August 30th, 2012
Fashion News, Kim Kardashian
The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kim Kardashian Settles Look Alike Lawsuit, Chris Brown Dyes His Hair Blue, and Jil Sanders’s Pricey Paper Bag
By The Fashion Bomb Staff

• Last year, Kim Kardashian took Old Navy to court after the retailer used Kim look alike Melissa Molinaro in one of their ads.

At the time, the reality star claimed the use of this model would somehow dilute her brand.  Well apparently, Kimmy settled the suit for an undisclosed amount of cash. Her lawyers say: “The lawsuit was resolved to mutual satisfaction of both parties, but beyond that it’s the only statement we have.” Thanks, guys that tells us nothing about this already frivolous matter. (Fashionista)


• Check out this behind the scenes look at Carine Rotifeld‘s shoot for M.A.C Cosmetics. (Grazia)

• Of all the frivolities in fashion, this one takes the cake. Jil Sander is selling this bag for $290.  Sounds pretty okay, right? Yeah, except this bag is made out of coated paper. The bag is a less expensive version of a $630 black leather bag from the brand. But what do you think? If you had crazy money, would you buy something like this? (Jezebel)

• The Telegraph has a gallery comparing the sartorial similarities between Rita Ora and Rihanna, titled “Copycat Rita Ora Steals Rihanna’s Style.” I wonder how they really feel about this issue… (Telegraph)

• And for another celebrity tidbit that has absolutely no bearing on anyone’s life, Chris Brown‘s hair is blue now. (Necole Bitchie)

~ Jihan


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27 Responses to “The Fashion Bomb News Breakdown: Kim Kardashian Settles Look Alike Lawsuit, Chris Brown Dyes His Hair Blue, and Jil Sanders’s Pricey Paper Bag”

  1. Kitty B. says:

    Please dont judge me, but I find the paper bag to be cute…I’d purchase it for my beau :)

  2. nia says:

    Lol WTH are you supposed to do with the paper bag? carry a sacks lunch?

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. bella says:

    chris brown needs to find a hobby…like promoting his flop album

  5. meekaG says:

    That girl is never going to book another gig again because people are going to be afraid of getting sued by the kim kardashian klan (kkk)

  6. Naynay says:

    How can you sue someone that looks like you??? Its not her fault. Its not as if she got plastic surgery to look like Kim Kardashian. This is crazy.

  7. mamareese says:

    A paper bag really….Oh Kim K…chile you dilute your own brand with your tacky personality. You are Gorg for sure but you are a shell of a woman that conforms to whatever man she’s with. No substance….this young lady looks flawless and not that much like you to pull resemblance anyway and they should have told you to take your lawsuit and shove it. Makes me made how you gonna get mad! Ugh heifa your ego

  8. mamareese says:

    Oh an Riri and her twin….no girl that aint cute. Looking like somebodies retired granny! Love the music from Riri though!!!

  9. alexis says:

    soo loving chris brown’s hair mmmm sexy..

  10. Kim needs to have three seats! Old Navy shouldn’t’ have settled shit. I’m sure they could have won the case. Melissa should have sued Kim, her look is all natural not botox and surgery enhanced. Jil better sit her old behind down too, as should the fools who will buy it. The Telegraph is a hot mess for that one…

  11. P.S. I don’t like the new header, it’s drab. Where’s the color? I know it’s fall is upon us and all, but I need a splash of red or something.

  12. 11 Reasons says:

    Kim’s “look-alike” is prettier than her. ’tis all.

  13. Kisha says:

    I actually clicked on the link from the Telegraph regarding Rita and Rihanna… and it’s super creepy!!!! Didn’t realize how similar their styles are.

  14. I saw that commercial and that girl DID look just like Kim and it was at the height of Kimmy’s 15 minutes. They settled and cashed her out. End of story.

  15. Dom says:

    Old Navy clearly had $hit attorneys.

  16. LoudPen says:

    I went to the Telegraph article. Their looks are pretty similar. But honestly, it could be a same stylist type of thing. Because really this is not different than the “Who wore it better” type posts you see on blogs. Different celebs always wear the same things because the designers are placing their products on them because different celebs have different audiences. Because of that I’m not convinced about Rita “stealing” Rihanna’s style.

  17. tasha says:

    Kimmy is sue happy. I dont think Old Navy shouldve settled with her. Everyone has an evil twin.

    Jil Sanders creative team needs to be fired.

    Rita and Rihanna dress alike and look alike. Heck they on the same label.

  18. lola says:

    $290 paper bag? Chris Brown has blue hair? Rita Ora in pajamas? I cannot, shall not and ultimately will not.

  19. Christie says:

    Jil Sanders creative team needs to be FIRED? for what exactly? for doing something OTHER PEOPLE ARENT DOING. Obviously they have a great team, seeing as this particular item sold out on the SAME DAY.

    please @Tasha, take several seats.Just because you don’t like it doesnt mean it’s irrelevant.

  20. Dom says:

    Christie you took that MAAAD personal LOL

    It’s almost Friday Boo! : )

  21. DannielleS says:

    Rihanna and Rita’s style may be pure coincidence and no one in the industry is truly original anymore, but really??? Rita’s team really needs to change it up. It is just not good for her if they are trying to get her to be a star. It is not like Rihanna is not in the spotlight anymore.

    I mean early in Nicki’s career she was similar to Kim, BUT Kim was no longer really in the spotlight. Rihanna still is, so Rita needs a new look!

  22. Kio says:

    just because the price is outlandish to you doesn’t mean others can’t afford it…I like the Jill Sanders lunch paper bag! you guys are so dramatic…

    and yes Rita probs has a Rihanna style bible and she needs to stop lying..

  23. Anonymous says:

    @lola ur comment made my *cry* hahahaha


    ‘you are a shell of a woman’ SO TRUE bahahaha

  24. Yawn says:

    Kim K. and her lawyers need to have all the seats in Madison Square Garden!

  25. lle says:

    If I had crazy money I still would not spend it on a coated paper bag…smh @the things people who have money spend it on.

  26. Melissa says:

    I’m confused about the Kim and Melissa issue. Did she sue because it is confirmed that the company was trying to mislead the public with a kim kardashian look alike to sell their stuff? or she sued simply because another human coincidentally looks like her? the hell! Kim is just…..

  27. MEME says:

    Kim knows she only filed that lawsuit because the girl in the commercial was dating Reggie, that commercial ran for a while before she filed that ridiculous suit, if I were Old Navy I would’ve let it go to court so she can loose like a fool.

    Jil Sander is a mess for that Vasari bag, love the line, but a fool and their money shall soon part. LOL.

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