenn does look a damn fool though. Her outfit is way too contrived and thrown together in an effort to look effortless… #fail

  35. Nina Brown says:

    I’m sorry!!! I need to speak on this Kim Kardashian character.

    Her outfits just kill me! They are sooo boring! Listen Kim, you need to get over this overly tailored, overly dressing, monochromatic, playing it safe, layers, black and white, cocktail hour, fake me out regal trying to look classy but failing miserably look! This is not style and nor is it fashion. Style is about allowing your personality to show through your pieces… choosing appropriate pieces that fit the occasion. Mixing different items well. Yes, black and white and beige looks good most of the time. But not every freakin day! Get over it already!


    I vented.

    Return to normal programming. :-)

  36. Diva says:

    the commentary had me dying !!!!! Lance’s tea cozy , Nene’s headrag, Jennifer’s rags beating her to death….too funny

    Kim needs to BURN those boots— I mean really — they don’t look good on anyone.

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