September 4th, 2012
Style Inspiration, What to Wear
Style Inspiration: What to Wear for a Semester Abroad in London
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

Jessica writes,“Hi I was wondering if you could do a possible what to wear for a student who is going to live abroad for several months…I moving to london for several months and I have no idea what type of clothes to bring or essential pieces.”

Not a problem! Since you’re spending a semester abroad in London over the next several months, you have to be prepared for their weather. Now that we’re heading into fall, it would be best to carry some of the season’s essentials.If you remember, Claire recently gave us the scoop in “Fashion Bomb 101: 10 Fall and Winter Basics”. Let’s try to incorporate some of that here.
I fell in love with this $198 W118 by Walter Baker cotton and faux leather trench (PETA friendly, folks!)

The faux leather detailing on the coat is a fun spin on the fashion classic. I also wanted a little twist on a sweater and came across this Helmut Lang sweater, complete with an asymmetric hem. A buckled boot complements the trench, and olive pants beautifully.

Next, I chose a chunky knit sweater and leather skirt.

Before the temperatures take a drastic dip, go jacket free in a Vanessa Bruno red knit sweater. Pair the chunky sweater with a more fitted bottom, a la this leather skirt. Although I did not include it in this collage, feel free to incorporate a trusty pair of opaque tights. Finish the look with a pair of booties, and Chloé Paraty Medium leather shoulder bag.

It wouldn’t be a trip to London if we didn’t somehow incorporate a Burberry trench.

However, not to worry! If you don’t have the bucks to splurge, you can always go for a more affordable option, like this classic beauty from Banana Republic. Give your feet a rest, and rock a pair of flat of flat boots (a personal must-have). Let’s not forget a sweater, and fly bag, to boot.

For this last look, I wanted to incorporate a few more essentials.

A leather jacket is a classic piece that will prove to be worth the investment. You can pair this McQ Alexander McQueen, with a pair of dark jeans (another key item). I tend to live in a beanie during the cooler months, a perfect way to retain heat. After that, all you need are a pair of studded boots, a bag, and a teal manicure.

To recap, you should try to bring fall essentials. Sweaters, boots, headgear, dark denim, and jackets are all a must. Again, if you need more suggestions, feel free to refer back to our “Fashion Bomb 101: Ten Fall and Winter Basics” post.

Have fun!


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22 Responses to “Style Inspiration: What to Wear for a Semester Abroad in London”

  1. yusufswifee says:

    love the picks. I love that walter coat also.
    Bluefly has it for 135 in olive (which I liked better). However, I have to send it back because the L is a little snug. I will use this inspiration for a similar coat I purchased instead.

  2. Joshua Gray says:

    This is extremely ironic. I’m doing a countdown to London on my site, as I will be studying abroad this semester in London. Great to see many individuals traveling to a magical city at a magical time, with magical style.

  3. Loves the first two options!

  4. Faith says:

    Great options!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Love all the selections! Great job Cliche!

  6. Me says:

    Who makes the black booties in the second option? They’re not in the options and I have to have them!!!

  7. Cliche says:

    Thanks, guys! @Me, the booties are by Rupert Sanderson. They’re a pricey $1,095. Check them out here:

  8. binks says:

    Cute pics! I would also suggest she check out some British youtubers with mad style ofr inspiration also like britpopprincess or beautycrush because they do tons of style videos on the clothing scene in and around London

  9. Melissa says:

    You know college students that can afford these options?

  10. Who And I Say Who? says:

    You do know that 95% of the readers on here can not afford this! Why is there not one realistic option on here. Everyone keep saying great selections, good options, but I don’t know to many college kids that can afford these options or there parents. I felt like I had to finally say that.

  11. Cliche says:

    @Melissa and @Who and I Say Who, if you look beyond the collage and view the accompanying widgets you will see that I ALWAYS incorporate affordable options. I personally take the time to choose high/low items to relate to budget of various readers. Thanks for the concern.

  12. lolodoll11 says:

    Some cute options here. Even for a post college working professional, some of the options are a bit pricey though. Would love to see more of the less pricey options incorporated into the inspirations vs having to scroll through the shopstyle pages to view them.

  13. makeeasweet says:

    people are really slow on here.your suppose to use these outfits as dont have to go out and buy the EXACT same people are freakin lazy.i like the third look,so im going to go FIND a SIMILAR green sweater and SIMILAR pair of boots to the pieces that was posted.OMG,how hard is that to figure out.if you guys really love fashion,then you would know how to take these ideas and change it got to make them fit your OWN style and budget.i feel sorry for cliche and the other fashion bomb writers who have to deal with idiots.

  14. Grace says:

    For fear of sounding redundant, can you people read?! First of all, these are merely inspirations for various looks, you do not have to invest in the more expensive examples. Furthermore, do you know how to use a cpu?! There are less expensive options featured in the widgets, smdh…

  15. Hannah says:

    Such a great inspiration! I love the outfits….now if only I could go to London.

  16. Destination Everywhere says:

    If I were doing a semester abroad in London I would buy a bunch of stuff once I got there. The shopping in London is wonderful and you will have pieces that no one else will have when you get back home.

  17. heeba says:

    Lovely stuff but reality is that 95.5% of students dont dress like this. so maybe she will be in the 0.05%.Those shoes will kill you from walking from lectures to the Bus Stop.Its bloody cold in the UK during winter and there is this drizzly rain that pours unannounced and non stop and you dont want to draw uninvited attention for yourself in the Tube station.So maybe a Hooded top with turtle necks, gloves,walking flat shoes etc By the way i am a student in the UK.

  18. nina says:

    lol @ heeba ! I think the style board is meant to be aspirational or at least I hope so because I dont see any London students looking this, unless you are blond, white and rich, even then the look is more laid back. BTW unlike some on this site I am not day dreaming across the atlantic about London, and the snippits of it you see on CNN. I am born and bred here.
    People would be looking at you all kinds of crazy going into lectures like a wannabe Kim K, its not the London look.

  19. heeba says:

    @nina thanks for the secondment (& u dont even live in the UK)Even the rich blond white people in the westend dont do fashion that much in the westend.U ‘ll find more fashionable young people in the poorer part of
    yeah nice inspiration when its practical

  20. islandgirl says:

    I don’t think the aim of the what to wear is for you to go out and buy the same exact thing it is to give you an inspiration of what to wear and the type of style to put together for whatever occasion, if you can buy the same exact thing hats off to you.

  21. Brittany says:

    This style inspiration is sorely lacking. I mean a sweater for every top? There are other fall and cold weather options. I’m not feeling it.

  22. Kya says:

    I really dig the trench and the leather skirt. Btw, why is it that everytime I look at a style inspiration by Cliche I see nothing but negative comments from a “Brittany”. I get having an opinion, but dang… Did she steal your man? Tell us about it.

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