August 30th, 2012
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Claire’s Life: Keyshia Cole’s Woman to Woman Cocktails at the James Hotel
By Claire

A few days ago, media maven Bevy Smith invited me to a cocktail hour at James Hotel to fête Keyshia Cole‘s newest album and splash back on the scene.

After getting a pre fashion week facial and eyebrow grooming at Walker’s Apothecary, I made a quick change and headed to the rooftop to see what was what. I couldn’t bring my own photographer, though I was able to snap pix of a few attendees with my trusty Iphone:

Daisy Lewellyn, Me, Felicia Benson, Julee Wilson

Jasmine Martin, Bevy Smith, Michaela Angela Davis, Me

Keyshia Cole, Mimi Valdes

Shiona Turini, Rajni Jacques, Me, Nikki Ogunnaike

Later on I was able to dish with Keyshia about her outfit.

Styled by Joe Exclusive, she sported a Stella & Jamie Spring/Summer 2013 jacket, short shorts, and Versace boots.

Hot! or Hmm…?

As for me, I figured it would be a saucy night, so I struck my best Johnny Bravo pose in a resurrected Diane von Furstenberg halter top (last seen here), Topshop skirt, Christian Louboutin leopard print peep toes (last seen here), and a YSL clutch (last seen here).

It was a fun night, and only a precursor to all the Fashion Week fun.
What do you think?

If you haven’t heard Keyshia’s latest single, Enough of No Love, listen to it here:

Check out a few official pictures from the night, snapped by Ricky Day:

Michaela Angela Davis, Me, Brandice Henderson

Bevy Smith, Mike, Me

Phillip Bloch and Keyshia Cole

Mike, Me, Gabriel

Keyshia Cole and I

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58 Responses to “Claire’s Life: Keyshia Cole’s Woman to Woman Cocktails at the James Hotel”

  1. I like her boots, but the black and white striped blazer was too matchy matchy–and the houndstooth shorts? I can’t. She looks like she’s wearing a costume. No bueno.

  2. Mesa says:

    Oh lord I’m not feeling it… all. I do like the jacket.

  3. You look nice! I liked Keyshia’s pieces individually but not all together at the same time.

  4. Tisha says:

    I do not like them Go Go boots

  5. Jaz says:

    I like the fuschia lips on her. Hmm, I think I am inspired now

  6. Twerk says:

    Tacky. Those boots are horrid too. Her face on the otherhand looks nice.

  7. Twerk says:

    Joe Exclusive is THE worst stylist of them all smh

  8. Prettigyrl78 says:

    you look great…keyshia looks super tacky tho, like a sexy beetlejuice, IMO…

  9. VLynn says:

    I just HOLLERED when I saw “sexy beetlejuice” @ Prettygyrl78

    Claire you look great!

  10. Cherie in the D says:

    Claire you look like the star you are! That is all I can say……….

  11. she looks terrible. how do your guests look better than you at your own event? claire, you look great!

  12. Fashion Cafe says:

    Now this woman is attempting to rebrand herself and re-invent herself and this is the best Joe Exclusive could come up with? This outfit looks a complete mess. These artists ought to know when to push back with these stylists.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Claire, you look amazing! Love the whole outfit! And I like Keyshia’s boots.

  14. mamareese says:

    Claire girl!!! You were right there!!! Why didn’t you school that child on how to dress LOL! This is too much for her petite frame. Looking like she fell out a low rider with Raul and them. She looks like drag over kill and I love her! Angela Davis…I would have fell out standing next to such an Icon!!! Go head girl!

  15. tasha says:

    Not feeling Keyshia’s look at all. She has a different style that works for her I guess. Kanye Shrug

  16. Mrs Windy City Blog says:

    LOL!! @she fell out a low rider with Raul and them-

    You looked cute as always Claire

  17. Boop says:

    Joe Exclusive is a terrible stylist …

  18. Jeda says:

    Yes to Claire, No to Keyshia

    I can hear you biting your tongue Claire while writing this, and I’m sure you were doing the same when talking to her…lol, smh


  19. Why is it that all the other women at the event looks classy…but Keshia looks like a hoodrat in expensive shoes… Ugh the makeup….It’s just all bad, yet I do love her music. She should have got a memo on the dress attire for this event.

  20. Anon says:

    Like the boots, but not with that outfit.

  21. Kay says:


  22. says:

    Omg! Hair, make up, and outfit train wreck

  23. Marsha D says:


  24. Joanne_ says:

    claire, you look great! i can appreciate bevy’s floral dress! btw, what shade of lipstick are you wearing?

  25. DefStef says:

    keyshia’s hair is interesting.

  26. KBS says:

    Sexy beatlejuice and Raul & ‘em is very accurate. I’ve built a bridge and am so over these men in drag stylists. But all the other ladies looked lovely. Seems like a nice rooftop party.

  27. Mely B says:

    Sadly I have to chime in and say that whoever is styling Keyshia this era is failing epically! She looks a mess in every photo I’ve seen of her promoting the single & upcoming album :(

    I like each piece on its own but together – a huge mess in addition to that clownish pink lipstick & Cruella daVille hair. I know some artists don’t like to repeat themselves but the best Keyshia ever looked was in the HEAVEN SENT video – the short black hair & tasteful makeup.

  28. Brittany says:

    lol @ Claire saying she was striking her best Johnny Bravo pose.
    I, like everyone else, don’t like those boots Keyshia has on. I do like that jacket.
    I would’ve lost the necklace and the clutch with Claire’s outfit. The necklace competes with the shirt and the clutch looks cheap to me.

  29. Brittany says:

    Also, that neckline and print looks down right awful on Bevy Smith. Yikes!

  30. Soul Touch says:

    Those boots are horrid.

    But I LOVE the dress worn by Felicia Benson, can you tell me wear to buy?

  31. Soul Touch says:

    lol @ beetlejuice reference. LOL

  32. mamareese says:

    Hold my mule!! I just Googled her stylist as well! No shade but I would not have anyone looking like they were part of the ORIGINAL slave trade styling me. This dude looks like that loud auntie that smokes too much…..rode hard and put up wet……

  33. Diva says:

    no Keisha….. stop the madness !

  34. Brandon says:

    This has to be a joke, she is actually paying someone to put together these “looks” for her? I need to do some research on her stylist.

  35. Xochitl says:

    Keyshia needs your help Claire. After you fulfilled your night you should of pulled her to the side for a style class. That girl cannot dress! #lord!

  36. AmysVintage says:

    KC looked horrid…on the hand Claire honey boo boo chile you worked it from head to sole…luv

  37. Child Please says:

    Looking lovely, Mamma!

  38. Fashionluva says:

    Keyshia Cole is the biggest bama ever! But what a fab venue! The Jimmy is a sexy space with great views of downtown. NICE!

  39. S says:

    Keyshia Cole is a Grade A hoodrat… in the voice of her mama “MAN DOWN”

  40. Grace says:

    Keyshia is looking a hot tacky trashy mess as usual. Everyone else looks nice :-)

  41. Martinique_Fr says:

    Claire, you look fantastic! … NOOOO to Keyshia.

  42. Starla says:

    I cannot think of any venue Keyshia’s outfit could be comfortably worn to, except maybe a strip club. There is an emotion coming through in all her pictures facially that is not positive. Maybe she didn’t want to be there, sick, or on something. She has been in the business too long not to know how to dress for various events.

    Better to always fall on the side of modesty and class. You can always take a jacket off, remove a scarf, untuck a shirt; but when u are dressed so scantily and wild, u can never up the classiness in the outfit you are wearing.

  43. LaTasha says:

    Keyshia Cole’s shoe game is crazy!! Love the boots. Her outfit is cute as well.

    Claire, love the blouse.

  44. Yawn says:

    I’m not crazy about the proportions in any of these outfits.

  45. Tifani says:

    Keisha looks turrible! I can’t with her look, but I can with yours Claire. YOU. Look. FAB! #tisall

  46. Jinx Moneypenny says:

    posted by mamareese

    August 30, 2012 12:27 pm

    Hold my mule!! I just Googled her stylist as well! No shade but I would not have anyone looking like they were part of the ORIGINAL slave trade styling me. This dude looks like that loud auntie that smokes too much…..rode hard and put up wet……


    This is too much for me! Before I laugh myself to tears you looked great Claire. Keyshia’s makeup is well done. Most of the women looked nice. I’m not gonna get into the negative aspects ’cause… they’re right there for everyone to see.

  47. Siyam says:

    love the the video!

  48. Marsha D says:

    Faints at mamareese comment!!!!!

  49. Rebecca says:

    Shiona Turini is my idol!!

  50. Miss Smith says:

    So pretty much all of the coolest Black girls in NYC were there!

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